The Magpie GPS Tracker is a device that helps to locate anyone that keeps it on themselves or their gear. The project is funded through Kickstarter, which means than anyone can pledge and get special pricing that will only be offered for a limited time.

What Is Magpie?

The world is becoming a scary place, and every news story lately seems to be about the dangers of allowing children out on their own. Every commercial used to be about awareness of your child’s location, but there is no such warning now. It is important to keep loved ones safe, and the Magpie GPS Tracker ensures that no one will have to wonder where their child is again.

The Magpie is low in cost and offers a subscription to keep continual tabs on the device. The tracker is a tiny square that features a button on top to activate the tracking signal. With the included clip, users can attach the device to anyone or anything to ensure that they always know the current location of the wearer. With the compact design, it can even be carried in a pocket for easy accessibility.

Before now, the only way to keep a GPS marker on your child was to give them a cell phone, which is entirely unnecessary for anyone that is too young to be without supervision anyway.

While there are programs for smartphones that allow the primary account holder of a cell phone plan to track a phone, there is no way for someone to alert others in case of an emergency. With the Magpie GPS Tracker, all the person must do is press down on a single button, which is inconspicuous and easy.

How Is The Magpie GPS Tracker So Accurate?

The settings on the Magpie GPS Tracker require that the user connect to the device with a membership option for current GPS tracking around the world. While other programs use a Bluetooth Program, this level of accuracy is found only with the subscription, which is incredibly inexpensive.

To ensure that every person has the security of activating the tracker at a moment’s notice, that battery lasts for up to three months with a single charge. However, once the battery runs out, it can be recharged with the included charger.

Using the Magpie GPS Tracker

The Magpie GPS Tracker is incredibly easy to use, which is why it is so versatile. In fact, the simple instructions make it easy for even a child to activate the alarm if they get lost. First, the user must setup the connection.

To synchronize the device to a smartphone, all the user has to do is download the app, and press the button on top. Once it is synchronized, attach it to your child’s backpack, your pet, or whatever you want to track. If anyone presses the button, the smartphone app will set off a notification. Due to the importance of receiving an alert, the device can override a silent setting on a phone to ensure that the user knows when they are urgently needed.

Pricing For The Magpie GPS Tracker

The Magpie GPS Tracker is not yet available for purchase, which is why it is available on Kickstarter to start gathering funding. However, to motivate potential consumers to pledge, there are multiple incentive at different dollar amounts, giving early bird pricing in certain packages.

Choose from:

  • $5.00 and up, for one unit and a free clip
  • $25.00 and up, for two units with matching chargers and clips
  • $49.00 and up, for one unit with clip and charger, plus 12 months of free subscription
  • $145.00 and up, for three units with matching chargers and clips
  • $239.00 and up, for five units with matching chargers and clips
  • $478.00 and up, for ten units with matching chargers and clips
  • $956.00 and up, for 20 units with matching chargers and clips

All the options come with a free month-long subscription. The first round of shipments is expected to go out by February 2018.

Contacting The Creators Of Magpie

There is no official website for the Magpie GPS Tracker at this time, but consumers can submit a question to the Kickstarter campaign. All questions will be answered publicly on the website.

Magpie Review Summary

The Magpie GPS Tracker is an essential device for any parent or pet owner that wants to ensure their loved ones’ safety at all times.

There are no special instructions needed, after it has been connected with the main smartphone. With a single click, the carrier can ensure that their location is trackable, but there is no way that this tracker can come to life without funding.

To become a part of the innovative team that creates the trackers, donate on the Kickstarter page for the Magpie GPS Tracker package you want.


  1. When I get this magpie in India? If I order now when should I have to pay? What will be the amount for 1 device? What are the accessories? What is subscription?


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