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Msten Extreme Mass Builder by Assault Labs

For men, being strong isn’t just a desire, it’s a necessity. Of course, everything in today’s society speaks against this, saying that men don’t need to be strong and muscular, but the truth is there is so much more to being fit than looking attractive. For many men, having strong, powerful muscles is the only alternative to a much worse situation.

While it’s not discussed as much as it should be, men in the United States are facing a huge crisis. The problem of obesity and being overweight has taken over every group of people throughout the country, but it has affected men more than any other group. Three out of every four men in the United States suffer from being overweight or obese. And with these horrific numbers come several other diseases, illnesses, and conditions that are a result of being overweight or obese. So, when men devote themselves to being stronger and growing their muscles more, it isn’t just about looking good, it’s about living long, healthy lives.

However, it’s not easy for everyone to grow the muscles and strength they want. In fact, even the most fit men often struggle with plateaus and often aren’t sure how they can overcome them. For many, when they stop growing stronger and bigger, they give up, falling into habits that might result in them being some of the 74% of men that are overweight or obese.

While it can be hard to keep pushing when a plateau happens, it’s even more difficult to get started on the journey to build muscle and strength. For many men, they feel their body is as good as it’s going to get. From being thin and scrawny to large and overweight, it can be difficult to get started creating the habits and lifestyle that can lead to fitness and health.

Msten Extreme Mass Builder by Assault Labs was created for men who are tired of being on their plateaus or who are ready to kick start their muscle growth and strength. Using some of the most potent ingredients available today, Msten Extreme Mass Builder will help users grow the muscle mass they need to look and feel better than ever.

What is Msten Extreme Mass Builder?

Ranked as the number one bulking prohormone supplement on the market, Msten Extreme Mass Builder is exactly what it says it is: A supplement that helps users build mass and strength. Because Msten Extreme Mass Builder focuses on one specific thing, increasing muscle and strength, it has become one of the most efficient and popular option on the market today, offering men the perfect push they need to get bigger and stronger muscles.

The goal of Msten Extreme Mass Builder was to create something that pushed men further than they’ve ever gone before. Whether it is people just starting out with their muscle building or those who have plateaued and want to reach higher, better levels, Msten Extreme Mass Builder is the perfect option. With tons of reviews and support, Msten Extreme Mass Builder has proven over and over that it can help its users make massive gains, transforming their bodies into something they never could have imagined.

Msten Extreme Mass Builder was created to serve as a replacement for M-drol and the superdrol products that were, unfortunately, banned from being sold in 2012. Despite what the FDA said about those products, they were extremely efficient. However, because a new product was needed to fill that void, Msten Extreme Mass Builder was designed.

And this amazing supplement has proven over and over that it is able to offer the same results as other SD products, all without the horrible side effects.

Unlike SD products, Msten Extreme Mass Builder doesn’t wear on the liver or convert to estrogen as it is being processed. Because of these differences, Msten Extreme Mass Builder has proven itself to be an even better product than those it was created to replace.

Benefits of Msten Extreme Mass Builder

Because Msten Extreme Mass Builder was created with a specific purpose, to fill a void left by certain products, it was designed with very specific parameters. Due to the focus put on how the supplement was crafted, it offers many more benefits than the typical muscle enhancement supplement.

All of these amazing benefits work together to give users better results in a faster amount of time. After taking Msten for an extended period of time, most users notice that they’re able to push themselves further and get better gains, only two of the benefits that come with taking Msten.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are many things that Msten is able to provide its users. These benefits are described below.

  •  Increases Muscle Mass
  •  Increases Muscle Strength
  •  Boosts Muscle Density
  •  Promotes Muscle Definition
  •  Increases Muscle Endurance
  •  Promotes Focused, Driven Mentality

In addition to these amazing benefits, Msten is able to provide them all without putting undue stress on the liver, which is a struggle for other muscle enhancers. Also, Msten doesn’t start converting into estrogen, instead keeping everything focused on boosting testosterone, which feeds and supports muscle mass and muscle growth.

Ingredients in Msten Extreme Mass Builder

Unlike other muscle enhancers, Msten isn’t packed full of fillers and questionable ingredients. Instead, the supplements main ingredient is Methylstenbolon, an ingredient that is very close to SD in structure. Despite being close to SD in structure, Methylstenbolon has its own set of benefits that differ from the banned ingredient.

The biggest difference between Methylstenbolon and SD is that while SD was extremely popular due to how well it was able to help users build extreme muscle, it caused users to retain more water. Most people know that water retention is detrimental to muscle definition, giving users of SD a bloated, swollen look. Methylstenbolon, on the other hand, is able to give users the bulk they want, but as dry bulk. In other words, Methylstenbolon doesn’t cause huge amounts of water retention. The result is strong, large muscles that are very clearly defined.

The second difference between Methylstenbolon and SD is where it is derived from, which is DHT. While the science is complex and confusing, it comes down to one big thing: Estrogen. Many other muscle enhancers cause problems because they begin converting into estrogen. However, Methylstenbolon does not react in this manner. It doesn’t convert to estrogen at all, due to being derived from DHT. While estrogen blockers are always recommended for those focused on growing mass, for those using Methylstenbolon, the need is a bit less.

Purchasing Msten Extreme Mass Builder

Msten Extreme Mass Builder used to be available for purchase on the Strong Supplements Shop website ( However, since the release of Msten Extreme Mass Builder, it has either been discontinued or is no longer legal for use within the United States. While a bottle of Msten Extreme Mass Builder was only $99.95, those who are interested in the supplement must now find an alternative option and hope to get the same results.

Strong Supplements Shop has an alternative for those who were interested in trying Msten Extreme Mass Builder. The alternative, called Super Mandro, may not be as efficient as Msten Extreme Mass Builder, but until things have cleared up for Msten Extreme Mass Builder to be sold again, it is the closest available option.

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