MuscleLinx – Top Quality Sports Supplement Formula?


It’s hard finding a good quality supplement these days.

Scratch that, there’s never been a time where it was easy to find a supplement that worked without having to go through many that were worthless.

It’s to the point now where people just assume that you have to go through a handful of supplements before a worth-wile one is stumbled upon.

The narrative surrounding this scenario is one of putting-in-the-reps. People are under the impression that going through tons of supplements before finding the right one is earning-their-chops.

Is this what the health supplement world has regressed into? A place where people have to search tirelessly before they find a quality product?

Fortunately, not everyone buys into this reality. In 2016 the world is just too connected for inferior products to be garnishing unearned attention.

Due to this level of global connectivity, people are now coming together to inform others of what products are quality and which should be overlooked.

This review serves the same purpose. It is meant to take a look at a specific supplement company to inform consumers of the pros and cons and allow them to make their own decision.

Gone are the days where the masses are incessantly manipulated by marketers for the purpose of making a profit.

Today we’ll take a look at a supplement company called Musclelinx to see if they talk the talk and walk the walk.

Let’s get started.

About MuscleLinx

Musclelinx is a health supplement company that was founded relatively recently, in year 2014.

This company claims to have gotten started with the intention to provide high quality supplements at a highly competitive price.

That’s admirable, if it’s true of course. One thing that is observable with every supplement company is they all claim to provide high quality ingredients.

One thing about this company that makes them immediate stand out from others is the fact that they speak on wanting to provide a high standard of customer service.

The phrase “customer service” rarely ever appears on health supplement websites which is why seeing it mentioned here was totally refreshing, albeit it would be even more so if they company spoke on exactly how they went about enhancing their customer service.

That much is still a mystery.

Musclelinx’s supplements are all manufactured in Great Britain, and are manufactured to meet the standards of the FSA, and MHSA effectively aligning it with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

If one ever thinks to purchase supplements from a company that doesn’t mention following GMP guidelines, they should think again. This is one of the main telltale signs that a supplement company may not be one of integrity.

GMP are a necessity because without following these standards, a company can include filler ingredients and ineffective dosages in their supplements, both of which waste the time and money of the consumer. The fact that Musclelinx does is a good sign.

Now that the general make-up of the company is understood, next we have the products to take a look at.

Product Range

Upon first impression of Musclelinx products, people may get the impression that they offer a lot of supplements.

That’s because of all the categories they have products in.

The categories include:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Protein Powders
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat Loss
  • Natural Hormone Boosters
  • Health and Wellness
  • Accessories

That’s a mouthful, and kind of misleading. 13 products is the total number that Musclelinx has to offer its customers.

Now that’s not to say 13 products is a bad thing. In fact, it may work in the favor of the consumer.

Ever heard of the saying “Less is more”? That may ring true in this context. Whenever a company has a wide range of products it sometime can be looked at as a red flag.

That’s because it implies that each product may have not received the amount of attention it deserved.

To really see if this can be applied to Musclelinx, a closer look at one of it’s products is necessary.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a well-known single-ingredient supplement that is offered by MuscleLinx.

On this supplements product page we find a brief yet accurate description of what this ingredient can do for the men who decide to take it.

This supplement is supposed to increase testosterone production in men which could help with their training and muscle-building goals significantly.

We even find that they people at Musclelinx were kind enough to provide the exact quantities of Tribulus Terrestris that’s included in each capsule. A fact that is often overlooked, but should be greatly appreciated due to it being so rare.

Lastly, we see that this supplement should be taken in the morning and again 6 hours later. The description ends on that note.

The most impressive thing about this terse description of this product is that there’s no pretty-poetry involved.

MuscleLinx doesn’t claim to be anti-hype but this is obviously a fact when their website is analyzed. People will be hard-pressed to find a false claim anywhere.

Another pro offered by a company with not so many cons.

This supplement is offered for $15.49, which lives up to MuscleLinx’s claims of providing affordable products.

MuscleLinx Review Summary

MuscleLinx is a company that promises little and delivers a lot.

The manufacturing process this company utilizes ensures quality supplements are produced. This is further enhanced by the company being transparent with what goes into the supplements.

Not a lot of products are offered here, which means that what is offered is carefully formulated with the customer’s needs in mind.

MucleLinx is one of the only supplement companies that believes in strong customer support, which makes it highly credible.

All-in-all this company seems to be legit, as are its products.

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