Liv: Lifestyle & Travel Experiences MLM Rewards Program?


Quick questions: what are the top five things you’d like to do, places you’d like to visit, cultures you’d like to explore and experiences you’d like to have if money wasn’t the problem today?

We’ve all got those lists of things and activities we’d love to do some day, when there’s more time, money and freedom. This is essentially known as our bucket list really. Unfortunately, something so fun and thrilling has been associated with the end of life.

And if you’ve noticed, most people are often too tired, weak or financially incapable to get around to that. That shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t get to really live when you’re at the end of your life. So what’s the available option? Meet Liv.

What Is Liv?

Liv is a membership program that’s designed to “elevate people’s level of living – from enriched life experiences, to deeper connections and unforgettable memories, so you can look back one day and say … you Liv’d – Your Life, Your Way.”.

The Liv program was established from the personal experiences of the founders placing their lives on hold and delaying their dreams. According to them, “Our Liv story started with a list and a purpose. After meeting thousands of people whose lives were ‘on hold’ with delayed dreams, we set out to redefine the traditional Bucket List – and make life more about living today instead of waiting for the someday. We innovated a new kind of list that would breathe life into the experiences of everyday living. It’s called the Liv List”.

Liv will help you fulfill those dreams faster and quicker. Want to go visit Chang Mai this year? Done. Like to backpack through Europe? Easy. Need to zip line through the Amazon forest? You can. Want to go on a 90 day world cruise with your partner? Liv will get it sorted.

The Liv program helps you throw away your bucket list so you can start Liv’ing today. Everything from weekend getaways to prolonged vacations and access to the finest experiences, this is where to go to get ideas and kickstart the process.

Why Liv Lifestyle & Travel Experiences?

The reality is that most people struggle with initiating the steps necessary for their adventures. Having a service that helps make this easy provides an excellent opportunity to live and fulfill your dreams. Think of Liv as your best friend and coach nudging you towards a more fulfilled life. There are also many more reasons why you should use Liv today:

Adventure, Activity And Vacation Ideas

A quick visit to the forum here to: provides you with an array of activities that will get your vacationing and living “juices” flowing. If you had to google these or research them, you would probably end up spending a lot of time and then giving up because the process will seem tedious and overwhelming.

This is usually the number one barrier that most people have to deal with and overcome. Unfortunately, this is also enough to discourage most, resulting in them living their dreaded 9-5 lifestyle.

With Liv, the process of generating some adventure ideas becomes infinitely easier and less burdensome, thus eliminating the need for wading through loads of information in the bid to identify the perfect adventure idea.

Target Holidays

There’s something powerful about making a commitment to an idea or process. It often compels you to get those results. Liv makes this easy by helping you make the commitment.

Once you find an idea that works for you, you’ll indicate your interest. Once the program finds an adequate number of people interested in the activity, it’ll then require all intending participants to commit about 25 percent of the cost of the adventure.

Simply starting this process triggers a feeling of accomplishment and desire, thus firmly setting you on the path to the fulfillment of that dream.

Recommended Locations, Activities And Hidden Gems

Most people have a general idea of where to go or what to do when they decide to start executing their bucket list. The thing however, is that most people dot know the best spots for certain activities or adventure. For example, let’s say you want to visit the south of France.

The question then becomes, where in the south of France? Where are the best places to visit? The community on Liv helps you with those ideas, thus eliminating shortage of ideas on exactly what to do or where to go for your next adventure. Just check out the recommended activities and destinations in the members’ area. This will do tremendous things for your

How Does Liv Work?

Understanding how this works will help you see how easy it is to simply live your dreams and experience untold wonders during your adventures. There’s a more detailed outline of how it works on their website. However, a quick summary of the process is as follows:

  • Pledge –here you commit to one or more adventures and are billed 25 percent
  • Activate –this is where you pay the balance after the minimum number of participants have been added
  • Liv –here you show up on said date along with those likeminded individuals who pledged and activated the same activity, and enjoy the experience or adventure

LIv MLM Rewards Program Conclusion

We think that Liv is an excellent way for many people to live their dreams and get away periodically to get recharged and rejuvenated. We believe at the end of the day, all that matters is a truly rich life that’s incredibly balanced.

Work hard, play even harder. This is how to be an amazing person. Liv helps you bring this to fruition. It’s an amazing opportunity and one you should explore if you’re looking to incorporate more life enriching activities into your daily living experiences.

We particularly like the Liv Experiences where other participants who have enjoyed that activity can provide gold nuggets and hidden gems.

If you’ve been vacationing, you know that tips like that can make all the difference in your adventure, taking it from thrilling to ecstatic. If you need to live a more exciting life, Liv will help you do so.

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