Breaking: Google Bans Alternative Health Site from Search Listings

on is not a political natured site – however, there is a brewing story (very controversial in some peoples eyes) about the recent “manual” actions being issued for one of the largest health and wellness websites on the internet, about potentially being de-indexed from Google's search engine listings for fake news.

The alternative health community is in outrage today after it was revealed that Google banned popular health website

Some are calling it censorship. Some are claiming that Google is part of a big conspiracy theory to protect Big Pharma and launch a false flag attack against Americans. And yes, some people are supporting the decision and claim that Google is doing their part to remove hoaxes and scams from the internet amidst all of the fake news that has been seeping its way into our internet feeds.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about Google blacklisting

What did Google Do?

This past week, Google blacklisted popular alternative medicine website from its search listings.

In a bold blog post on written by site founder Mike Adams, he claimed that he had receive threats of blacklisting for weeks:

“Late last week, I received a direct threat that warned if I did not take steps to destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars, I would be targeted for destruction in a campaign of smears, censorship and defamation.”

Apparently, Mike didn’t give into that threat, and now, he’s paying the price. has also been blacklisted from Google Searches. Both sites have had over 140,000 pages de-indexed from Google’s search rankings.

What is may seem like an innocent-sounding website that promotes alternative health topics. In many cases, that’s exactly what the website is about. You can find articles like “4 Smoothie Recipes that Fight Cancer, Inflammation, and Heart Disease”, for example.

However,, like, tends to also publish a wide range of information about conspiracy theories, government censorship, and other topics that attract a unique subset of the internet.

Some of the latest articles on the website talk about how the CIA encouraged Google to start censoring the internet, for example, or how the media is entirely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Other articles make enormous claims with no facts to back it up, like, “CONFIRMED: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease”. While we do lean on the side of proactive health protocols, programs and preventative actions, we do want to stand on science and rock solid evidence to support such boisterous claims and statements.

Why is this Censorship a Big Deal?

It’s easy to see the controversy: those who support websites like InfoWars and NaturalNews are furious that their voices are being censored. These websites provide alternative points of view on world events – and in many cases, alternative facts. By cracking down on these websites, Google is naturally taking a stance on controversial topics like “Big Pharma” and politics.

In any case, some of the articles that have appeared on since the de-indexing have included:

“Breaking: Mike Adams and Alex Jones Taken Down by Google / CIA Prior to Big Event: Trump Needs to Beware”

Or this one:

“Breaking: Mike Adams and Alex Jones Taken Down by Google / CIA Prior to Big Event: Trump Needs to Beware”

Natural News calls the censorship “a Communist China-style crackdown on free speech” as they’ve led a surge to take down websites that are pro-Donald Trump.

It’s not just a big deal because of Google suppressing alternative opinions and alternative facts. It’s a big deal because InfoWars and Natural News will miss out on enormous advertising revenue from Google searches – something that could quickly cripple their business.

What Can You Do to Help?

A petition has been launched on to “Ban Google’s Blatant Suppression of Free Speech” and return Natural News to Google search listings.

You can sign that petition here. As of February 24, the petition has been signed by 3,000 people. It needs 100,000 signatures to be brought to the attention of the White house.

Google currently controls 67.5% of all searches in the United States – so being deindexed from Google is a big deal.

What Does the Future Hold for the Independent Media?

Natural News and InfoWars call themselves “independent media”. They’re owned by private individuals – not large corporations like traditional American media outlets.

There are a number of different things to believe about this issue. Mike Adams claim that the CIA and Google told him to discredit Alex Jones, who runs When Mike refused to do that, the CIA and Google de-indexed over 140,000 pages from

Why would Google willingly take away a source of advertising revenue? Mike claims that organizations like “Big Pharma”, the CIA, and the mainstream media are working together to create a false flag attack that will kill a large number of Americans in the near future. It’s important to note that Alex Jones, founder of, continues to insist that the September 11 terrorist attacks were a false flag operation.

In any case, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Google routinely purges problematic websites from its search listing in an attempt to make its searches more relevant for users. Did Google do this to purposely discredit the “independent media” prior to launching a false flag attack? Or is this just a website owner who’s angry he’s losing advertising revenue?

There have been updates by major search engine publications that are helping set the story straight and essentially debunking the myth that was targeted because of populating fake news stories – saying that the site was using mobile redirects which was a violation of Google's webmaster terms and conditions.

However, until the dust is settled, it will be interesting to see where this story ends up and what kind of new revelations continue to unfold.

Stay tuned for more information about Google’s censorship of Natural News as we move forward.

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