NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps

Consumers interested in creating unique, personal music should take a look at this new app. Still in its beta phase, the NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps combines heart rate with AI to produce music that can be effortlessly shared across various social media platforms.

Please read on for more about this cutting-edge music app that is helping to bring the creative side of AI into daily life.

What Are the NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps?

Most heart rate apps are focused on fitness progress and measuring other statistics of health. Through different methods of calculating heart rate, these apps compile data to show users their average heart rate throughout the day or peak heart rate during exercise.

Similarly, apps that include music are usually tied to boosting physical activity and athletic performance.

The Neuromusic Heartbeat app takes a more creative approach by incorporating heart rate with music purely for the sake of music. Utilizing a brand new kind of Artificial Intelligence, users will be left with songs and samples created with their personal heartbeat and, by extension, songs that match their mood.

How Do the NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps Work?

Simply place a finger on the phone camera and the button while app does the rest. Neuromusic AI detects heart rate and creates music around it, using it as the main beat.

This might be ideal for people wanting to listen to music while exercising, but can also be used by those desiring music that perfectly fits their mood.

Created songs can then be easily shared across multiple social media platforms.

Neuromusic Heartbeat Music App Features

This new AI detects the user’s heartbeat and creates music around it. There is no information yet about how this AI works in picking up on heart rate or building music around it. It seems that the app produces original music without relying on algorithms or other libraries of existing songs.

Once the song or sample is created, it can be shared through different social media platforms so that others can also hear it.

It is also unclear whether users themselves have a role in creating the music; the songs might be completely generated by the app, or users might be able to tweak certain elements or choose between different options.

Currently, the website features a sample of music produced with the app on SoundCloud.

NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps Pricing

Still in its beta phase, users can subscribe to the Neuromusic site to be the first to get the app when it launches. The price and date of launch of the app have not yet been released.

It should also be noted that the subscription email is in Estonian even though the website is in English. It might take a while for the app to be ready internationally.

Should You Use the NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps?

Those interested in personal and unique music that is easily shared via social media might be interested in NeuroMusic Heartbeat & Rate Musical Apps. Even though it is still in its very early infancy, it could be worthwhile to stay up to date with a Neuromusic subscription.

Interested consumers can subscribe to the website at


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