Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar Review – Is This Bar Recommended?


More and more people today are turning towards protein bars to get a boost in their protein intake. Whether it's to grow in size or used as a quick snack, the popularity of protein bars today is undeniable. However, the amount of brands of types of bars that are available to consumers today can make the choice overwhelming.

The Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar makes the choice easy for consumers through the amount of testimonials that can be found about the product. It is also one of the few products on the market that is supported by clinical trials.

What Is the Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar?

As stated previously, the Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar are bars that are gluen-free and multi-layered protein bars to boost the nutritional and athletic performance of its users. The package states the following about the product:

“Combat Crunch baked protein bars are made with a special baking process for superior taste and soft texture. The bars are naturally high in protein, with low amount of carbs and high in fiber. Unlike hard-paste sports bars, Combat Crunch is akin to eating a soft-batch cookie.”

The bars can easily be purchased from the Muscle Pharm website, as well as through their network of resellers and independent distributors. Each bar costs one around $9 each, which may sound expensive but it is not that pricey as a far as protein bars typically go for.

The bars are supported by a satisfaction guarantee. If one is not completely satisfied with the taste or performance of their Combat Crunch Bar, they are entitled to call the Muscle Pharm customer support team for a full refund no questions asked. In some cases the company will replace the product if it is deemed to be faulty or defective.

Each bar contains: 210 calories, 20g of protein, 7g of fat (10g for Chocolate Coconut only), and 25g of carbs. Subtracting the 12g of dietary fiber and 1g of sugar alcohol, we’re left with 12g of net carbs.

Why Is Protein Important?

Protein is an often overlooked element in many people’s diets when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle. Infact, Protein and carbohydrates are arguably two of the most important factors to take into consideration.

If does not have enough protein in their diets, then they will not gain muscle. It is as simple as that. One needs to be consuming a high amount of protein in their diets in order to put on muscle as protein is what binds to the muscle during periods of  rest.

There is contention in the fitness industry when it comes to the importance of protein. Specifically, the amount of protein that is recommended for one to be consuming on a regular basis to promote muscle growth. Some people recommend that one eats at least 2 grams per pound of bodyweight, with others recommending a figure that’s half of that. It should be noted that everyone’s body and nutritional requirements will vary from person to person. The question of how much protein one should consume in their diet is best left up to a nutritionist or personal trainer to decide.

One common pitfall that many beginners fall into is the assumption that the more protein they consume in a given meal, the better. Generally speaking, this is a myth, as the body cannot use more than 40g of protein per meal, less if one has a smaller frame. It is much better to consume smaller meals throughout the day that are high in protein than one massive serving.

Other Points To Consider

Although protein bars such as the Combat Crunch Bar are useful as a supplement to one’s diet, they should not be used a replacement for a full meal. Consuming protein alone is not enough for one to grow bigger, in fact a pure protein diet is likely to damage one’s liver if it not supported by other foods.

However, when used properly and in moderation, protein bars can be a great way to give one’s muscles a needed boost before and after exercise. The best time to eat protein bars is just before one begins their workout to give the body the needed energy to push through it. Chocolate milk is a favorite of many gym-goers after one’s workout, containing healthy amounts of sugar, protein and carbohydrates to aid in the recovery of sore muscles and providing a boost in energy.

Like most supplements, protein bars work best when they are supported by an existing nutrition and exercise plan. Protein bars are not cheap, so their proper use is needed to get the most out of them. They are popular among people who have busy schedules and constantly seem to be on the move. Often people simply don’t have the time in the today to sit down a prepare a proper meal, which is where bars such as Combat Crunch can come in a time pinch.

What Are People Saying About Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch?

There are many reviews online that can be found about the Combat Crunch bar, with many of them singing the product’s praises. Of particular note is that customers enjoyed the taste of the bar. Users reported that Combat Crunch tastes just like a candy bar, except without the sugary taste and the fact that it’s packed with protein and other vitamins.

Some people felt that the bar was expensive for the small serving size, comparing it to other brands on the market that are both larger and cheaper. There were also several complaints about late and missing deliveries, as well as the difficulty in contacting the company’s customer service team.

Is Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar Recommended?

There is enough evidence to make Musclepharm Combat Crunch a recommendable product. The bar comes backed with plenty of testimonials, as well as clinical research that shows that it works as intended. Although a little pricey, the bar delivers the needed vitamins and nutrients to ensure that one is getting the most out of their workout.

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In conclusion, if one is in the market for a new protein bar to try, then one could do far worse for themselves than giving Combat Crunch a try.

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