LOLIWARE is a disposable and compostable cup, which is also edible. This product was thrust into the spotlight after the creators pitched it on Shark Tank in 2016.


One of the biggest threats to the earth right now is pollution. As society becomes more careless with the trash they create, the environment takes the biggest hit, risking the lives of animals and even some types of plants. Even with cleanup crews in almost every city in the nation, you probably pass plenty of trash of your regular commute to work. However, what if you could have a part in reducing that waste by minimizing the amount of trash you make. That’s exactly where LOLIWARE comes in.

LOLIWARE is the only disposable cup on the market that you can also eat as a snack when you are done. The cup is biodegradable and completely natural, which means that you can also choose to add it to your local compost area. Basically, no matter what you do, not a trace of these cups will be left behind once your trash is sent to the dump.

The texture of this cup is fairly flexible and pliable, giving it the same type of structure as a regular plastic cup. However, when you take a bite, you’ll notice that the cup tastes a lot like a fruit rollup for adults. To find out more about how this product came to be, check out the section below.

The History of LOLIWARE

LOLIWARE began as a simple effort to help the environment, by minimizing the amount of waste put out by the average consumer. The product is the joint effort of Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, who entered a food design competition back in 2010. After the competition, Briganti and Tucker decided to pursue their idea further by pitching it to the investors on Shark Tank, winning the attention and financial investment of Mark Cuban.


When you take one of these cups out of the protective paper packaging, you can use it to accent your favorite drink or a cold dessert. The website actually features a whole recipe book that describes different dishes you can use with the LOLIWARE cuts. Even if you’ve already uses the cup once, you will still be able to refill it as many times as you want, since you won’t lose the structure until weeks after your guests go home.

These cups can be used for any occasion, which is especially beneficial for events that have a high amount of trash like weddings, house parties, food festivals, and other activities. Even if you can’t get the cup to the trash, it eventually dissolves into the soil. The only precaution you need to take is to limit your use of the cup to exclusively holding cold or room temperature drinks. The cup will not maintain its shape with hot liquids, since the temperature will cause the texture to soften.

After Using LOLIWARE

When you finish drinking from this cup for the night, the best choice is to finish your meal, and eat the cup for desserts. With a variety of fruits and vegetables in the ingredient list, you end up with a delicious and appealing flavor, which is just as fun as it is to drink from.

If you do not want to eat the cup, the ingredients also make it possible to use it as compost, as described above. LOLIWARE aims to change the disposable industry by creating products that don’t cause more litter in the world. If you allow it to compost, it will completely disintegrate into the soil by the 60th day after it has been removed from the paper sheath.

LOLIWARE Nutritional Information

Since you can eat this product, it is important to know exactly what you are putting into your body. Each cup is protected by an individual paper sleeve, which is only used for hygienic purposes. The barrier helps to keep the stickiness off your hands and preventing the sharing of germs.

This product is made specifically with organic sweeteners, filtered water, seaweed, and other flavors that come from fruits and vegetables. All of these ingredients add up to about 135 calories per cup, and they contain no gluten.

The company originally made these cups completely vegan. However, to improve the length of time you can store the cups, LOLIWARE decided to use shellac and beeswax in the confectionary coating as a preservative. With this coating, you can store the cups for up to 12 months in the original packaging, as long as the area is cool and dry.

Pricing for LOLIWARE

While you can choose from any of the flavors, the price remains the same. For a four-pack of the cups, you will pay a total of $15.99. You can stock up on as many packages as you need, but you should follow the storage instructions above for the best preservation.

Contacting LOLIWARE

LOLIWARE is still a relatively new company, so they do not have a phone-based customer service department yet. However, you can send the company your questions and concerns by shooting an email to [email protected]


LOLIWARE is just one step in the process to improve the state of the environment. The company’s ultimate goal is to take over the disposables industry, and turn it into a way to support Mother Nature, rather than destroying it. If you want to be part of Mother Earth’s healing, make you purchase today, and find out what LOLIWARE is all about.


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