Naturalics Omega 3: Triple Strength EPA / DHA Fish Oils?


Of the many essential nutrients that the body yearns for, Omega-3 is one that many need to pay close attention to. Known as the good and healthy fats, Omega-3 fatty acids have been scientifically proven to ease many facets of health including one’s emotional, heart, cognitive, metabolic and immune to name the least. How much is considered sufficient? What can consumers do to maximize on Omega-3 intake? Naturalics apparently has the answer.

Naturalics Omega 3 Triple Strength is said to satisfy one’s daily requirements of fat while ensuring that one does not experience a fishy aftertaste. It may contain a rich source of EPA (432mg) and DHA (288mg) per serving. Here is a complete analysis of Naturalics Omega 3 Triple Strength with respect to its purpose, delivery system and overall usefulness.

What Is Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength?

Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength is a dietary supplement that aims to deliver an apt source of Omega-3 fatty acids. In particular, their choice of fish, method of refining and emphasis on aftertaste is said to set apart Naturalics from other standard Omega-3 distributors.

How Has Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength Been Created?

Naturalics Omega 3 Triple Strength has been purified using a molecular distillation, which is believed to remove toxins like PCB’s, mercury and heavy metals. Furthermore, the fact that they have been GMP, non GMO, and FDA certified shows that this respective type of Omega-3 supplement is reliable to consider. While there is no set amount that one should consume daily, a minimum of 250 to 500mg of Omega 3 (combining EPA and DHA) is said to suffice. In the case of Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength, one is getting a combined total of 720 mg per serving, which is fair in strength.

How Should Consumers Use Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength?

Consumers are advised to take one soft gel, two to three times daily with meals. A minimum of 8 ounces of water is also crucial to increase the body’s ability to absorb the embedded nutrients. Although a limit has not been set in Omega-3 consumption, it is best to avoid surpassing a quantity of 3000 mg, as one might be faced with excessive, internal bleeding, and blood thinning. In particular, some sources of fish are believed to contain high vitamin A content, which can result in health damages.

Final Thoughts On Naturalics Omega 3

Overall, Naturalics Omega 3 hugely impacts the human body on several levels. In addition to its ability to regulate one’s mood, its consumption has been proven to reduce the risk of having certain types of cancers, heart attacks, and strokes. Furthermore, infants will greatly benefit from consuming such healthy fats, as they have been correlated with one’s overall development. Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength appears to be a valuable investment as their approach towards attaining a clean and superior source of Omega-3 is evident in their procedures and transparency.

Based on past customers, Naturalics’ Omega 3 Triple Strength was a favorite simply because of the pleasing and non-fishy aftertaste and its reasonable price of $25 for extreme quality.

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