NeoLife Nutritionals

NeoLife Nutritionals is a global health and wellness company that specializes in direct MLM sales of its products through affiliate distributors.

What Is NeoLife Nutritionals?

NeoLife Nutritionals was founded in 1958 by Jerry Brassfield as a network marketing company focusing on health and nutrition products.

Brassfield has since grown the business into a multi-million dollar company with offices in 50 countries around the world on the back of its direct sales affiliate program.

NeoLife Nutritionals Products

NeoLife offers a wide assortment of products. These products range from vitamins to nutritional supplements to weight-loss products and food replacement systems.

Targeted products include nutritional supplements designed to provide better health specifically for men, women, children, the elderly, individuals with digestive issues or who wish to have more energy or mental acuity, and anyone else who wants to improve their quality of life through nutritional supplements.

Additionally, NeoLife has a line of personal care products for skin and hair, home care products such as cleaning solutions, and replacement filters for home water purifiers.

None of these products are available in stores; instead they must be ordered through one of the company's direct sales affiliates, known as “NeoLife Distributors.”

NeoLife Nutritionals Opportunity

There is little direct information on the NeoLife website about the process of becoming a distributor.

Gaining more information requires interested parties in submitting a form with their personal details and then being contacted by a NeoLife representative to receive more complete information, which may be a turn-off to some who prefer to have the details they want up front.

While there's no direct information to be found on the website itself, several other review sites have done investigating on their own and have revealed at least some of the requirements for joining the company.

Becoming a NeoLife Distributor involves at the bare minimum buying one of several kits of varying prices with the “Distributor Kit,” the least expensive, at $49.

Higher valued kits provide different benefits in terms of commission rates and residual income rewards, but the key opportunity involves purchasing a kit, marketing the product in-person, and then building your downline in a very traditional MLM fashion so that individuals that you recruit and work the program in turn contribute to your own residual income.

NeoLife Nutritionals Verdict

NeoLife has been around for quite a long time, and as such is one of the longest-running MLM direct sales companies still in operation.

Much of this success is likely due to the company's expansive product line, which aids in providing high levels of value to its customers and its distributors – there is quite literally something for everyone under the NeoLife banner.

However, in the end NeoLife is a rather typical MLM opportunity in that it involves constant commission-based sales and recruiting in order to achieve and maintain significant levels of success.

Distributors will be necessary to spend large amounts of their time and energy in not only selling products in person but also recruiting a team and maintaining its performance, encouraging first-level recruits to recruit others themselves ad infinitum.

This can often become quite tedious for anyone who is not supremely motivated and invested in earning an income through NeoLife. Additionally, some of the NeoLife products may be overpriced according to independent reviewers online.

With nutritional supplements available from all types of outlets both online and in-person, many products that NeoLife offers may be available from competitors with comparable products, made from comparable ingredients, but retail for less.

This can result in increased difficulties in selling NeoLife products to others, which is the core component of making money as a NeoLife distributor. Meanwhile, trying to convince prospects to join a team of other individuals attempting to sell over-priced products, regardless of their quality, may be a hard sell indeed.

Overall, NeoLife does represent a legitimate money making opportunity. The amount of effort one puts into selling NeoLife products (and building one's downline) is likely directly correlated to how much success one will have as a NeoLife Distributor.


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