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Diabetes is one of the most deadly killers in the world, however it has been overshadowed because of various other diseases like cancer, alzheimer's, parkinson's in the recent few decades.

Statistical studies have shown that the disease affects over 29 million individuals in the United States alone. Other startling facts about this condition include:

  • 1.7 million individuals aged 20 years or more were diagnosed with the condition in the year 2012 alone.
  • Out of the 29 million individuals who have been diagnosed with the condition, 8.1 million were underdiagnosed, potentially putting their lives at risk.
  • 26% of all individuals aged above 65 have diabetes in the United States.
  • The condition remains the 7th largest leading cause of death, in 2010 there were 69.071 official cases of death that were reported in relation to type 2 diabetes.
  • Approximately 210k children under the age of 20 have been diagnosed with the disease, this is an alarming figure especially when considering that insulin production and glucose metabolization capabilities of children are at their peak.

In terms of causes, the prime reason why individuals develop type 2 diabetes (the more predominant variant of the condition) is because of excess sugar intake.

As our bodies grow old, if we do not regulate the amount of sugar and carbohydrates we consume, the production of insulin which balances out extra glucose becomes poor. Due to this the blood sugar levels in our system begin to increase and subsequently some of this sugar gets released into our bloodstream.

This can be very harmful as when the sugar is in the blood it forms compounds that cannot be metabolised through regular means.

About My Blood Sugar Diet

My Blood Sugar diet is an all new dietary system which promises to bear results in as little as 4 weeks if followed diligently.

It features a host of techniques that have been overlooked but are used widely in the east as efficient ways of controlling one’s blood sugar levels. Some of the key benefits that one can obtain through the use of this program include:

(i) Improved Sugar Metabolization: using various key foods which have been found to improve our overall metabolic rate, users can control their glucose levels by synthesizing sugars faster and more efficiently by transporting them to cellular mitochondria, where they are used for energy release purposes.

(ii) Enhanced Fat Oxidation: an excellent way of controlling one's diabetes is through the elimination of excess fat deposits from one’s system. The Blood Sugar Diet consists of meal plans that help users target certain mechanisms in their bodies which promote their fat oxidation capacity.

(iii) Faster Insulin Production: out of all the ways to combat diabetes, the best way still remains via an increase in our overall insulin levels. The hormone is produced by the pancreas and is the most effective metaboliser of sugar in our system. The book's outline certain techniques that can be used to naturally boost our capacity to produce insulin.

(iv) Increased Energy Levels: through a synergistic combination of healthy nutrition and essential vitamins/ minerals, users can achieve heightened energy levels which allow them to perform their daily activities with more vigour and vitality.

The Pros Of My Blood Sugar Diet

(i) Clear and Concise: the instructions have been formulated keeping a target audience of non-science people, this means that the books avoid any technical jargon or highfalutin words which usually end up doing more harm than good.

(ii) Easy to Follow: there are no extreme physical activities that need to be performed, nor do users have do body twisting yoga postures which can be difficult for some individuals. All one needs to do is follow a precise dietary routine which has been clinically found to aid in insulin production.

(iii) For everyone: it does not matter how old you are, how physically fit one is or which gender one is of, the instructions provided in the system can be used by anyone looking to control their diabetes.

(iv) No Drugs: it does not entail the use of daily prescription medication which is known to cause long term adverse effects like toxin accumulation and dependency issues.

My Blood Sugar Diet Pricing and Availability

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase of My Blood Sugar Diet is by placing an order online at The entire system has been distributed into 5 different books which cover different aspects of controlling the condition in an efficient and scientific manner.

Each package is priced at $35.00 and payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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