Move It Personal Trainer – All-in-One Smart Home Gym Fitness System?


The Move It Personal Trainer is an all in one workout system that is perfect for home gyms and workouts. Men and women who are looking for a device that gives them the tools they need to add a variety of workouts to their daily routine.

Tools that are needed for workouts are combined with a companion app that tracks calories burned, repetitions, and even proper form. Please read below to learn more about the Move It Smart Personal Trainer and how to purchase a set.

What is the Move It Personal Trainer?

An innovative fitness system, Move It Smart makes it easier for people to give their bodies strong and effective workouts every day. By combining a resistance band, jump rope, ab wheel, and a push up stand into a compact set this workout system is small and easy to use in a small space or even to take along to work.

What makes this system is different than just a bunch of workout equipment is the tandem app. The app helps guide users through effective workouts that will help them lose weight and tone their body. The app tracks each movement helping users shift their form when they are doing a pose improperly.

Additionally, the app tracks how many calories are burned through each exercise. Whether users are working out with the ab wheel, push up stand, or jump rope the app will also track how many repetitions have been completed. This system gives users the support, guidance, and tools to enjoy over forty exercises.

How Does the Move It Personal Trainer Work?

Designed to fit compactly into a neat looking stand that blends into any home environment, when people want to workout all of the necessary components are conveniently stored together with this device. By using the companion app users can choose the workouts they want to complete and use the app to guide them through each routine.

The app is packed full of workout videos to help users mix up their fitness routine to keep it interesting and help maintain focus and motivation. The companion app works with both apple and android devices and makes this system like having a personal trainer supporting every move.

Move It Smart Personal Trainer Components

Each set comes with a jump rope, exercise mat, push up stand, ab wheel, and resistance band that pack together neatly into a compact stand. As consumers choose their workout routines it is easy to grab the necessary tools for each exercise form the rack. The way the tools pack together looks really cool and even adds style to the space where it is stored.

Users simply recharge the components when the battery indicator light turns red. This sounds like a high claim for workout gear but it actually does look nice. Consumers who want to see further information about the Move It Personal Trainer can check out the product listing on Amazon.

Additionally this product offers users a way to connect with other users through the app to work out together. This allows people to challenge each other and make workout buddies to help keep them motivated and inspired.

Who Makes the Move It Personal Trainer?

Move It is a brand owned and operated by Eggplant Technologies Inc. This company was founded in 2005 and is a leading software company focused on helping people lead healthier lives through fitness.

The Move It Smart Personal Trainer got started through an IndieGoGo campaign in 2016 and is now available on the market.

Move It Personal Trainer Pricing

Currently the Move It Smart Personal Trainer set can be purchased online through Amazon. Each set costs $349.00 and ships for free. As this product slowly rolls out it should be available through more vendors online.

Move It Personal Trainer Review Summary

Many people have tried home gym components over the years trying to lose weight or strengthen their body. Over time people even with the best intentions give up on their resistance bands, ab rollers, and jump ropes even if they enjoy the exercises it is hard to stay motivated.

The Move It Smart Personal Trainer makes it easier for people to work out regularly by making it easy to get started and by giving each user personalized support through the app. If this system was just a set of workout equipment it would not give people the same level of support as it does with the companion app.

By offering users over forty different exercises it is easy to keep interested due to variety. This product appears to be new on the market so there is limited information available online. Interested consumers can learn more about the Move It Smart Personal Trainer on the Amazon product listing.

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