My Right Size – Healthy Protein Rich Smoothies & Diet Shakes?


My Right Size is a nutritional health food company that provides a wide range of healthy weight loss tools, health bars and health smoothies. My Right Size carries a comprehensive range of premade homemade smoothies and nutritious health bars through their website, in addition to helpful advice on a variety of topics, including weight loss techniques and advice on using marijuana as a weight loss enhancer. There’s even a convenient body mass calculator on the site to help you gain a picture of your overall health.

What Does My Right Size Have To Offer?

In this article we’ll take a look at the My Right Size product range and perform an analysis on their nutritional content to help you decide whether My Right Size products are the best choice for you to supplement your diet with.

Why Use Meal Replacement Bars or Smoothies?

Meal replacement bars were originally developed as a tool for professional athletes and sports professionals to gain extra nutrition and energy before intensive workouts. Although traditional home cooked sit down meals with a balanced combination of protein, carbs and nutrients are the best possible nutritional source, in today’s time poor world there are many instances and scenarios in which cooking a full meal simply isn’t an option.

Working professionals who hit the gym either before or after work or students busy studying in exam times often find it difficult to maintain a proper nutritional schedule and as a result meal replacement bars and smoothies are becoming more and more popular.

Meal replacement bars and smoothies can be convenient and effective tools in the struggle for weight loss and the consumer demand for such products have grown massively, taking up vast amounts of shelf space in retail nutritional stores across the world and available from thousands of online health food retailers.

The convenience of being able to pack the full nutritional content of a meal into a briefcase or the glove compartment of your car has led to a glut in the availability of meal replacement products, and it’s often quite difficult to determine whether your meal replacement bar or smoothie is actually the healthiest choice possible.

Choosing the right health food meal replacement is dependent on a number of different factors. Many meal replacement bars, while appearing to be healthy, contain an unhealthy amount of added sugars, fat, starch and carbohydrates that are almost as bad for the body as your average candy bar- great as an occasional treat, but not right for replacing an entire meal! As a rule, a meal replacement bar should contain a high amount of protein to power the body, a low amount of fat, low sugar content, and preferably not contain large amounts of complex chemicals or preservatives.

The ideal meal replacement smoothie or meal replacement bar has under 300 calories per serving, less than five grams of fat, three to five grams of fiber for good digestion, between 10 and 30 grams of protein to power the body and help with recovery after workouts, and ideally contains extra nutrients such as vitamins or amino acids for an added health boost. Health food supplement meal replacements are best limited to usage once or twice a week and are best when mixed with a regular consistent and balanced diet.

Although meal replacement bars and smoothies are nutritious, they don’t have to be bland and flavorless. My Right Size smoothies come in a wide range of flavors including chocolate java, almond coconut mocha, peanut butter oatmeal, raspberry almond chia, strawberry banana, spinach kiwi and chia, blueberry mango, papaya mint and ginger and more. My Right Size provides a handy guide on how to make all of the recipes recommended by them on their website and generally advises using their proprietary protein blend in the ingredient lists of the recipes.

My Right Size Products

The most popular offering from My Right Size is their My Right Size Cookies and Cream Nutritional Diet Bar. My Right Size has worked closely with a team of nutritional experts to create a blend of ingredients that provides a nutritious and convenient diet bar that doesn’t compromise on price or flavour.

The My Right Size Cookies and Cream diet bar offers the convenience of eating on the go while maintaining a strict diet, and contains only three grams of sugar per bar.

My Right Size Cookies and Cream Diet Bars each contain twenty grams of protein, making them an excellent source of low glycemic index energy that provides slow burning power throughout your day, as well as helping the body rebuild muscle and recover faster after intense workout sessions or physical activity.

My Right Size Cookies and Cream Diet Bars are an excellent way to grab fast nutrition while out to stifle hunger pangs without feeling guilty. My Right Size Cookies and Cream Diet Bars are priced at $89.99 USD per box of 30 bars and can be ordered from the My Right Size website.

My Right Size Availability

My Right Size products are available for order from their website, but as the company has recently changed hands and is under new management many of their most popular offering such as their meal replacement smoothies are currently unavailable. Customers are able to request an order form for purchase of their products via a contact form.

My Right Size Review Summary

Overall My Right Size provides a great healthy option for complete meal replacement smoothies and nutritional meal replacement bars at reasonable prices. The recipes provided on the site are easy to follow and simple, with step by step instructions on creating a wide variety of healthy and nutritional snacks. The advice My Right Size gives on weight loss techniques such as their advocacy of marijuana and marijuana supplements as an aid for weight loss are well researched and compelling.

My Right Size also plan on becoming available in several retail locations but as of the writing of this article the specific locations and stores had not been published to the website. Overall looks like a great addition to the nutritional supplement meal replacement market and is set to become a widely popular health assistance product.

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