Nature’s Way Heart Care – Real Hawthorn Extract Health Benefits?


A highly concentrated hawthorn extract supplement that helps people not only support their heart health and function but actually improve it.

Heart Care by Nature’s Way offers one of the most effective versions of hawthorn supplements currently available. Please read below to learn more about Heart Care and how to purchase a bottle.

About Heart Care

Adults who are looking for a way to naturally support their heart health may want to consider adding a hawthorn extract supplement to their daily supplement routine. Heart Care is a good option for consumers who need to keep the blood vessels of their heart strong.

This supplement following doctor's’ guidance can be a good option for people who have suffered from congestive heart failure or atherosclerosis. Additionally hawthorn extract can help people who have low or high blood pressure as well as irregular heartbeat.

What makes Heart Care different than similar hawthorn extract products is that this supplement utilizes the extract from leaves and flowers which is much higher in oligomeric procyanidins than the berries.

In fact by utilizing the leaves and flowers this supplement offer users up to ten times more concentrated benefits than hawthorn supplements made from the berries.

How Does Heart Care Work?

By utilizing the leaves and flowers of the hawthorn plant this supplement contains ten times greater levels of oligomeric procyanidins than supplements that are made from the berries.

Boosting the levels of this ingredient within the bloodstream makes blood flows more easily and allows nutrients to get delivered throughout the body more effectively. In addition to heart health hawthorn extract can be useful for people who have blood pressure issues or have suffered from congestive heart failure.

The recommended dosing is one tablet twice daily. For intensive dosing consumers can take two capsules up to three times per day. Heart Care works best when taken regularly.

Heart Care Ingredients

Each tablet contains 80 milligrams of Hawthorn Extract made from the plant’s flowers and leaves. Many of the competitor’s hawthorn supplements utilize the berries which are not as concentrated as the extracts made from leaves and flowers.

Heart Care does not contain yeast, soy, or milk products.

Manufacturing Information

Nature’s Way was founded by Tom Murdock in the early 1960’s. The way Tom got interested in natural healthcare supplements was by caring for his wife when she was ill. By turning to traditional medicine wisdom of Native Americans Tom's’ wife recovered and lived an additional twenty five years.

By 1969 Tom has eight different herbal remedies which he as ready to share with others and started Nature’s Way. Now the company has expanded and their products are more readily available to consumers due to their partnership with Schwabe North America. Nature’s Way is committed to offering only the highest quality products that consumers can trust.

Heart Care Pricing

Consumers can purchase Heart Care online through Amazon, iHerb, Swanson Health Products, and Lucky Vitamin.


Each 120 count bottle is available for $12.62 or consumers can save some money by buying a two pack for $23.99 both options are eligible for free shipping with qualified Amazon purchases totaling $25.00 or greater.


Each 120 capsule bottle is available for $11.52.

Swanson Health Products

The lowest price online is through Swanson’s where each 120 count bottle is available for $8.74. All purchases over $50.00 ship for free.

Lucky Vitamin

The next best value is for $9.12 per 120 count bottle with free shipping on orders of $49.00 or greater.

Heart Care Review Summary

Many people who have heart issues want to avoid taking heavy medications made from unknown ingredients. By taking a supplement like Heart care people can improve their body’s cardiovascular function by enhancing blood flow and regulating blood pressure.

Interested consumers can learn more about this supplement and the manufacturer through the Lucky Vitamin website which seems to have the most available information.

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