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Everyone wants to stay forever young, but sadly there is no special fountain of youth or elixir that can be used to look like as if consumers are 20 in their 50s. As age progresses, the collagen in the body will naturally begin to slow down production. It is collagen that helps to hold the body together, giving strength and elasticity to the skin. Collagen also helps to replace dead skin cells. When society begins to grow older, the collagen in the body will slow down and thus wrinkles and sagging skin are born.

NeoCell is a brand that offers natural supplements consisting of collagen that will help to provide the much-needed elasticity to the skin. Offering products for Total Body Health, Joint Health and Ultimate Recovery Health, NeoCell helps to provide the right mix of supplements to boost overall health or in specific areas.

What is NeoCell?

Founded in 1998 by Al Quadri, NeoCell provides consumers with products that include the therapeutic benefits of collagen. Products offered have collagen and other natural ingredients to allow consumers to live younger and longer lives with added energy and overall enhanced well-being.

NeoCell has a cGMP facility located in Southern California that uses state of the art equipment to manufacture the products as well as a Research and Development department to continue to find cutting-edge ways to use collagen in natural products.

The Benefits of NeoCell Collagen Products

Collagen can be used in several ways that will be of benefit to the body. By taking supplements that are geared toward specific areas, such as skin and hair, individuals will see results including tighter skin, less wrinkles etc. A total health supplement can be used to see results overall or specific uses for areas in which consumers need assistance.


Skin and Hair

Collagen products by NeoCell that are specifically designed for skin and hair can help to reduce the signs of wrinkles, tighten skin and create elasticity. Smoothness is also increased.

Joint Health

Collagen has also been proven to assist with joint health. The loss of collagen in the joints can lead to ligaments and tendons moving at a slower pace, with a feeling of stiffness or swollen joints. Adding supplements that contain collagen for joint health can improve motion as well as an overall feeling of well-being.

Boost Metabolism Plus Energy

With a boost of collagen in the system, metabolism can be increased. Collagen contains glycine which helps to push sugar into the tissue of the body which will increase energy levels. Muscle development is increased with muscles burning more fat.

NeoCell Products with Collagen

NeoCell offers a long line of product options, each containing the active benefits of collagen. Choose from total body health or individual categories based on health concerns or body issues.

NeoCell Total Body Health

The total body health category will assist with overall health, boosting the amount of collagen in the body. In this category, there are three main products provided by the company.

Super Collagen +C

This product provides specific amino acids to the body that will replenish the collagen that is lacking. See fine lines and wrinkles minimized with the elasticity of the skin improved. Vitamin C added for extra benefits.

Super Collagen

The basic super collagen supplement offers the same great benefits as the supplement above but does not include Vitamin C.

Super Collagen +C Liquid

Instead of pill form, the liquid form is super concentrated and can be used to replenish the collagen to the body, improving the overall health of the skin.

Joint Health

Collagen has been proven to be essential in repairing affected joints in the body. As individuals begin to feel stiffer and have trouble with movement, a lack of collagen can be the issue. By taking joint health supplements including collagen, the joint health can be improved, making daily activities much easier.

Hyaluronic Acid Capsules or Liquid Form

Hyaluronic acid is a product used for Joint Health provided by NeoCell that can be purchased in pill or liquid form. The product will provide the skin and joints with much-needed hydration. Hyaluronic acid role is to hydrate the tissue and control the water transport in the body. Skin appears smooth and supple while joints are provided lubrication.

Collagen Type 2

The product was created by NeoCell to provide the essential nutrients for total joint support. With Collagen Type 2, the protein needed to maintain and rebuild cartilage is helped along to ensure proper joint health.


Skin and Joint Health

A combination of ingredients have been used by NeoCell to create supplements that will assist in aiding both skin and joint health. Taking one capsule will see both areas of the body positively affected by collagen.

Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength

In capsule form, the Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength supplement will provide assistance for skin and joints. The skin is hydrated while joints are more fluid with the addition of hydration.

Antioxidant Health

For antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory agents for the body, supplements are provided by NeoCell in the Antioxidant Health category. Natural ingredients such as pomegranate are used to provide similar benefits found in red wine or green tea.


Pomegranate From The Seed Capsules

A natural pomegranate extract is used to provide strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the body.


This supplement is used to prevent free radical damage to cells, supporting the immune system and liver functions.

NeoCell Sport Ultimate Recovery Health

When participating in sports or working out, it is essential to repair the body. This category provides collagen support for recovery due to over exertion.

Collagen Support Ultimate Recovery Vanilla/Chocolate

Use this supplement each day to add specific amino acids to the body that will help to replenish the collagen that is lost over time. Supporting bone matrix, improved elasticity, circulation and glycine promotion are a few of the added benefits.

Beauty from Within

For simply physical effects, the Beauty from Within line can be used with several products to make skin look and feel younger. Supplements are available for skin, nail and hair.

Fish Collagen +HA

This supplement is an advanced nutricosmetic design used to create strong and hydrated skin. Firmness and elasticity plus hydration is provided.

Collagen Beauty Builder

With this supplement, consumers have a natural solution for radiant skin, hair and nails. The potent beauty building essentials are provided for the body to increase nail strength, thicken hair and provide beautiful skin.

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