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Neurodrol Review

Neurodrol is a new nutritional supplement that calls itself a “miracle nerve” solution. Here’s our review of whether or not Neurodrol actually works.

What is Neurodrol?

Neurodrol is a nutritional supplement that claims to relieve nerve pain, numbness, and tingling using natural ingredients.

The supplement claims that you can cure your nerve pain by nourishing your nerves with the right nutrients. Using a “custom blend of ingredients that work together to re-nourish nerves”, Neurodrol promises to relieve nerve damage throughout your body, including:

— Nerves In The Hands
— Nerves In The Feet
— Nerves In Your Legs
— Neuralgia Nerve Pain (stabbing and burning pain common in the face and neck)

The supplement is available exclusively online for $65.95 per capsule.

How Does Neurodrol Work?

Neurodrol uses a combination of natural ingredients and synthetic formulas to quickly relieve nerve damage. Some of the key active ingredients include all of the following:

— 2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid: This molecule purportedly plays a key role in neurotransmitter activity and has a relaxing effect on your nerves and mood. It’s also key in your musculoskeletal systems as well as your heart and nervous systems – although the creator of Neurodrol doesn’t really explain how it’s important.

— Acetyl-L-Carnitine: ACL may improve nerve fiber regeneration, according to Nutro Labs (the creators of Neurodrol).

— Cyanocabalamin: This is a critical ingredient in the myelin sheath, which is the coating that surrounds nerve cells and neurotransmitters. Healthy myelin sheaths reduce your risk of degenerative neurological conditions.

— Cholecalciferol: According to the creator of Neurodrol, this compound has “exhibited an association with the regulation of nerve growth factor (NGF) synthesis”.

— Benfotiamine: Produces beneficial effects on nerve health for both diabetics and non-diabetics according to one German study where participants decreased nerve pain, tingling, and numbness within 3 weeks.

All of these ingredients sound good and they make bold claims about the effectiveness of the Neurodrol formula.

But there’s one major problem with Neurodrol: the entire formula hasn’t been collectively tested in any major clinical study. It hasn’t undergone third party testing of any type.

That means all the claims made by the manufacturer of Neurodrol are just wild speculations: there’s no evidence that Neurodrol can actually treat nerve damage. Until the supplement undergoes some type of testing, it’s impossible to say whether or not it works.

Neurodrol Ingredients

The manufacturer doesn’t go into great detail about the way in which Neurodrol works.

They also don’t go into any detail about the ingredients included in the supplement. We know that the formula contains the five ingredients listed above. We don’t know their dosages, however, which makes it impossible to decide whether or not they actually work.

The ingredients might work at certain dosages. There have been studies performed on the individual ingredients. We know that the ingredients work at those specific dosages. We don’t, however, know the dosages in Neurodrol – which makes it impossible to assess its effects.

The lack of ingredient information is worrying – especially when you’re taking a supplement that promises to target your nervous system.

Neurodrol Pricing

Neurodrol is available exclusively online through You won’t find it on Amazon or other online retailers, nor will you find it in any store.

Neurodrol is priced at $65.95 per bottle for a 30 day supply (60 capsules).

You can contact Neurodrol’s manufacturer for a total refund by emailing [email protected] or calling (800) 972-7083. Refunds are given within 30 days without no questions asked: although you’ll need to pay your own shipping costs to return the bottle.

Payments are processed through You can pay via any major credit card.

The Terms and Conditions section for Neurodrol also lists details of a 14 day trial, where you pay only $4.95 for shipping and handling and then pay the full price 14 days later. However, that trial did not seem to be available at the time of writing our Neurodrol review. It appears the manufacturer may have ended the trial and decided to go exclusively with the per bottle pricing.

Who Makes Neurodrol?

Neurodrol’s terms and conditions section lists its manufacturer as Optimind and Nutro Labs, LLC.

You can contact the company toll-free by calling 1-800-972-7083 or by emailing [email protected].

A quick Google search for Nutro Labs reveals little information about the business. There is a similar manufacturer named Nutro Laboratories Inc. that is based in South Plainfield, New Jersey. However, it’s unclear if that manufacturer is the same one behind Neurodrol.

Neurodrol lists its return address as the following:

Nutro Labs, LLC.
1580 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy Suite 130
Sunrise, FL 33323

That address is a nondescript office building in suburban South Florida.

Neurodrol was released onto the internet in November 2015.

Ultimately, Neurodrol is a mysterious supplement that makes brash claims about its benefits – like its ability to totally cure your nerve damage – despite providing no evidence that it actually works. The supplement claims to use powerful natural ingredients – but the manufacturer hasn’t listed the dosages of those ingredients. Furthermore, Neurodrol is priced at a lucrative $65.95 USD per bottle, which seems high for a nutritional supplement with only 60 capsules. For all of these reasons, Neurodrol is one nerve supplement that seems too good to be true – and it probably is.

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  1. Hi. I had a nerve injury which required emergency surgery of C2,known as the axis vertebra of the neck. My MRI’s and CT scans all confirmed that something serious was going on.
    I was told by my neurosurgeon and other neurologists that if surgery was delayed I could be paralized within a few weeks. My neurologist also stated that I needed to get Cortisone injections and assured me that nothing else would work!…
    I refused all treatments, because of the high risk of this type of surgery, and side effects of cortisone, and began a natural nutritional regimen of lots of green veggies ,and together with the use of NEURODROL, massage therapy and occasional visits to Chiropractor.
    my physician prescribed vitamin D as part of my treatment.
    I have experienced ultimate healing. My nerves have healed, inflammation has been reduced and I am able to do my normal activities again.
    I will totally recommend this product to anyone experiencing similar problems,along with consulting with your health care practitioner.
    My Dr could not believe how I have healed without the surgery or cortisone injections! And has recommended I continue to do what I am doing to better my health!

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