Net Effect Clothing – Outdoor Insect Shield Repellent Apparel?


All of us have had to deal with problems of insects coming at us when we were out on a hiking, camping trip. This issue can be a big problem for individuals who are not used to such conditions and can therefore ruin the mood of the entire trip.

In such cases it is highly beneficial to consider ‘repellent clothing’. As the name suggests, these clothes come packed with natural compounds that help keep away insects such as mosquitoes, ants and other crawlies away from us.

Also, many of us might think that such clothing can cause harm to our skin, but the truth of the matter is that substances used to repel insects have been tested and found to be absolutely compatible with our bodies.

About Net Effect Clothing

According to information available online, Net Effect Clothing is a ‘clothing company’ that aims to provide customers with comfortable, casual insect repellent garments that allow us to roam around freely in nature.

All of the featured apparel comes loaded with an advanced technology called Insect Shield. This system has been designed to allow for advanced insect repelling without any issues of odour, irritation etc. The manufacturer has stressed on the fact that the active ingredients are bonded to the fabric fibers so that they stay in our clothes, and not stick to our skin.

The company was started when the founder read Will MacAskill's book Doing Good Better and was thus inspired to help societies in need. The website states that Net Effect plans to ”contribute $5 (per sale) to organizations that provide anti-malarial bed nets to people in need.”

From a cost perspective we can see that bed nets are extremely cheap, and can be used to prevent malaria for a cost as little as $2.50 per net.

What is Insect Shield?

Insect Shield is a patented process that has been shown to bind a repellant agent called “permethrin” into the fabric of our clothing. What make this technology unique is the fact that it helps the active compounds penetrate deeply into the clothing itself, without interfering with with our skin.

Some of the key benefits of Net Effect Clothing using Insect Shield include:

(i) Highly Effective:

Clinical studies have shown that clothes prepared through the use of this process allow for amazing repellent benefits instantly.

(ii) Odorless:

There are no smelly compounds in this complex. This means that users do not have to constantly be irritated with a foul smell that is otherwise quite common with other dermal repellant creams.

(iii) Long Life:

Studies conducted on garments using this technology have shown that its effects can last for the entire lifetime of the apparel.

(iv) Completely Safe:

While not well known, Permethrin has been clinically tested and even been cleared in the United States by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Interested readers will be surprised to know that Insect Shield based clothing has been distributed in the US since 1977.

(v) No Side Effects:

While recently introduced into clothing, the core active complex in the mix has been historically used in various lice shampoos for children, flea dips for dogs, and various other products.

Additional Information

  • Widely Tested: Net Effect Clothing has been tested for its safety by many leading health agencies around the world. Some of them include CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Multi Action: the unique formula contained used in this technology has been shown to provide users with protection against both insects and the diseases they can carry.

Net Effect Clothing Product Range

(i) Mens+Womens Hoodies:

There are 3 variants available in this category. Each of the hoodies feature a unique design and inscription on the front side. The pricing for all three options has been set at $65.00.

(ii) T Shirts:

There are 2 long sleeve tshirts available for purchase. They can be bought in two separate colour combinations, namely: gray and white. Both of the products are priced reasonably at $55.00.

(iii) Children's T Shirts:

As with the above options, these shirts come with unique inscriptions of the front side of the apparel. There is only one colour scheme available (gray), and the price for both of the shirts have been set at $39.00.

(iv) Pink Women’s T-shirt:

This garment has been made especially for women and comes in 3 unique designs. Apart from this, there are also some other plain white t shirts up for grabs. The pricing of the products has been set at $55.00.

Where Can I Make a Purchase?

All orders for the above mentioned clothing can be placed on Net Effect Clothing official website. For ease of selection, the apparel has been clearly put into different categories.

Upon clicking on the desired product, users can check out its size information, pricing details etc. All of the products come with a full satisfaction guarantee in case users are not happy with their choice.

Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover and Visa. There are also some combo deals available that allow for benefits like reduced shipping costs etc.

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