Lives Force of Nature – Healthy Liquid Apple Pectin Drink Benefits?


Till about a decade back, the primary nutritional supply of key agents like metal salts and radionuclides was restricted to powdered supplements or other such products. However, with the advancements made in the field of ‘liquid nutrition’, many scientists have come up with new ways of delivering potent compounds to our organs via a liquid solution based means.

When potent ingredients are delivered to our metabolic centres via a fluid route, it becomes easier for our large and small intestines to process these products, and thereby extract maximum nutritional benefit.

Another benefit of ‘health beverages’ is that they contain low amounts of carbs and fats. This allows for easier digestion as well as waste expulsion from our systems. Thus, many health experts often put people wanting to lose weight on a ‘liquid heavy’ diet.

When there is large volume of water being consumed, the rate of internal cleansing as well as metabolic activity becomes greatly increased. Hence, fats and lipid deposits get easily removed from our systems, because they are not given enough time to metabolise and get stored in our skin layers.

About Lives Force of Nature

Lives Force of Nature is an all new ‘health drink’ that has been made primarily using apple pectin and other vital agents. Through its use, the body can replenish its lost vitamins and minerals, and can also rehydrate its cells to their maximum potential. This leads to increased vitality and overall energy levels.

From a compositional standpoint, the drink is completely natural and is absolutely ideal for someone looking to go on a ‘liquid heavy’ diet. The manufacturer has clearly outlined the key components of the beverage as well as studies that support the beneficial claims put forth by the product.

Key Aspects

  • Helps clear out accumulations: due to its natural Detox abilities, Lives is able to gradually eliminate harmful accumulations of unhealthy salts, nuclides, toxins from our systems. This helps the user feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Digestion: Clinical studies have demonstrated that apple pectin neutralises harmful acids in our stomach so that the digestive process can take place smoothly and efficiently. It also allows for faster breakdown of key nutrients so that maximum nutritional uptake can occur.
  • Stable: unlike other pectin based drinks, beverages which contain a wide variety of reactive elements that form metabolites in our stomachs when consumed. Lives has been made using chemically stable substances which retain their innate chemical structure even when reacting with our stomach acids.

Health Benefits of Lives Force of Nature

  • Cholesterol Support: clinical evidence has suggested that Lives can be used to gradually clear out arterial blockages in our bodies. It also helps reduce unhealthy cholesterol and promotes higher HDH in our systems.
  • Diabetes: The drink is good for controlling sugar levels because pectin is able to regulate insulin production in our bodies.
  • Ulcers: due to the natural antioxidants present within the drink, the product is able to prevent the formation of ulcers within our bodies. The apple pectin in the solution also reduces inflammation, and thus helps our muscles feel more relaxed and ready for work.
  • Blood Pressure: regular intake of Lives can help people regulate their blood pressure. The key active agents in the drink aid in the maintenance of salt levels, so that there is no major spike in our BP levels.
  • Immunity: as mentioned earlier, the primary ingredients in the drink help increase the production rate of Red Blood Cells within our bodies, this allows for increased immunity and overall resistance to foreign antibodies that may potentially harm our bodies.
  • Weight Control: some studies have suggested that when taken in clinical doses, apple pectin can increase the solubility ratio of fats and lipids present in our bodies. This allows for increased weight loss and easier weight maintenance.

Lives Force of Nature Reviews

There are quite a few customer submitted reviews available online. Satisfied customers include Anton Sergeyev who says ‘I want to thank the creators of this wonderful product. I work like a horse, and I love to relax to the fullest. Of course, such a life requires good health.

Friends, advised me to try out ‘Lives Force of Nature’, and even though i was skeptical at first, I started to feel better, I lost weight, even the headaches are gone! Thank you very much!’

Lives Force of Nature Pricing And Availability

Lives Force of Nature comes in small packages which contain 250 ml of the solution. Each unit is priced at 26 EUR and can be purchased from the official webstore of the manufacturer. ( There are many payment and shipment options available for customers worldwide.

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