MannaTech GI-ProBalance – Prebiotics & Probiotics Slim Sticks?


GI-ProBalance is a supplement that helps to eliminate the imbalance in the GI tract with both probiotics and prebiotics. The remedy is a healthy way to support the immune system, digestive process, and more.

What Is GI-ProBalance?

The human body needs a certain amount of nutrients to flourish. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eat everything that you’re supposed to, and still struggle to gain the nutritional benefits. Periodically, the body needs to go through a cleansing process to correct the balance, since the preservatives and other substances in food can clog the GI tract. Luckily, with GI-ProBalance, this lack of support can easily be corrected.

GI-ProBalance provides consumers with both prebiotics and probiotics in the form of a simple stick, which means that all the different types of nourishment can pleasantly cohabitate. The bacteria found in the intestines control everything from the strength of the immune system to the way the digestive system functions. With the GI-ProBalance, you can balance out these functions to live a long and healthy life.

Most people who want to rid their body of toxins and bacteria will endure a cleanse, but that type of remedy has a few issues. First, cleansing different areas of the body won’t improve the state of your immune system, since that method of purification tends to flush out the bacteria that is healthy as well. Also, you put your GI tract through more stress, which can lead to inflammation if it’s not done properly. For the greatest chance of success, a probiotic formula like GI-ProBalance is the best way to go.


How Does GI-ProBalance Work?

As stated above, GI-ProBalance contains both probiotics and prebiotics, which work in much different ways. However, they work together to create a better environment.

Probiotics are the more common supplement, and they work in the digestive system to clean up the bad bacteria that is found in your gut. Bad bacteria, like preservatives and free radicals, clog up the GI tract and prevent the absorption of the nutrients from food you eat. Without the support of that food, you may put your digestive system and immune system at risk. By supplying yourself with prebiotics, all the bad bacteria are neutralized.

The prebiotics have a different role. Instead of cleaning out bad bacteria, they nourish the good bacteria, along with the probiotics. You may think that you have enough of the bad bacteria for the probiotics to feed on, but it will need continued nourishment so that it doesn’t die off while it continues to cleanse the lining of the intestines.

By combining the efforts of both probiotics and prebiotics, GI-ProBalance manages to improve the entire environment of your intestines.

Using GI-ProBalance

To get all the benefits that GI-ProBalance has available to offer you, you can swallow the contents of one packet daily. The remedy is natural and safe enough for children, though it may be easier for them to consume the powder by mixing it with water or juice.

During the use of GI-ProBalance, consumers may experience a little discomfort as the body adjusts to the new remedy. If there are any severe adverse reactions, seek out the help of a medical professional.

Pricing For GI-ProBalance

The price needed to cover the treatment will entirely depend on the person that purchases it. At full retail value, the cost is $41.00. However, consumers can lower the price to $36.95 with a membership at Mannatech. To become a member, you will need a referral number from someone that already participates.

As an associate with Mannatech, that customer can get the lowest price for GI-ProBalance, which is $35.00.

Contacting The Creators Of GI-ProBalance

For more information about GI-ProBalance, the customer service team will need to answer questions and receive comments. They can be reached by either a phone call or an email.

To call the company, you will need to use the phone number from the corresponding state, choose from:

• Australia: 1300 361 878
• Singapore: 800 130 1597
• New Zealand: 0800 333 250

If you are unable to reach someone by phone, you can also send an email to [email protected].

Gi- ProBalance Review Summary

GI-ProBalance has the power to completely renovate the flora of the intestines, supporting each body in a way that a regular diet can’t. The average consumer may feel the need to flush out their body with a difficult cleanse, which isn’t true. In fact, they don’t even need to stick to a restrictive diet that eliminates everything that is delicious and indulgent eating. If you’re willing to add a new supplement to the current regimen, relief might be around the corner.

You need to create a healthy environment, and the GI-ProBalance formula is the simplest way to achieve that goal.

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