MagicBax: Secure Earring Lifter Support For Stretched Lobes?


Are MagicBax Ideal For Earring Lifting?

Dropping earrings, bad piercings or stretched earlobes are just some of the problems that face earring wearers since the inception of the jewelry. However, MagicBax seems to have found a solution for this common problem among the population. Through a simple design, MagicBax claims their backs can help fix and support the state of your earrings by offering support to the piercings your choose to wear.

At a price tag of $19.99 plus a shipping rate of $6.99, MagicBax helps prevent dropping earrings through its heart-shaped designs that can fit on virtually any studs. These earring backs also come in a set of four with each made of silver or gold plating to reduce the allergic reaction among some of its customers. As seen on TV, the product claims to work with a majority of the population since its design has proved to be working and is not new to the beauty industry.

How MagicBax Work

There isn't much commitment to using MagicBax. The product's design is relatively simple, and the point of focus is the elongated base that will offer support at the back of the earlobe. Rather than the standard oval or round-shaped backs, MagicBax comes in the shape of a heart. Apparently, the heart shapes rest against the earlobe to lift each earring back to its position rather than let it sag.

To install them does not need much effort. You can select one side of the back and slide it into the sharp end of the earring. The heart shape should face upward against the earlobe, and no other back should be present on your pendant. Once attached, you repeat the same process for the other ear and wear your earrings as you go about your day.

The Downside

It's not all gloomy as the adverts of MagicBax keep saying to its customers. First off, the earring backs do not accommodate all types of piercings. They only work with earrings, meaning belly rings, nose rings or eyebrow rings cannot be secured using the backs.

Additionally, the MagicBax set comes with only two pairs, four per set. If you happen to have more than four piercings, you might need to obtain more than one purchase. While it is going to cost you more, MagicBax could have made a kit with six backs to save the piercing enthusiasts.

Those using clip-on earring are also at a loss. If you are a clip-on earring fan be sure, MagicBax won't be of any help to you. The backs only support piercings by securing them with little room to hold the clip-on. The ends also claim to support any age or earlobe size as indicated by MagicBax. However, this is not entirely true. In more realistic situations there are people with damaged lobe holes large enough for any size to fall right through the piercing. I highly doubt MagicBax would offer sufficient support in such cases.

The Bottom Line On MagicBax

There is little to desire of the MagicBax product. Much of it has to be regarding the fact that MagicBax is not the first of its kind. There already exist similar products offering ear lobe solutions. Additionally, the product is relatively new in the market, and not a lot of people have had to chance to use it’s a result, the number of customer feedback is low to make a proper assessment of the potential of the product.

But based on the existing reviews, I would not recommend purchasing the product since it’s just a rip off of an expensive product whereas you can find cheaper and better quality ear lobe backs.


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