Natural Fusion – Kramer Labs UV-C Foot Odor & Fungus Killer Shoe Deodorizer?


Kramer Labs has a reputation for creating unique, scientifically based and safe products for consumers who want to treat their health conditions in the comfort of their own home. These safe and chemical free products have been used to treat foot ailments at home since 1983.

If nail fungus and Athlete's foot have plagued you, you’ll know how tricky they can be to permanently get rid of. Treatments and chemicals are often the first line of defense by doctors, and the results are rarely permanent. Natural Fusion was created to give you an alternative to messy powders, expensive prays, and harmful chemicals.

How Natural Fusion Works

Place the Natural Fusion in your shoes, boots, runners, or slippers and allow the hospital grade UV-C light completely eliminate harmful bacteria and fungus. These medical grade UV-C lights are battery operated for your convenience, and are completely chemical free.

Within minutes of placing the Natural Fusion light unit in your shoes, the harmful, smelly bacteria that causes the growth of fungus and odor will be a thing of the past. Scientists have done their research, and the 253.7 nanometers of wavelength is guaranteed to kill bacteria and odor.

Eliminate Embarrassing Smells

Shoe odors are not tolerated by Natural Fusion, and these lights will safely deodorize your shoes. You no longer have to throw away shoes because you think you won’t be able to eliminate smells. Natural Fusion disinfects and deodorizes your shoes, even battling the most stubborn odors.

These hospital Grade UV-C lights are so safe and easy to use, you will never reach for a chemical based powder or spray again. You will save money, and prevent the Athlete’s foot and nail fungus from returning, and the best thing about all of this is you will no longer have embarrassing foot odor as a result of smelly shoes.

Changing Foot Care

Natural Fusion by Kramer Labs is changing foot care forever. In addition to eliminating the bacteria and fungus that cause Athlete's foot and infections, you can now focus your energy on taking more preventive measures. Keeping your feet and your shoes dry, wearing clean socks, and not wearing bare feet on wet public floors are all ways you can prevent creating a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow.

Who would have thought that there would be an effective treatment for foot fungus, Athlete’s foot, and smelly shoes that didn’t involve chemicals, or throwing your shoes away? This state of the art advancement in foot care has changed the face of the industry. With your health, and the health of your feet being a number one priority, you will be given the tools to take your treatment into your own hands with a safe and effective, chemical free option. This really is science and nature working in harmony to heal your foot ailments.

Whether you are an athlete, or a soccer dad, you can safely prevent recurrences with prevention and safe treatments like Natural Fusion. Stop throwing your shoes away, and confidently treat your foot odor, bacteria growth, and foot fungus with Natural Fusion. With your purchase today, you will be able to confidently keep your favorite shoes.

Purchasing Natural Fusion

Natural Fusion can be purchased online for $49.99 plus shipping.

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