MILK+T – Self Serve Boba Tea Drinks With Green Tea & Black Tea?


Boba, or bubble tea, is one of the most popular beverages throughout Asia, and has recently exploded in popularity throughout the United States. Originating in Taiwan, boba tea typically consists of tea blends enhanced with the addition of chewy tapioca balls, which gives it a unique flavor profile and texture.

The health value of boba tea, however, varies depending on the provider. Most of the popular bubble tea chains throughout Asia- where the sugar content of food product isn’t as tightly regulated- rely on sugar-rich syrups that have a net negative effect on the health of the body if consumed in large amounts.

Many boba tea brands, however, offer healthy options that use natural products and sweeteners to enhance the flavor of their products. When made with natural ingredients, bubble tea can deliver a wide range of health benefits. Green tea bubble tea in particular provides the body with a massive dose of antioxidants and can help speed up the weight loss process.

Bubble tea cafes have been discreetly popping up across the United States, with hundreds of different boba shops in the San Francisco Bay area alone. International boba tea juggernaut Chatime has already established a presence in Miami, Boston, and Minneapolis. Chatime’s main competitor, Quickly, has also established locations in Alabama and Northern California.

A new boba tea startup based in Southern California, however, is offering consumers a far healthier boba tea option that uses all natural ingredients. Milk+T is currently operating from a mobile food truck, but plans to open up a brick and mortar store in the heart of Little Tokyo in downtown LA.

In this article, we’ll check out the Milk+T menu and find out what they’re planning with their impending flagship store opening to help you decide whether the Milk+T Kickstarter campaign is worth backing.

About Milk+T

Milk+T is a mobile boba tea food truck that operates in the Northern California region. Run by food entrepreneurs Beyah Del Mundo and Stacey Kwong, the Milk+T mobile bubble tea cafe is focused on providing boba the enthusiasts with healthy, natural alternatives to sugar-rich overly processed bubble tea providers.

Milk+T operate a full transparency policy when it comes to the composition of their highly popular boba tea recipes. Instead of using processed sugar or artificial sweeteners to enhance the flavor of their range, Milk+T use natural fruit and sugar.

The biggest advantage offered by Milk+T, however, is the milk they use in their boba teas. More than 70% of the world population lacks the necessary gene to digest lactose, a sugar specific to milk. Although boba tea is exceptionally popular, many individuals that drink it on a regular basis lack the lactase gene that allows for the breakdown of milk sugars, which causes gastric distress.

The Milk+T range uses lactose-free milk that doesn’t disrupt the digestive system of individuals that are sensitive to lactose, and is thus suitable for lactose intolerant individuals.

The Milk+T Menu

The Milk+T menu offers a diverse range of boba tea beverages. Standard flavors such as Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea are on offer, as are innovative new blends such as Honey Milk Tea, Pineapple and Strawberry Green Tea, and even Ice Cream Black Tea.

The Milk+T menu also includes beverages such as Watermelon and Strawberry Black Tea, Kiwi Green Tea, Cucumber and Kiwi Black Tea, and Bombsquad, a unique blend of green tea, syrup, and a variety of fresh summer fruits.

The MIlk+T Kickstarter Campaign

The Milk+T Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, and is being run to provide the founders of Milk+T with the ability to launch their own brick and mortar Milk+T flagship store in Little Tokyo. Planning to move into a 1,300 square meter place, the creators of Milk+T are aiming to gather $10,000 USD in backing via the popular crowdfunding platform.

The Milk+T team have already secured the lease for their planned flagship store, and running the campaign to fund demolition and renovation, signage, council fees, and permits. Backing rewards include redeemable drink vouchers, hats, t shirts, bottles, boba brewing classes, and even the option to have your very own Milk+T boba drink created, and name it.

MILK+T Review Summary

Milk+T are an innovative boba tea solution that offers a far healthier bubble tea solution than anything else available in the US. If you’re interested in supporting local entrepreneurs in the downtown LA area, or simply want to try a natural, healthy, and unique boba tea blend, the Milk+T Kickstarter campaign is definitely worth backing.

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