LYS – Light Wearable Tracker For Healthy Circadian Rhythm?


To start the review it is of utmost to learn about what a circadian rhythm is. This is because the product we are going to review deals primarily with the manipulation of this cycle to maximize our productivity.

The circadian rhythm can be thought of as 24 hour cycle during which the physiological processes of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria operate.

When looked at from a more technical aspect we can see that circadian rhythms are endogenously generated, and can be modulated by external signals such as sunlight and temperature.

About LYS And What Does It Do?

LYS is an all new device that tracks light and looks to maintain the rhythm of our circadian system. When our circadian rhythm is functioning well, our body is able to fall asleep faster, wake up more refreshed and generally feel energised through the course of the day.

Not only that, there is also new research coming out in recent years which shows that by altering our circadian rhythm we can boost our concentration and focus levels.

Why LYS?

LYS is the first wearable device that has been designed specifically to measure our light intake. When the photon exposure levels of our bodies are maintained at a high level, we can see that that we can live a more fulfilling life.

Not only that, owing to the intuitive app, we can receive notifications to help us get more light during the day and to avoid blue light at night.

Why Is Light Good For Us?

There has been a study conducted by TIME which reveals nearly 87% of all people living on this planet spend a majority of their time indoors. This includes our workplace, homes and public transport. As a result of this the body does not get enough light to keep a healthy circadian rhythm going.

What Does LYS Do? How Does It Work?

  • Body Clock: as mentioned earlier LY can be thought of as a wearable sensor (and app) that takes care of our circadian rhythm.
  • Energy Boost: there has been clinical trial data that has clearly showed that by using the device and app for three weeks,participants were able to triple their energy levels during the day.
  • Wellbeing: when used as prescribed, this device allows us to make various tangible changes in our lives. For example, many people have said that the device allowed them to reduce unnecessary food consumption, mental fogginess etc.
  • Mood: by controlling and regulating our natural biological clocks(or circadian rhythms), LYS helps optimise our sleep patterns, alertness, mood, sleep.
  • Metabolism: an additional benefit of using this system is the fact that it helps us get more sunlight which in turn promotes our metabolic efficiency. Not only that, it also helps our system produce melatonin, a natural sleeping medicine.

Other Specific Details Regarding LYS

  • High Sensitivity Sensors: the device contains miniature sensors that replicate the photoreceptors inside our eyes. As a result of this, LYS knows exactly what type of light our eyes are receiving in real-time.
  • Easy to use: the wearable device is easy to clip onto nearly anything we might choose to wear.
  • Stylish: the design of the central unit is modern and features a fresh navy blue finish. It is intricately designed and contains highly advanced components.
  • Long Battery Life: when fully charged, the LYF battery lasts for 7 days . Not only that, the battery is even water resistant.
  • Compact: the device is coin sized with a diameter of 29 mm.
  • Real-time actionable feedback: this feature helps us be in the right light at the right time of the day.
  • Personalised Settings: users have the ability to tell the LYS app our daily habit patterns. For example, we can tell the device when we sleep, when we normally wake up and what our personal goals are.
  • Intuitive: LYS is quite intuitive and is able to predict with super accuracy our light habits/
  • Highly Compatible: the system is fully compatible with a majority of smartphones available in the market today.

Where Can I Place My Order?

All orders for the device can be placed on the official LYS kickstarter page. There are still many early bird offers up for grabs. These help us obtain the main unit for reduced rates. In terms of pricing, there are options ranging from $50 to $1200 (multiple units).

Payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.

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