Meridian Foods Cocoa & Peanut Butter – Quality GMO Free Spread?


Peanut butter is the staple of many diets, especially for children and picky eaters. As a result, peanut butter has become a favorite in many households. Unfortunately, the majority of peanut butters on the market contain an ingredient that causes more harm than good: Palm Oil.

As more research shows that palm oil is detrimental to the health, those who are trying to live healthy, thriving lifestyles find themselves turning away from their favorite peanut butters.

Meridian Foods Cocoa & Peanut Butter is a company that has made a name for crafting the highest quality natural peanut butters on the market. By using coconut oil instead of palm oil, Meridian Foods is able to provide its customers with the food they crave, but without compromising their health.

What Is Meridian Foods?

Based in Wales, Meridian Foods is a company that has been providing its customers with healthy nut butter and spread options for the past 30 years. The foundation of Meridian Foods has always been that wholesome foods should taste delicious, which is why the company has worked so hard to source the finest ingredients from the most responsible locations.

All of Meridian Foods products are organic, making them perfect for those who are health conscious. Just as important, the foods made by Meridian Foods contain no additives or preservatives, another reason they’re so beloved by parents and healthy eaters across the world.

While Meridian Foods has grown over the years, expanding its product lines over the years, the core of the company will always be its superior nut and seed butters. So many nut butters, especially peanut based options, on the market contain palm oil, which has been connected to a wide range of health issues.

Instead of using palm oil, the nut butters made by Meridian Foods use coconut oil, a powerfully healthy food that can support the health goals and lifestyles of customers. By turning away from traditional manufacturing methods and ingredients, Meridian Foods has shown that it will always put the health of its customers first.

Benefits of Meridian Foods Cocoa & Peanut Butter

The biggest benefit of the nut butters and spreads created by Meridian Foods are that they offer a healthy way for people to get the food they love. By avoiding synthetic, unneeded ingredients and focusing on the natural benefits of wholesome ingredients, Meridian Foods provides a guilt-free solution for those who crave a good nut butter.

All Meridian Foods products are organic and ethically sourced. For those worried about the long-term effect of food on overall health, Meridian Foods butters are free of preservatives, additives, and are minimally processed.

The second benefit of Meridian Foods is that the company powers its many benefits through natural food sources. For example, the peanuts used in Meridians butters are high in protein and contain an assortment of essential minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

By crafting peanut butters that are a minimum of 90% peanuts, Meridian Foods is able to provide these amazing benefits to its customers. Ingredients like sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and sesame seeds all offer unique benefits that can be experienced through Meridian Foods nut butters.

Another benefit of Meridian Foods is that it uses unique blends to keep eating nut and seed butters interesting. While peanut butter is a staple, by mixing nuts and seeds with cocoa, coconut, and even honey, Meridian Foods adds a whole new depth to its products.

For those who want to experience peanut butter and other butters in a new and innovative way, Meridian Foods offers the perfect opportunities.

Purchasing Meridian Foods Cocoa & Peanut Butter Products

As mentioned above, Meridian Foods has grown its product lines over the past several decades.

What started as a company focused on providing the best nut butters has grown to include seed butters, fruit spreads, and even nut bars. The many categories of products offered by Meridian Foods can be found described below.

More information about the products sold by Meridian Foods Cocoa & Peanut Butter, as well as their prices, can be found on the company website ( On the website, customers can also find retail locations that sell Meridian Food products.

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