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Intermittent fasting has recently become highly popular due to its ability to promote rapid weight loss in dieters.

Burning away stubborn body fat, even through extended periods of physical exercise and carefully managed dieting, can be a frustrating and slow process that can be slowed down further by plateaus and roadblocks.

MiEssence FAST Weightloss Superfood offers dieters that are experiencing difficulty in losing weight a surefire method of burning through difficult weight loss periods with a three day cleanse that dramatically boosts the metabolic system.

Consisting of a dietary supplement that is designed to replace all meals for a three day period, MiEssence FAST is a weight loss formula that delivers all of the nutritious needs of the body, boosts protein intake, provides prebiotic elements to promote good gut bacteria health, boosts fibre intake to cleanse the digestive system, cleanses the liver and colon, boosts immune system function and dramatically increases overall energy.

Over a 3 day fast with MiEssence FAST, dieters are able to reset their metabolic function and totally cleanse the body, providing a significant health boost.

What is MiEssence FAST Weightloss Superfood?

MiEssence FAST Weightloss Superfood is essentially a meal replacement shake with a cleansing twist. Meal replacement shakes have been an effective weight loss tool for decades, allowing dieters to push past roadblocks in their fat loss endeavors by reducing the total caloric intake of the body and boosting metabolic function.

MiEssence FAST takes the concept of a meal replacement shake but adds cleansing herbs and superfoods into the formulation, allowing the body to benefit not only from a boost in metabolic function, but also a total cleanse that removes built up toxins from the body and improves digestive and immune system health.

The primary factor in the MiEssence FAST formulation is the inclusion of prebiotic ingredients. The human digestive system contains billions of tiny microorganisms known as probiotics.

These biotic agents help the body digest food, keep the digestive system clean and contribute to over 70% of immune system function.

MiEssence FAST contains a huge amount of prebiotics, or ingredients that promote the growth of probiotic agents, delivering a dramatic increase in immune and digestive health.

In addition to containing a large amount of prebiotics, MiEssence FAST contains a high amount of dietary fibre. When taken as part of a short meal replacement fasting period, dietary fibre helps to flush out built up toxins and pathogens from the body, breaking down built up deposits and enhancing the overall efficiency of the digestive system.

By clearing away all of the built up debris in the digestive system, liver and intestine, MiEssence FAST allows the body to function at a higher metabolic rate, which increases the rate at which it is able to burn fat.

The MiEssence FAST Formula

MiEssence FAST contains a long list of completely natural ingredients that work in harmony with the body to promote good health through a three day fasting period.

The protein in the FAST formula is completely vegan friendly, sourced from certified organic sprouted brown rice and organic pea protein.

Organic inulin and Baobab powder provide dietary fibre, while acacia gum, wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass and burdock root provide detoxifying and energy boosting effects.

MiEssence FAST also contains dandelion root and matcha green tea, two powerful antioxidants that also function as thermogenic fat burning agents.

These ingredients help to increase the temperature of the body, causing the digestive system to break down fat deposits for energy while flushing away built up toxins.

Finally, Aloe Vera Leaf, organic orange peel, peppermint leaf, olive juice extract, dried coffee fruit and cascara sagrada provide slow burning energy and gentle appetite suppression to help dieters push through the three day fasting period.

MiEssence FAST Weightloss Superfood Pricing & Availability

The MiEssence FAST formula is highly effective, helping dieters lose up to 3 kilos, or six pounds, in just three days. MiEssence provide a facebook support group for FASTers, to help them through the diet period and get advice on weight loss techniques.

Priced at just $39.95 USD, MiEssence FAST is a cost effective and fast acting way to quickly burn away unwanted fat deposits and promote overall body health with no unwanted side effects.

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