Dreamfields Pasta Review – Should You Really Believe The Hype?


For dieters, a pasta that is low in fat and carbs has been demanded for quite some time. Diabetics and people who are in the process of losing weight have found Dreamfields Pasta an adequate alternative to the traditional tasty dish.

What Is Dreamfields Pasta?

Dreamfields Pasta is a dish that is reportedly has a nil effect on one’s blood sugar levels upon consumption. It should be noted however, that a case study has been released that apparently shows an increase in blood sugar of the participants after the product was consumed.

This could be concerning to some people as the product is advertised as providing a low glycemic load, meaning safe for people who are sensitive to an increase in their blood sugar levels such as diabetics.

Dreamfields Pasta is a brand that comes in many forms such as spaghetti, lasagna, elbows etcetera. Like regular pasta, it is based from semolina wheat. As mentioned previously, the product claims to have a lower glycemic impact on the body, which results in a lower amount of carbohydrates than normal pasta.

Dreamfields' Claims

The packing of Dreamfield’s Pasta claims that the majority of the carbs in their pasta is protected, meaning that the carbs will not be easily broken down into glucose and thus raising one’s blood sugar. As an example of this, their spaghetti packages states that it contains only 41 grams of total carbs in a two ounce serving, 5 of which are fiber. The other 31 carbs are what the company claims to be ‘protected carbs.’

The company asserts that the pasta has been clinically proven to establish digestible carbohydrate levels. This protection is apparently made through a closely guarded secret by the company.

Dreamfields was developed by the biochemist Dr. Bryan Tungland. Dr Tungland asserts that the pasta was tested on real people, with each subject carefully screened with medical histories and blood tests. As part of his case study, the participants were invited to join a food test where subjects were given either the Dreamfields pasta or white bread. The food the subjects consumed contained 25 grams of carbs, and their glucose levels was tested every 15 minutes.

The blood levels in the subjects that ate the bread experienced an increase in their glucose levels, while subjects that ate Dreamfields Pasta did not.

The way the experiment was conducted could reportedly lead to many issues. First of all, the subjects used in the report all came from the same university, which could mean that as a group they were statistically younger than the average age of people on low-carb diets. The serving size used has also been called in contention.

The sizes used in testing were just 50 grams in order to test the glycemic index of the carbohydrate, which may confuse the results. Third, the studies have not been officially published, yet the company uses the claims as scientific evidence. The study is also not able to be replicated by other scientists, nor it is peer-reviewed.

Apparently, one of the key reasons for why the test subjects were so extensively screened, is that people with any type of glucose tolerance disorders such as diabetes will react inconsistently to food when compared to to other people. This could also be why most food marketed towards people on low-carb diets are not tested on people that suffer from glucose disorders. This can be seen as misleading for some people because the product claims are not representative of how they will respond to that food.

Recommendations For Preparing Dreamfields Pasta

There are some best practices that one can follow to get the most out of Dreamfield’s Pasta, as well as ensuring that it is safe for consumption by everyone, regardless of their medical conditions.

  • One should confirm that their body will respond well to the product. This can be done by checking the amount of glucose in the blood, or checking if one’s low-carb diet is being interfered with. Common symptoms include carb cravings and a slowdown in weight loss.
  • The serving size listed on the box should not be exceeded.
  • The pasta should not be overcooked or undercooked. Pasta that is not cooked to the correct temperature is known to be more glycemic than usual.
  • One should avoid cooking the pasta with acidic ingredients, such as tomato sauce or vinegar. The acid works to break down the company’s protective matrix in the pasta. The company states that it could be OK to use acid-based sauces on food and then consume it within one sitting, it is not advisable to store uneaten food with the sauce.
  • It should be noted that sauce is particularly rich in carbohydrates. In fact, a single cup of tomato sauce has about 18 grams of carbohydrates, which is a lot when compared Dreamfield’s Pasta base.

The Bottom Line – Is DreamFields Pasta Recommended?

There are so many opinions about Dreamfields Pasta that it can be difficult for one to make a conclusive recommendation. There is a lot of evidence that suggests it might not be safe for people that suffer from diabetes, or other conditions that are aggravated by the the glucose in the blood. However, it may still be a nutritious and healthy meal for people who do not suffer from the aforementioned conditions.

The amount of testimonials and reviews about Dreamfields Pasta is enormous. The product has been around for a long time, and many of those reviews were indeed singing the product’s praises. Most people complimented the product’s easy preparation time, as well the great taste that everyone can appreciate, diabetic or not.

The downsides of the product is that its reputation has been tarnished by a questionable amount of media attention. It is unknown if the claims about the product are true, or if this is just a case of sour grapes or an attempt to undermine the company's legitimacy.

In conclusion, if someone is free from diabetes then this pasta will work as a light snack or dinner while being healthy and low in carbs. Other people should consult with their doctor to confirm the severity of their condition, as well as receive advice if Dreamfields Pasta is suitable for them.

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