MovNat Review

MovNat is a new fitness routine that relies on using the body’s natural movements to build your strength and energy. Find out if MovNat is the right fitness routine for you today in our review.

What is MovNat?

MovNat, found at, calls itself natural movement fitness. It involves performing your body’s natural movements repeatedly in order to build muscle, increase functional strength, and optimize your energy.

MovNat involves doing things like running on trails barefoot, pushing heavy logs through the water, jumping between rocks, climbing, swimming, and grappling with other people.

The idea behind MovNat is that our bodies were designed to function in a certain way. The human body has evolved for over a million years to perform certain types of motions. Modern fitness routines typically ignore those movements, which is why many of us spend hours at the gym without really accomplishing anything significant.

Basically, MovNat is the comprehensive study of practical, real-world movement. Just like birds fly and fish swim, humans need to recapture the natural movements that put them at the top of the food chain on planet Earth.

Here’s how describes the fitness system:

“We are not meant to live in a confined environment. We are not meant to be disconnected from the natural world and our own true nature. Chronic pain, immobility, depression and lack of vitality, these are the symptoms of the zoo human syndrome. Modern society conditions us to consider this as normal and unavoidable. We don’t think so.”

You can use MovNat to connect with the powerful human inside of you and recapture the natural strength of your body. Some even say that MovNat is to fitness what organic is to food: both movements aim to return us to our roots to improve our health.

Today, you can find hundreds of MovNat videos on YouTube and tutorials all across the internet. The MovNat system has been around since 2009.

Who Can Benefit from MovNat?

The MovNat system promises to benefit anyone who wants to recapture their natural inner strength and become a stronger, fitter human being who is more in tune with their natural self.

But the program is also catered towards certain modern fitness types. The site has special pages catering to parkour enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, cross trainers, and obstacle racers.

How to Start MovNat Training

Anyone can start basic MovNat training by watching videos on the MovNat YouTube Account. The videos on that account will show you some of the basic techniques and movements that make MovNat what it’s all about.

Some basic MovNat movements include:

— Walking (including Sitting, Kneeling, Get Ups, And Get Downs)
— Balancing
— Running
— Jumping
— Crawling
— Climbing
— Swimming
— Lifting
— Carrying And Throwing
— Striking And Grappling

If you want to really get into MovNat, however, you’re going to want to find a MovNat certified instructor in your area. You can view a map of instructors at the official MovNat website. Most of these instructors operate out of local gyms. You can call them and ask for their training schedule.

Instructors are indicated on the map based on their status: Level I, Level II, or Level III certified. The vast majority of instructors are Level I or Level II and only a handful of people around the world are Level III certified.

What’s the Difference Between MovNat and Other Fitness Systems?

Some people point out that “natural movement training” like MovNat is very similar to bodyweight calisthenics, CrossFit, and parkour, among other fitness systems. actually addressed this issue:

“The notion of “bodyweight” training is based on using one’s body weight for resistance and strength development…On the other hand, the practice of the MovNat Natural Movement system emphasizes all practical movement skills and physiological adaptations (including strength, power, and more) associated to these skills, and including manipulative skills (such as lifting, carrying, throwing and catching) that demand resistance to an external weight.”

One of the key advertised differences is practicality. Doing pushups all day might make your chest look and feel good, but why not build all-around chest strength by performing natural movements that target the chest?

MovNat also claims to be different from CrossFit because CrossFit does not emphasize real-life, practical skills. Balancing, for example is one of the essential skills in MovNat and it has no role in CrossFit.

Achieving MovNat Certification at is the only organization that provides certification in the discipline of natural movement. The organization has certified trainers since 2009.

There are three levels of certification: Level I, Level II, and Level III.

You can also achieve specialty certifications in MovNat Aquatics and MovNat Combatives. The first specialization involves swimming for natural movement and the second involves using natural fighting techniques.

If you want to become certified in MovNat fitness training, you can view upcoming certification session dates and locations on their website.

Ultimately, the MovNat movement is a fitness craze waiting to take off. That craze may take off in the near future, or you might never hear about it again. If you want to learn how to practice natural movement techniques and become certified in MovNat fitness training, you can visit

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  1. Here’s a tip for losing fat, you need to eat at a deficit, but for gaining muscle, you need to eat at a can do both at the same time contrary to popular belief. But your body doesn’t really need that much extra calorie to build muscle. It is about 100 calories at most. For gaining muscle and losing fat, you really just need to eat at your maintenance or maybe 100 calorie above your maintenance and make sure you are taking in enough protein. Of course you need to lift very heavy in the gym (go to failure in every set), then you will definitely see muscle gain and fat loss. It will be slower than if you are at a 500 calorie surplus, but when you gain muscle fast, you might gain a bit of fat nothing to worry about though. You need to also get into a routine I can’t stress this enough! be consistent!
    Hopefully this helps!

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