Lipocide IR – Evogen Nutrition’s Metabolic Accelerator Powder?


Lipocide is a pre-workout supplement drink mix that helps improve users focus and energy levels during workouts. This product also helps boost metabolism to help support weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass.

Powerlifters and bodybuilders who are looking for a power packed supplement to help them take their workout to the max will want to consider trying Lipocide IR and can read further to learn more about this product.

What is Lipocide IR?

Lipocide IR is a drink mix designed to promote thermogenesis and help support weight loss by suppressing user’s appetites and boosting metabolism. Lipocide IR is available in Fiery Fruit Punch and comes in sixty serving containers.

This supplement is designed for adult use only and contains ingredients that serve as stimulants. Some people have reactions to using workout supplements that contain stimulants and should start slowly with this product.

However, Evogen Nutrition has designed their scoop to make it easier to use smaller doses based on each workouts need. As with all workout supplements it is best to consult a doctor or healthcare professional prior to using Lipocide IR. This is especially true for users who have preexisting medical conditions or are taking prescription medications.

How Does Lipocide IR Work?

Leposide IR combines ingredients that help boost metabolism while improving focus to help users maximize their weight loss without burning muscle. Users can choose which level of dosing of Lipocide they desire.

Whether users take ¼ scoop, ½ scoop, or 3/4 scoop all doses will provide weight loss support and the less people take the lower their risk of stimulant side effects. Leposide IR provides rapid results which means users simply take a dose five to ten minutes prior to working out.

Lipocide IR Ingredients

Lipocide IR is formulated to deliver results quickly to help users workout longer and harder helping them burn fat and stay focused throughout their workout.

-Cocoa Extract Chocamine: This cocoa extract helps support thermogenesis and gives users an extra energy boost for a more effective workout.

-Acetyl L-Carnitine: This form of L-Carnitine helps promote fat breakdown while boosting energy at the cellular level.

-Green Coffee Bean Extract: Commonly used in weight loss supplements, green coffee bean extract helps boost thermogenesis and serves and an anti-oxidant.

-L-Tyrosine: This ingredient serves as a nootropic that helps improve focus and improve user’s ability to push their work out to be harder and longer.

Additionally, this supplement contains Citrus Aurantium Extract, Caspisum Annum Extract, BioPerine, and Toothed Clubmoss Extract which work together to boost metabolism and help promote faster fat loss.

Evogen Nutrition offers full ingredient information for Lipocide IR on their company’s website at

Who Makes Lipocide IR?

Lipocide IR is manufactured by Evogen Nutrition Evogen Nutrition offers a large product line designed for elite level athletes and bodybuilders to help support them in achieving their workout and fitness goals.

Lipocide IR Pricing

It is available for purchase through the Evogen Nutrition website.

Each sixty serving bottle of Lipocide IR costs $39.99. This product is currently on sale from the normal retail price of $49.99.

Lipocide IR Review Summary

Lipocide IR is a flexible product that helps bodybuilders and powerlifters burn fat quicker by boosting metabolism and providing energy support for better workouts.

This product also contains ingredients that will help users remain focused throughout their entire workout ensuring they push their hardest through every lift and rep leading to stronger muscles and less fat.

Users who are looking for a powerful workout supplement that will help them lose weight without sacrificing muscle loss will want to consider trying Lipocide IR.

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