Max Effort Muscle's Ronda Rousey Women's Supplement Stacks


Growing muscles is relatively simple. All you have to do is intake the right amount of calories that come from the right type of food, then hit the gym and synthesize all that energy into new muscle fibers.

Well, we might have fibbed a little. While the core process of growing muscles might seem somewhat simple, in reality, our body is extremely complex and ensuring that we have everything we need to boost our muscle growth can be cumbersome, especially if you are a picky eater.

Max Effort Muscle's Ronda Rousey Women's Supplement Stacks is here to save the day. This brand is offering a bunch of products which are designed to help you burn fat, gain muscle mass, and increase overall physical performance. They have a pretty decent social media following and often offer information regarding different ways that you can get your muscles close to your goals.

About Max Effort Muscle's Ronda Rousey Women's Supplement Stacks

The website for this company doesn’t have an “About Us” section at the moment. But we were able to dig up some information from the past versions of their website which did contain a few words about who they are.

In the former About Us section, there was a fictional story written about a character whose name was Max and his superhuman strength. The story described that he attempted to create supplements for us “regular” humans so that we can get buff just like him. It was somewhat bizarre.

Besides the fictional stuff, the page did also let us know that one of the co-founders of Max Effort Muscle's Ronda Rousey Women's Supplement Stacks was Cory Gregory, who happens to also be a co-founder of MusclePharm. Now when it comes to MusclePharm, we have a little bit more information and know that this is successful supplement company and thus are led into believing that Mr. Gregory does, in fact, know what he is doing when it comes to supplements.

The company itself has a registered address in Newark, Ohio, with a 2018 copyright. This means they are pretty new.


One of the things that we thought separated Max Effort Muscle from others is that they have a chain of supplements designed for women, which for many muscle growing enthusiasts and fitness aficionados is hard to come by, for some reason most companies focus on male muscle growth supplements. So we decided to give you a bit of feedback on their women’s products.


Max Effort Muscle has two different flavors in their Protein supplement: strawberry and dark chocolate. The main idea of their formula is to offer as few calories as possible while providing just enough protein for you to synthesize into muscle.

Additionally, we noticed some potassium, cholesterol, sodium, and a few carbs from sugars. We assume the carbs used in the formula are mainly to give the blend a sweet taste. Potassium is used in very low quantities, only 2% of your daily recommended value, which makes us wonder why it’s present in the formula at all.

We know that it can lower blood pressure and increase your metabolism; perhaps Max Effort Muscle is using it to help you process all the protein. The difference between the two flavors is mostly in their calorie amount. The strawberry flavor contains 75 calories per serving while the dark chocolate has 80. This isn’t much of a difference which means you can easily choose whichever flavor is your favorite.

Baking Mix Lite – Chocolate Chip

Cooking while trying to gain muscle can be a nightmare. Choosing the right ingredients to ensure your calorie intake is in the right spot is hard. Luckily, Max Effort Muscle offers a baking mix type of product which you can utilize for all sorts of cooking needs.

Crapes, cookies, muffins, cakes, all of these can be made with the help of this baking mix. It offers low amounts of calories and high amounts of protein. The key thing is to remember that this is a baking mix and not a protein shake type product.

Essentially this means that there are more calories per serving in this product than in the protein shake one, which is normal considering what its intended use is. Per serving this baking mix has over twice as many calories as the protein shake while providing 13g of protein compared to 15g found in the protein powder.

However, this mix also has additional ingredients in them like calcium, iron, and a much higher level of potassium. It also contains much more sodium and about 21g of total carbs. What we are trying to point out here is that this product is a bit of a compromise type of product where you get plenty of protein and other ingredients which you might be craving. Keep this in mind and ensure you practice some level of restraint when cooking with this mix.

Women's Fat Burner

Everyone knows how hard it is to get your stomach to that perfect level. Excess belly fat is extremely difficult to conquer. Max Effort Muscle decided to offer a solution for getting that fat under control. Their Women’s Fat Burner formula contains high amounts of B12, chromium, and biotin to help your body burn that fat effectively.

Another key ingredient being used in this blend is Garcinia Cambogia, a well-known tropical fruit which contains compounds that are very effective when it comes to increasing your metabolism and burning excess fat. Green coffee, green tea, dandelion root, and raspberry ketones are also used to help you achieve your goals.

Many of these ingredients also have antioxidant capabilities which you can utilize to keep your body from becoming damaged by free radicals. Lastly, cayenne pepper is also being used and we think the primary reason is to help your body absorb all of these ingredients as efficiently as possible.


If you know a little bit about our health and the way our bodies function, you probably already know that probiotics are vital to our gut health. Keep our microbiome in check helps us with our overall health and ensures that all other body parts that rely on our gut’s health are functioning properly.

Max Effort Muscle offers an interesting blend of probiotics that contain many vital enzymes and probiotic elements in it but also a few other ingredients like lemon balm and fennel seed powder which can further elevate your gut health.

Max Effort Muscle's Ronda Rousey Women's Supplement Stacks Conclusion

Even though there is little information about this company’s background and their fictional story about the super buff Max character is somewhat odd, after looking at the ingredients which are used in their supplements, we are quickly able to conclude that these ingredients are in fact very effective when tackling the specific purpose that each supplement is designed for.

Additionally, we noticed that Max Effort Muscle is using Ronda Rousey as a sort of fitness figure for their Women’s line of products. Surely someone who is such an exceptional character in the WWE wouldn’t back products that aren’t effective and dangerous to you.

In any case, we feel that giving Max Effort Muscle a fair chance is a good idea. Their products aren’t overpriced and from the list of ingredients should work as intended.


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