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Cannabinoid Profiling

With a growing increase of cannabinoid consumers, cannabinoid profiling has become much more common. In terms of, people and patients are wanting to know the concentration of cannabinoids in their medicines. Or, those who are seeking the medicinal benefits, becoming familiar with which 70 compounds can be important.

Like any pharmaceutical product, the active compounds should be clearly labeled. You want to ensure that you or other consumers are receiving the right dosage to reflect their purpose for taking the product.

About Nama Science

Nama Science has set up cannabinoid profiling, among other testing – and it can be done confidentially and safely. They do not share your information with anyone as they appreciate the delicacy of this form of pharmaceutical.

How Does Cannabinoid Profiling Work?

Typically, once a sample is received they extract a sample into a solvent which helps target and/or isolate specific compounds. Then, Nama Science is able to use a detector to measure concentration. This process does not heat the sample which allows it to remain reliable when measuring ones that are heat sensitive.

Pesticide Testing

Nama Science didn’t stop at cannabinoid profiling, they wanted to provide more services to their customers and clients. With that, they have the addition of pesticide testing. The purposes are to test the trace amount of chemical pesticides on dried flowers along with cannabis concentrates.

Ingesting pesticides can be dangerous even in small does. So, because many marijuana cultivators practice organic farming, there are still others who continue to use banned substances. Through this pesticide screening, you can ensure the safety and quality taken with the crops you are harvesting or resourcing.

Microbiological Screening

Like the cultivation of medical cannabis this process can also be ideal for the germination of things like bacteria and fungi. In the event that the cannabis is not properly tested, whatever you are ingesting could be contaminated with a variety of harmful pathogens and this can often cause serious illness or further health complications.

With this type of testing, you are able to determine if there are yeast and molds present, including salmonella and shigella which have all been known to be major contaminants of cannabis.

What is important to remember, is that you have turned to medical cannabis for treatment. Treatment that is non-pharmaceutical, deemed to be natural, and one that is better for you. Alternatively, you are someone who recommends or refers people to the use of cannabis (etc.), wouldn’t you want to know that what you are doing is safe?

There is already so much existing dialogue about its use, proper or improper, make every effort to ensure the cannabis you are using or referring is seeing the best form of testing for quality control available. Be it through cannabinoid profiling, pesticide testing, lipid analysis, etc.

How To Use Nama Science

Each sample can be tested by Nama Science by mailing it to the address listed on the website. Each sample costs $55.00 and for bulk samples, there are additional costs available to reduce the individual rate per sample.


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