Mind Aerobics – Healthy Holosync Technology Stress Benefits?


Mind Aerobics is a brain training system that comes on a 3 CD set. You listen to the CDs to exercise your brain and induce a state of relaxation. It may sound weird, but the makers of Mind Aerobics claim it works. Here’s our review.

What is Mind Aerobics?

Mind Aerobics is an audio-based brain training system. By listening to sounds on a CD, you can “restore brain energy by an astonishing 43.77%” exclaims the makers of Mind Aerobics.

They claim that 2 million people in 193 countries around the world have already used Mind Aerobics to improve their brainpower. Considering there are only (by most counts) 196 countries in the world, that’s a very impressive figure.

The argument behind Mind Aerobics is that your brain is like any other organ in your body: it requires frequent exercise to stay healthy and active. Your brain, however, uses more oxygen than any organ in your body. It’s also under frequent attack by free radicals, toxins, and other chemicals. By regularly using Mind Aerobics, you can condition your brain, calm your nerves, and enjoy other benefits.

Does your brain really need aerobics? Let’s take a closer look at some of the supposed benefits behind Mind Aerobics.

Mind Aerobics Benefits

The makers of Mind Aerobics claim the following benefits will kick into action from the very first time you listen to the CD, and then these benefits will continue stacking over time to help you grow smarter and smarter:

One of the ideas behind Mind Aerobics is that stress weakens your brainpower. Stress produces cortisol, and cortisol shrinks brain networks. It can also weaken the brain’s protective blood barrier. The makers of Mind Aerobics also claim that cortisol is turned on by alcohol, chocolate cake, trans fats, caffeine, low-fat foods, vegetable and seed oils, fruit juices, flavored low-fat yogurts, and more. In other words, pretty much everything you eat raises cortisol levels.

Obviously, Mind Aerobics makes some bold promises about its benefits and how it works. So let’s take a look at how you can reverse these symptoms using an audio CD.

How Does Mind Aerobics Work?

Mind Aerobics comes in the form of an audio CD. You listen to that audio CD in your car, over speakers, over headphones, earbuds, whatever. The audio has unique sounds that will raise “sub-neural exciters” in your brain by an average of 43.77%.

Sub-neural exciters are like repair cells for your brain: they help to reconnect damaged nerve cells and turn on a switch to engage your 30 billion excitable neurons.

By listening to certain music and audio experiences, you can move your brain to a safe mental state called “the Alpha State”. In this alpha state, your brain produces 43.77% more DHEA on average. DHEA is an anti-cortisol hormone that reduces the effects of stress on your brain. DHEA is actually made from cholesterol. In men, it turns into testosterone. In women, to estrogen.

You can take a DHEA supplement to reduce the effects of cortisol on your body. In fact, many doctors recommend it. Mind Aerobics, however, claims that these supplements are just as dangerous as prescription drugs – they can damage your liver, increase your insulin resistance, damage your cholesterol, and affect other parts of your body.

With that in mind, Mind Aerobics claims to be the safest way to raise DHEA within your body.

Who Made Mind Aerobics?

Mind Aerobics was made by a Hollywood producer named Allen Koss, who claims he was once a game show producer “on top of the world”. He claims his friends thought he was a genius – until one day an “emptiness” began creeping into his mind. Koss claims his brain was being poisoned by stress and pressure.

Koss, by the way, does appear to be a legitimate Hollywood producer who played some role on game shows like Concentration, Tic Tac Dough, The Joker’s Wild, and Hot Potato. You can view his IMDB page here.

Eventually, cortisol soaked into Koss’s work, his income, and “practically everything”. He lost his job and his income due to his declining brainpower.

He began to search for a solution and eventually came across “a very powerful, space-age technology that literally snapped me out of it”. That space age technology involved sub-neural exciters that were activated by certain music and audio sensations.

These audio sensations move you to a safe mental state of being called “the Alpha State”.

Koss claims that he uses the audio sensations daily and can personally vouch that they work with 100% accuracy.

What Does Mind Aerobics Sound Like?

The obvious question people have before using Mind Aerobics is this: what exactly are you listening to when you pop in the CDs?

Mind Aerobics comes with 3 CDs. Each CD contains subconscious frequencies called “sub-neural exciters” that work to turn on your excitable neurons while you listen.

To your brain, it just sounds like a relaxing soundtrack filled with peaceful noises and soft melodies. However, subconsciously, your brain will be interpreting this information and move you between different states.

The sounds will start by moving you out of your beta state or conscious state, for example, which is where your brain is alert and performing normally. Then, you’ll go into the deeply calming alpha state, which is a state of relaxation. Eventually, you’ll transition into the theta state, which is where the REM stage (and dream stage) of sleep begins.

Finally, the sounds push you into the delta state, which is your deep sleep state. In this state, your body begins its healing process. When your brain can’t enter the delta state, you can wake up feeling unrested, irritable, or in pain.

There are no subliminal messages of any kind in Mind Aerobics. I’m only telling you this because it’s listed under the Mind Aerobics “FAQs” section. There are no actual spoken messages in the audio CDs – apparently, this is a problem in the meditation CD industry.

What’s Included with Mind Aerobics?

Mind Aerobics comes with 3 CDs, including all of the following:

— Disc One: Super Focus and Concentration (moves your brain into the alpha brain state, which is the state of relaxation)

— Disc Two: Super Stress Release (helps you enjoy the sleep wave or theta state of your brain, which is where your brain releases neurochemicals to recharge)

— Disc Three: Mind Aerobics Basic Workout (takes you step by step from the alpha state to beta wave to theta state and delta state for a complex journey into relaxation)

Basically, you get three CDs. One CD helps you relax a little bit. The second CD helps you relax a little more. And the third CD is a complete relaxation experience.

Mind Aerobics Pricing

Mind Aerobics is priced at $79.95 + $8 shipping for the 3 CD set ($87.95 total). Customers in Canada are required to pay $12 USD for shipping, while international customers pay $19.00.

All purchases come with a 365 day guarantee, although you won’t receive a refund on your shipping and handling costs.

Should You Use Mind Aerobics to Improve your Cognitive Ability?

Mind Aerobics has never gone through any clinical trials or studies of its own, although the maker of the program cites other studies where researchers have used meditative sounds to induce alpha wave production.

Basically, Mind Aerobics works by encouraging your brain to enter a state of relaxation. It’s a meditation CD. Just like with all types of meditation and hypnosis, it’s not going to work on everyone. Some people have an open brain that can accept meditative sounds on a subconscious level, while others do not.

Fortunately, Mind Aerobics comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason within 365 days, you can get a refund (minus shipping) on your purchase. So even if you’re skeptical about how Mind Aerobics works, you’re not going to lose too much money to try it out yourself.

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