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Miracle CBD Tincture Review

Miracle CBD Tincture is a new nutritional supplement that claims to be formulated with 100% pure cannabidiol. Here’s our Miracle CBD Tincture review.

What is Miracle CBD Tincture?

Miracle CBD Tincture is a nutritional supplement that claims to be the most powerful cannabis drop available on the market today.

It also promises to be legal in all 50 states with no prescription needed. Using 100% cannabidiol, you can enjoy a wide variety of health benefits – including a reduced risk of diseases and relief from joint pain, among many others.

The tincture also claims that it contains no synthetic chemicals or stimulants: all of the ingredients are natural or organic.

One thing that Miracle CBD Tincture doesn’t do is explain any of its benefits: in the last few months, the FDA has sent several warning letters to CBD manufacturers across America for making bold claims about the health benefits of CBD. That’s why all health benefit information has been removed from the Miracle CBD Tincture packaging and online sales form.

What’s the secret behind this herbal extract? Does it actually work as advertised? Let’s find out.

How Does Miracle CBD Tincture Work?

Miracle CBD Tincture claims to use a 100% natural and organic herbal extract formula.

That herbal extract is 100% pure cannabidiol according to the manufacturer.

Cannabidiol, for those who don’t know, is the chemical compound in marijuana that is thought to provide enormous health benefits. It also contains virtually no THC – which is the part of marijuana that provides psychoactive effects. In other words, cannabidiol lets you enjoy the rumored health benefits of marijuana with none of the downsides.

Miracle CBD Tincture claims that it uses cannabis plants that have been bred for years “to have high CBD content and low THC content”. These plants are all industrial hemp plants. Then, the oil is processed further to remove all trace amounts of THC.

Growing hemp is currently illegal in the United States, although the use of hemp is not illegal (typically, American manufacturers buy their hemp from Canada, where growing hemp is legal). Cannabidiol is more of a legal grey area, although Miracle CBD Tincture claims to be legal in all 50 states in America.

The one thing that cannabidiol manufacturers can’t do when legally selling their supplements is make bold claims about health benefits: which is why you won’t see any explanation of the health benefits of CBD on the sales page for Miracle CBD Tincture.

Miracle CBD Tincture Ingredients

Miracle CBD Tincture claims to contain nothing but 100% pure cannabidiol.

By definition, a tincture contains the herbal extract mixed with alcohol.

However, since there’s no label anywhere on the Miracle CBD Tincture packaging or website, we’re left to guess how much cannabidiol is in each dose. This makes proper dosing difficult, especially since the manufacturer hasn’t listed how many drops to use when you want to enjoy the health benefits.

Making things worse is that there’s no mention of the size of the bottle. It could contain 10 drops for all we know – or it could contain 100. It would have been nice to see the ounces or milliliter sizing information on the side of the bottle.

On a separate product listing, Miracle CBD Tincture is priced at $160 for a 2 ounce bottle and claims to contain 500mg of cannabidiol in every bottle. That product is called Miracle CBD Oil and appears identical to Miracle CBD Tincture.

How to Use Miracle CBD Tincture

The manufacturer hasn’t told us critical information about the ingredients – like the dosing. This makes it difficult to:

— Know the concentration of the supplement
— Know how many times per day to take it
— Know how many drops to apply to your food

For that reason, it’s unclear how many drops of Miracle CBD Tincture you should take per day.

Typically, you take a tincture sublingually (you put it under your tongue) and apply 3 to 5 drops. Once again, without dosing information, we have no idea if that would be a good way to take Miracle CBD Tincture.

Miracle CBD Tincture Pricing

Miracle CBD Tincture is available exclusively online through TryMiracleSmoke.com. You won’t find it on Amazon or other retail websites or stores – it’s only available through the one site.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— 1 Bottle: $49.82 + $4.99 shipping ($54.81 total)
— 2 Bottles: $89.82
— 3 Bottles: $119.82

You can pay using the secure online form at the product’s official website. the site accepts all major credit cards.

Who Makes Miracle CBD Tincture?

Miracle CBD Tincture is made by a company named Miracle Smoke. That company has been known to produce a wide variety of CBD products over the last few years – including e-liquids you can use in your vaporizers.

The company is headquartered at the following address:

Miracle Smoke
200 County Line Ct
Oakland, FL 34787

You can contact the company by phone at 800-673-8115 or contact various employees using the contact information found at this page: MiracleSmoke.com/contact

Ultimately, Miracle CBD Tincture is another nutritional supplement that makes unfounded claims about its benefits while selling itself at an extraordinarily high price. There’s no information about its health benefits or dosing – so even if you do buy it, it may be difficult to find the right dose. Without knowing this critical information, it’s difficult to recommend Miracle CBD Tincture as a cannabidiol supplement.

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  1. I cant beleive they are not prosecuted by now.I’ve tried to call multiple Vrgus numbers to cancel. I want a refund, anyone got a legitimate number to cancel this shit. By the way IT DOESN’T WORK

  2. Ordered oil and capsules, only received oil. Luckily only got charged for oil – $5.95. But now am showing a charge on my account for $79.95 that I have no clue who it is from! I only mention this because of a post that I saw on here where someone got charged $79.95. I was under the impression that this was a one time deal! I have not taken any of the oil and quite frankly, am rather scared to do so now! No paperwork came with the oil and upon looking at the bottle, all it states is: Recommended Use: Place 15 drops under tongue for 60 – 90 seconds before swallowing. Don’t know what to do! HELP!!!!

    • Same thing just happened to me today. I am in the process of contacting the Better Business Bureau and I just contacted my bank to file dispute to have my money refunded. I would suggest the same to you.

  3. Something I’ve been taught that helps in knowing what to take, how much and how many times a day etc…..is called Kinesiology (muscle testing) I can’t live with out it!!! Wishing I’d of known sooner. Highly recommend you study up on it. Been life changing in a positive way for myself.

  4. I got the free sample in the mail and forgot when i ordered it so can’t tell you how long but long enough to forget, will start trying it tonight. Ron T

  5. After acting too impulsive and panicked and canceled with my credit card bank. Realized no number to contact anyone for.any questions or complaints. Just received a free bottle with 0 owed. Not sure now if I should use this oil. HELP.

  6. I have been using the CBD capsules since October 2016 and have been very satisfied. Combining the oil capsules along with a regime of herbs and oils I am off all bi-polar/anxiety medications and feel better than ever! I had an issue at one point when ordering as the ad stated 60 capsules but there were only 30. Ashley was most helpful and they sent me 2 free bottles and thanked me for making them aware of the ad. I have not had any issues with customer service.

    • No bill will come later, had a friend order this didnt want it monthly. Where is the order form?

  7. I ordered my stuff a week again and have yet to receive and email for the shipping or anything… Uh maybe help me please??

  8. I paid for a product that I have not received and now I can’t talk to anyone. The most I can do is leave a message. Not happy!!

      • Did you use paypal I did on one order nothing so I reordered and used my lmart debt card got it in four days paypal says they sent it but the company says they did not receive anything I have since ordered 5 more times and get products very fast. Paypal did the same thing two weeks ago to me with another company still ave not received my money back better using almart debt card

    • I am the same way they took my money and still don’t have the product then they took out 79.95 of my account for more still have no product I am very pissed that they took money out of account without knowing how it works or without my approval

  9. I have been using the Oil for about 2 months now. At first I was skeptical I have heard and read so many Different things about the Oils but I decided to give it a shot after I recieved a call from a Representative Named Ashley. She answered alot of my questions and when she described using the Oil herself I didn’t feel like she was just trying to get me to buy she gave me really good discount on 3 bottles and a few other Items. The cream I also really love and got a huge discount on. It took a little bit of time for me to notice a difference but I now love the Oil.

  10. with no history of results this may not be worth trying, but I have bought three bottles, and am not even sure of what I hope for…except relief from pain….and my pain may bee too old for help. I agree the bottle should have information of ounces within at minimum and what he KNOWN benefits of using it are to make it worth trying.

    Nancy Decker

  11. I appreciate your info. I have been using 1 dropper full 2 X a day for 2 weeks with no noticable effects. I feel ripped off. I tried to call 407 900 0449. VMail. No reply.

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