Matcha DNA: High Antioxidant Green Tea Powder & Recipe eBook?


When it comes to natural remedies and health supporting ingredients, the power of green tea is clear. It has been used around the globe to help with various medical conditions. Green tea can help promote heart health, prevent the development of Alzheimer’s or memory loss, help you protect your brain from free radical damage, it can even help you prevent diabetes and improve insulin resistance, and even help promote gene health. Green tea is truly an exception way to improve your health. Matcha DNA Green tea strives to supply you with the best green tea.

What Is Matcha DNA Green Tea?

Matcha DNA Green tea is among one of the most powerful and organic green teas in the world. This tea is grown organically and is handpicked. It can be used to not only make delicious hot green tea but also to produce amazing foods like ice cream, and don’t forget about lattes and martinis. This green tea can be used in many different applications.

Traditionally the act of drinking green tea, which is often correlated with the Japanese tea drinking ceremonies, actually comes from the time of Song Dynasty in China, which dates all the way back to 960. Over time this practice was carried over to Japan and has slowly become a staple in the Japanese culture.

Matcha is powdered green tea leaves which are dissolved in hot water to make tea or can be used in various foods as flavoring. Even though the use of green tea, and matcha specifically, is dated to over 1000 years ago, today it is used in many different locations for various reasons. Quality matcha is usually produced in China. However, Matcha DNA Green tea is also becoming more and more popular. Both the quality matcha from China and Matcha DNA Green tea are very similar in quality and the type of flavors they produce. The key difference is that Matcha DNA Green tea is much smoother than traditional Chinese matcha. The well-known bitterness which is often associated with matcha teas isn’t present if Matcha DNA Green tea is being used. It offers flavor which is richer, smoother, and much more refreshing than traditional matcha.

Matcha DNA Facility And Technology

Just like other top quality matcha powders, Matcha DNA Green tea is grown on farms in China which are 100% organic. The major difference between their product and others is the facilities where the matcha is packaged. Matcha DNA Green tea is packaged and researched in high-end facilities which are scrutinized frequently to ensure top-quality products and ensure that every single package meets the highest standards. Matcha DNA Green tea is committed to top of the line production equipment and impeccable quality control.

Matcha DNA Green tea is produced with both ancient traditional methods of matcha green tea production and the new innovated technologies which ensure that only the best product is what you get when you purchase a package of Matcha DNA Green tea. Incorporating modern technology with organic matcha green team production methods allows Matcha DNA Green tea to create quality products which are backed by an utmost commitment to the customer. If at any point you are not satisfied with your product, Matcha DNA Green tea will gladly refund your purchase minus the shipping and handling.

Matcha DNA Green Tea Reviews And Feedback

Matcha DNA Green tea is one of the top-selling matcha products on the internet. They have nearly three and a half thousand reviews on the famous online retailer Amazon. Their average product rating is equal to 4.2 stars. For such a high count of reviews, this rating is truly astonishing, especially after taking the niche market into consideration.

Countless customers rave about the quality of this product before they even start using it. Immediately after opening the packaging the first thing many people notice is how finely the powder is ground. Because the powder is so fine, it allows for seamless blending when used not only for green tea drinking purposes but also when being blended into various food products like ice cream or mochi.

The taste of the final product is also much more potent when compared to other products. This means that green tea leafs used for producing the matcha were perfectly seasoned and not diluted with other ingredients which often harm the purity of matcha itself.

The packaging of the product also received positive feedback. Each bag of Matcha DNA Green tea comes with an added re-sealable zipper design which helps you keep the powder dry and clear of other contaminants. This also greatly helps with shelf life.

The quality of this product has also been compared by many reviewers to other top quality products. The verdict is that Matcha DNA Green tea has the same and often higher quality than other major matcha products available on the market. This is a good news because Matcha DNA Green tea is actually priced much lower than other products in the same category which often raises quality control questions.

Matcha DNA Green Tea & Recipe eBook Conclusion

Green tea is an exceptional plant. It offers superior antioxidants which give your body the necessary ingredients to fight free radicals and the damage that they can cause. It also delivers multiple nutrients and vitamins that your body can utilize to ensure all health aspects are covered.

Retaining these vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants is sometimes difficult if the quality of the product isn’t top notch. Matcha is created by grinding green tea leaves into a powder. Matcha DNA Green tea utilizes the modern technology and the ancient knowledge of this practice to produce the highest quality product they can. Add in the 100% organic farms where the green tea is grown into the mix and you have a truly exceptional green tea matcha product.

After comparing this product to other similar products, we have no reason not to recommend Matcha DNA Green tea. The price is perfectly acceptable and the quality is absolutely astonishing. The benefits of using matcha to create super healthy drinks are boundless. We recommend that you give it a shot and take advantage of everything that green tea matcha has to offer.


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