Muzo – Personal Vibrating Noise Blocking Musical Zone System?


Muzo is a device that plays various sounds and reduces vibrations for a calm and relaxing environment wherever you go. This product is presently gaining funding through pledges on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allowing you to donate money to get your Muzo at a discounted price.

What is Muzo?

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a night of deep sleep. When you can rest for an entire night, you have the power to give your body everything it needs to keep going from day to day. You can support the health of your neurotransmitters to maintain the sharpness of your mind, and gives you the energy you need the next day.

However, you may be one of the many people that struggles to find a good night of sleep. In fact, the issues you have may become so overwhelming that you easily can qualify as an insomnia. To create a balanced and serene atmosphere for your slumber, Muzo can help.

Muzo gives you a safe and calm area to rest in, which is hard to come by. You can’t predict the noise of the outside world, which is often filled with the sounds of construction, speeding cars, and even the loud neighbors.

When you have to sleep at an odd time of the day, or you just want to rest a little longer on Saturday morning, you need a way to create the safe space that lets you sleep. Muzo can make that hope into a reality. The way that this product can create a safe space is perfect for:

  • Nurseries
  • Day care centers
  • Dorm rooms
  • Apartments
  • Hotel rooms
  • Offices
  • Any other area with excessive noise

With this device, you can apply it to any surface, which is great for consumers that are traveling or don’t have a bedside table in their room to rest it on. It minimizes the amount of vibration in any area, which helps you to easily fall asleep. With this small and portable device, any room or area can be transitioned into a place of rest.

How Does Muzo Work?

There are many different benefits that make Muzo an important part of any routine. The entire system works with Billionsound Technology (Powered by BST). This type of technology makes it possible to create sounds that seem realistic, making it easy to balance out your area. These sounds help to block out the noises that disturb the peace, helping you to feel tranquil and balanced.

Along with access to this superior technology, you can access all your sleep data through the compatible app, which controls plenty of different aspects of Muzo. First of all, you use it to control how big the area is that you need to cover, selecting how far you need the sound waves to go in any situation. Even though it’s perfect for sleeping, you can use this sound emission for a nice date night or when you need to focus at a business meeting.

With the app, you can also:

  • Mix up the sound waves for a balanced night of rest
  • Schedule your sleeping routine
  • Change the mood lighting
  • Change the volume of the different soundscapes for louder environments

With the app and the stick-on film, you are able to use this device in any area of your home, office, or anywhere else.

Using Muzo

The best part about Muzo is how easy it is to setup. When you are ready to go to bed, you will need to set the alarm to wake you in the morning.

As Muzo activates, it will emit various sound waves to drift you gently off to sleep, helping you feel calm and relaxed enough to naturally sleep. You can move the device in the direction of wherever your head is for the clearest emissions.

The sound of a buzzing alarm can jar you in the morning, startling you abruptly from your sleep. Instead, Muzo slowly changes the sounds that are coming from it, gently changing the sound to help you wake up without feeling like your heart is pounding a million times a minute. Furthermore, by changing the way that you wake up, you won’t end up feeling groggy later on.

Pricing for Muzo

When Muzo is available to the public, the retail cost will be $249. However, with both a Kickstarter and an Indiegogo page setup, you are presently able to submit pledges to preorder the products at a fraction of the cost.

The best deal you’ll find right now is the Muzo Advanced Owner package. You will receive a 36% discount, bringing your cost down to $159. If you claim this reward, you can expect your package to arrive in April 2017. If you want to increase your pledge to cover two of the devices, your cost will rise to $279, which 43% off the retail cost.

The company doesn’t have a return policy presently in place.

Contacting the Creators of Muzo

Since Muzo is so new, you might have additional questions about its use or the shipping policies with the Kickstarter campaign. If you need to speak with the customer service team, there’s no eligible phone number or email address. However, you can send them a message on their Facebook profile (

Muzo Conclusion

With so many different soothing sounds, it’s easy to fall sleep with Muzo. You don’t need to download any more ineffective apps that play nature sounds and other audio that claims to help with your sleeping schedule. Instead, you can reduce even the slightest vibrations and noise for a more restful night and relaxing day.

Muzo will soon be available to consumers, and you don’t want to miss out on this impressive device.

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