MOOV NOW – Wearable Artificial Intelligence Fitness Coaching?


Moov Now Review – Best Fitness Tracker?

Moov Now is a virtual personal trainer that provides real-time feedback while you run, swim, bike, and exercise. It fits on your wrist or leg like a smartwatch but provides enhanced feedback. Here’s our review.

What is Moov?

Moov is an athletic device company that recently released Moov Now, a wearable fitness tracker that provides real-time feedback while you work out. The device calls itself an “A.I. coach that talks to you through your workout.”

While running, for example, you might hear Moov Now tell you to lengthen your stride or run more softly to reduce impact. It can track your activity while swimming, boxing, cycling, running, and walking. There’s also a 7 minute bodyweight training program available through the app, which can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android.

Moov Now is priced at $59.95. It claims to be “the most advanced fitness wearable”. It was originally launched through a crowdfunding campaign, where it hit $1 million in funding in 2 weeks. Let’s take a closer look at how Moov works and some of its core features.

Moov Features

You can wear Moov Now on your ankle or wrist to track your movement. If your exercise primarily involves your legs (like running), then you wear it on your ankle. If it primarily involves your arms (like boxing), then you wear it on your wrist. After you put it on, it delivers the following features:

  • Talks to you as you work out
  • Analyzes and coaches your form
  • Counts your reps in 7 minutes
  • Water and dustproof
  • Up to 6 months of battery life
  • Uses 9 axis Omni Motion sensor to capture and analyze your motion in 3D

While you work out, Moov will explain various things about your workout. As you approach a tough hill on your bike, for example, Moov might tell you that this is the steepest and longest hill you’ve ever attempted (it looks at the incline and distance of the hill). Then, as you bike up the hill, it will tell you when to switch gears for maximum performance.

Some of the data is processed through Moov, but most of it is sent to your connected phone or tablet for processing.

Ultimately, the goal of Moov is to give you an accessible and affordable personal trainer. It wants to make your exercises safer and more effective. So you get better results from your workout and a reduced risk of injuries.

How Does Moov Work?

Moov devices like the Moov Now rely on three core technologies in order to work. Those technologies include 3D motion capture, artificial intelligence, and the ability to track multiple sports and movements using one device.

3D Motion Capture:

Moov senses your movements precisely using three sensors to form a 9 axis motion sensing system. By pairing this hardware with Moov software, Moov can reconstruct your movements in 3D to deliver real-time analytics that promote better workouts and reduce injury.

Artificial Intelligence:

Moov’s AI software runs on your connected smartphone or tablet, where a motion analysis database is built to understand your movement and give meaningful suggestions and insights to improve your workout.

Multiple Athletic Functions:

Moov wants to be the ultimate destination for all workouts – from training for a triathlon to burning calories by cardio boxing. It has 5 sports and 12 programs that cover 200+ variations and levels to give you plenty of different choices. Moov is also introducing new sports programs regularly to keep you busy.

Moov Pricing

Moov is available at two prices:

  • 1 x Moov Now: $59.95
  • 2 x Moov Now: $99.90

You can choose from four different colors, including Fusion Red, Stealth Black, Aqua Blue, and Blizzard White. It comes with a small and large band so you can swap it between your wrist and ankle any time.

Your purchase also comes with one coin battery and one battery tool. As mentioned above, the battery should last 6 months.

You can purchase Moov online from the company’s official website at It’s also available at Apple Stores around the world.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Who Makes Moov?

The Moov Now was created by a company named Move, Inc. That company sold $1 million worth of Moov products in 2 weeks through crowdfunding. Within 5 months, the company had shipped Moov to its earliest backers. And 9 months after launch, the company released 9 apps powered by Moov.

The company claims that Moov is just the beginning. Their ultimate goal is “to bring wellness and advancement to everyone, one moovment at a time.” The Moov Now is the company’s first device, although more devices may be coming in the future.

Key leaders of the company include Meng, co-founder and CEO, Nikola, co-founder and chief sport computing extraordinaire, and Tony, co-founder and chief motion sensor guru.

You can learn more about Moov by visiting the company online today at

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