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Natura Bissé is a cosmetics company that offers a large variety of helpful proteins and amino acids in their products to help improve your complexion.

What is Natura Bissé?

Keeping up with a regular skincare regimen is absolutely necessary to maintaining a healthy complexion. However, as you age, your regimen will need to change a little to accommodate for your skin’s inability to maintain a certain level of collagen and elastin. Many companies use artificial or low-quality ingredients that are ineffective in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. However, Natura Bissé is here to offer a better solution.

Natura Bissé was established in 1979, and the whole company started with just five creams that addressed the issues of different skin textures. The main focus easily became mature skin, when the founder saw the major impact that hydrolyzed elastin and collagen proteins helped create a smoother and more attractive skin complexion.

The company actually embarked on a journey with their formulas that was an innovative change to the industry at the time, introducing the HVA system to the rest of the world. With this system, all of the skincare products were able to deliver the different properties of each included ingredient, but in a more concentrated method. In fact, Natura Bissé is responsible for introducing necessary proteins to cosmetics and skincare products first.

Natura Bissé Product Collections

There are so many products available with Natura Bissé that the company divides many of the products into separate collections, focusing on different complexions and skin textures. For a well-rounded idea of the products you can get from Natura Bissè, here are a few of the most popular products that are chosen by consumers in these collections.

Diamond Collection – DIAMOND GEL CREAM

Available for $295, this gel cream is designed to help soothe aging skin, while giving it a subtle and soft texture. The product is so potent that you will be able to notice results after the first application. In fact, this formula features ingredients that are described as being “powerful” to help give your complexion an energetic glow. Those ingredients include:

  • Artemia Salina extract, to help stimulate your skin cells to metabolize
  • Ursolic acid with pea extract, to help prevent your skin from losing elasticity that is remaining
  • Grapeseed extract, to battle against the damage that free radicals can cause
  • Oligo-Collagen Complex, which helps to firm your skin with hydrolyzed collagen

Applying the gel cream is relatively simple, allowing you to massage it into your face during either your morning or nighttime routine. If your skin is especially dry or ridden with wrinkles, you may benefit from twice daily application.

Inhibit Collection – HIGH DENSITY LIFT

Available for $290, the High Density Lift seems to be a type of lotion, which is capable of recovering the volume that you have lose through aging. The product uses both PDGF-Remodeling Complex (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor) and Dual Hyaluronic Acid to achieve this effect, leaving you with a beautifully contoured face.

Applying the product requires a little more attention to detail than other formulas. You will need to start at the center of your face, pushing outward on your skin with gentle pressure. This pressure helps to “increase the tension mesh effect” on your skin. You will not need to touch your skin anymore after it’s been applied. Just leave the formula to soak into the skin.


Available for $185, this fluid is able to give your skin an even complexion, while still giving it the hydration it needs all day long. Regardless of the texture of your skin, this product will not overload it with moisture, since it is able to help control the amount of oil your skin produce.

The fluid is meant to help even out your complexion, while also providing anti-aging treatments and detoxification. All of these remedies help to give you a blemish-free, youthful glow, while protecting your skin with SPF-20 sunscreen. To achieve these results, the fluid includes:

Applying this product won’t interrupt your normal skincare regimen at all. Natura Bissè recommends that you apply the Sheer Oil-Free Fluid in the morning after you’ve already washed your face. The formula does not need to be washed off, since it will offer you protection all day long.


Available for $235, this Tolerance Booster helps to support your skin’s natural self-defenses against external irritants. It is available in the form of a serum, and is especially helpful if you suffer from sensitivity. If your skin is beginning to wrinkle, then you need to start applying this serum in your routine on a regular basis. To make this product effective, the formula includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sensorphine, which soothes and comforts your sensitive skin while increasing your endorphins
  • Arnica montana, which also helps to soothe your skin by nurturing it.
  • Tripeptides combined with Fermentus Glaciarum extract, to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in younger skin
  • Red algae, prickly pear cactus, propolis and carob extracts, to help generate a field of defense against toxins

The formula should be applied in both the morning and evening, following the use of your regular cleanser. You can apply it gently with your fingertips, allowing it to dry and settle before you begin your makeup routine.

Contacting Natura Bissé

Since there are many different products that you can choose from with Natura Bissé, you may have questions about the products or the methods used by the company. If you need an answer to any of these inquiries, you will need to enter your information in the online form, which will be forwarded to Natura Bissé for a response.

If you have an adverse reaction to any of the products due to an unknown allergy, you should seek out medical assistance locally, rather than initiating contact with the company.


Nature Bissé has offered essential proteins for your complexion and skin health for almost 40 years, and was a pioneer at the time they introduced them. With multiple product lines and variations, you will easily be able to determine the best regimen for yourself. If you have questions, the customer service department is ready to help.

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