MHP BCAA-XL – Potent Branched Chain Amino Acids For Energy?


BCAA- XL is one of the newest workout supplements available on the market and is manufactured by the highly reputable workout supplement brand MHP. BCAA- XL is made of a highly effective combination of ingredients that are aimed at giving users improved muscle growth and performance. Whether users are bodybuilders or elite level athletes MHP’s BCAA- XL supplement will give results with minimal negative side effects. Please read below to find out about BCAA- XL.

What is BCAA- XL?

BCAA- XL is a delicious workout supplement drink designed to be used before, during, and after each workout to not only help user’s body perform better but also achieve maximum recovery. BCAA- XL helps improve muscle growth through maximum workouts and recovery.

BCAA- XL is specially formulated to help reduce workout fatigue and help burn fat while supporting lean muscle growth. With BCAA- XL’s 10:1:1 ratio this product is highly effective.

BCAA- XL is available in two delicious flavors watermelon and tangerine.

For best results users should mix one scoop of BCAA- XL powder with 6-8 ounces of cold water before, during, or after a workout.

BCAA- XL should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Additionally, interested consumers who have medical conditions should consult their doctor or medical professional prior to using BCAA- XL. BCAA- XL is designed for adult use only and should not be used by people under the age of eighteen.

For best results BCAA- XL is designed to be used overtime. Users should ensure they are eating healthy and maintaining a fitness routine while using this supplement to achieve optimum results.

How Does BCAA- XL Work?

MHP’s BCAA- XL drink mix offers a delicious and refreshing combination of BCAA’s without added sugar.

BCAA- XL is designed to support users in improving their muscle development, extending their workout endurance, and smooth recovery. BCAA- XL is formulated to reduce workout fatigue an also help increase fat burning.

Users who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor or healthcare professional prior to use. Additionally, any users who are currently taking an over the counter or prescription medication should also consult their doctor prior to use.

BCAA- XL Ingredients

BCAA- XL drink mix is packed full of 5 grams of amino acids per serving. In every dose users will get 4.1 grams of leucine without any added sugar.

MHP’s BCAA- XL drink mix is different than most BCAA supplements on the market. BCAA- XL drink mix offers a clinically tested and proven ratio of 10:1:1. Most supplements currently available are offering their BCAA enhancement products with a 2:1:1 ratio, which means they are under dosing necessary leucine levels for maximum muscle development.

Leucine is an essential amino acid that is only attainable through diet or supplements. This amino acid stimulates protein synthesis and supports lean muscle growth. Leucine in fact is the most potent amino acid for building muscle, a workout supplement that is not giving users enough just is not going got cut it, BCAA- XL is the better option for consumers who want the best results.

Leucine works by activating an enzyme called mTOR within the user’s body which directly stimulates muscle protein synthesis. This enzyme reaction is critical to muscle growth and that is why leucine is the most important amino acid for this process.

MHP’s BCAA- XL formula is specially designed to give users the proper clinical dose of leucine in every serving to help them achieve their maximum muscle development. Users should definitely checkout out BCAA- XL is they are looking for a drink mix supplement that will give them the physique they are looking for without a bunch of fillers or artificial ingredients.

BCAA- XL Pricing

BCAA- XL Drink Mix is available in 330 gram containers and comes in either watermelon or tangerine flavors. (currently out of stock)

Amazon offers both flavors of BCAA- XL drink mix for $24.54 per container.

BCAA- XL drink mix is eligible for free shipping with $49.00 worth of qualified purchases at

Please note that both flavors are currently out of stock but consumers can sign up to receive an email when a certain flavor is back in stock.

As of November, MHP’s Facebook announced that their newest products will be available on very soon, perhaps for Black Friday. Interested consumers should keep watching to see when BCAA- XL will be available. Consumers can also contact the company directly for purchasing information. Their website is

Who Makes BCAA- XL?

BCAA- XL is manufactured by Maximum Human Performance. BCAA- XL was trademarked on July 11, 2016 so it is a very new fitness supplement from a well-known brand with a strong reputation.

Maximum Human Performance is based in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

MHP has a huge product line that will help all weight lifters meet their fitness goals. From pre-workouts to boosters, Maximum Human Performance delivers high quality products that help users achieve maximum results.

Maximum Human Performance maintains a high quality Facebook page where consumers can ask questions about specific products and get further details on dosage, ingredients, and proper use. Maximum Human Performance answers messages directly through their Facebook page within hours so it is a very good way to get information quickly about their full product line.

Should You Use BCAA- XL?

BCAA- XL by MHP is the perfect drink mix for people who want an extra workout boost that not only tastes great but also has no added sugar. BCAA- XL is still a very new product but coming from a very reputable brand as MHP it has to deliver good results.

BCAA- XL is made of a highly effective combination of ingredients which will give users the results they have been looking for. This newest BCAA product looks to be just what the weightlifting world has been waiting for with the perfect 10:1:1 ratio. Visit today and see their full workout boosting product line and be the first of your friends to try this new BCAA supplement today!

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