Medicé Foot Cream – Moisturizing Cream For Callused Heels?


Caused by age, temperature, or skin conditions, calluses and cracked skin are a common skin condition. Worsening with age, skin experts recommend that individuals with extremely dry and cracked skin use foot creams and balms to ease the aches and pains caused by calluses and cracked skin. Making the skin feel and look better, the best foot care products are formulating with powerful hydrating ingredients that penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

Designed for the feet and heels, Medicé Foot Cream is an ultra-hydrating moisturizer that helps heal dry, flakey, and damaged skin. Ideal for callused heels and cracked, rough skin, the Medicé Foot Cream is a non-greasy formula that uses a unique blend of natural ingredients that are quickly absorbed into the skin.

Keeping the skin soft and smooth, the cream is infused with nutrient-rich properties that that renew the skin and improve texture and tone. Also working to control foot odor, the Medicé Foot Cream leaves the feet smooth, hydrated, and healthy.

About Medicé Foot Cream

Founded by two entrepreneurs, Medicé Health is an innovative business that was started by accident. During the summer, the founders experienced a painful condition – cracked heels and dry skin. Although there were a variety of products on the market that claimed to treat cracked feet and dry skin, none of them worked.

Seeking a solution this this problem and after consulting podiatrists and skincare experts, the founders learned everything they could about how to heal feet and prevent new cracks from forming. Wanting to eliminate painful cracks and calluses and keep the feet soft and smooth, they discovered the perfect solution, Medicé Foot Cream. To market their discovery, they ended up creating revolutionary foot care products that provide long-lasting results.

Successfully ending foot pain, cracks, and improving the condition of the skin, their discoveries led to the development of the nutrient-rich, hydrating formula, Medicé Foot Cream. Working to repair the splits and cracks in the heels of the feet, the formula renews damaged skin, by providing a cooling sensation, immediately relieving the effects of dry and cracked skin. The Medicé Foot Cream leaves the feet soft and supple, pampering the skin.

Because treating dry feet is a continual process, for the best results the Medicé Foot Cream should be used on a daily basis. By keeping the skin hydrated, the moisture will prevent painful cracks. It is recommended that Medicé Foot Cream be used with the Medicé Next Gen Foot Care Kit for the best results.

Ingredients in Medicé Foot Cream

A nutrient-rich formula that deeply conditions the skin, the Medicé Foot Cream is infused with a blend of nutrients that melt into the skin. Working together to heal the skin, the ingredients, as well as their unique benefits, are listed below.


Refreshing and revitalizing, menthol is an organic compound that is recognized for its powerful minty fresh scent. Often cultivated from natural resources, it can be extracted from peppermint and eucalyptus plants or made synthetically. Menthol provides the skin with a diverse range of restorative and soothing properties.

A versatile ingredient, menthol leaves a tingling sensation on the skin and can be found in numerous skincare and beauty products. In addition to producing a cooling sensation, menthol helps to alleviate the hot sensation caused by sunburn and sun damage.

Eucalyptus Oil

A powerful antiseptic and remedial ingredient, eucalyptus oil is often used for its first-aid purposes. Preventing bacteria and inflammation for causing damage to the body, it can also be used to ease pain and relax sore muscles.

A natural analgesic, eucalyptus oil contains essential anti-inflammatory properties that is effective for treating external pain.

Peppermint Oil

Derived from the peppermint plant, peppermint oil is an essential oil that is often used to treat muscle pain. Effective for relieving pain, anxiety, and soothing stomach problems, the powerful aroma of peppermint can improve alertness, concentration, and memory.

Shea Butter

Smoothing the skin and providing hydrating properties, Shea Butter delivers a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids. Moisturizing and nourishes the skin by reducing inflammation and locking in moisture, Shea Butter strengthens the skins protective barrier.

Medicé Foot Cream combines all these amazing ingredients to provide support for its users.

Purchasing Medicé Foot Cream

Medicé Foot Cream is available for purchase on the website (www.Medicé Available in a four fluid ounce container, the foot cream currently costs $25.00.

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