Life’s Armour: Optimal Weight Loss & Muscle Boosting Supplements?


There are many of us out there who seek to lose a few pounds to get closer to our weight goal and then there are those who want to shape and sculpt their body into a work of art. These people are fitness enthusiasts who live and breathe fitness. They focus on their workouts and diets with meticulousness and ultimate precision.

Many of these enthusiasts understand that our diets can’t completely support our body. In order to achieve superior results, we need to use supplements which deliver everything that we are lacking. While proper nutrition will get you close to that perfect body, only with the help of supplements will you go beyond your goals.

Life’s Armour has a simple mission; they want to empower you in such a way that promotes a stronger, healthier, fit, and more abundant lifestyle. They plan to accomplish this by giving you access to top quality supplements, vitamins, and sports-oriented nutrition products. They claim that their product quality is far beyond tradition fitness related supplement products which are available on the market today. The potency of their products is another aspect that separates them from the others.

What Is Life’s Armour?

First and foremost you must understand that Life’s Armour isn’t a standard supplement brand, they see themselves as more of a lifestyle brand. Yes, they offer various fitness-related supplement, vitamins, and nutritional products but they also offer knowledge and motivations to accomplish high fitness goals. Additionally, they offer fitness apparel so that you can look good while you are on your journey to physical perfection.

Besides the traditional products, Life’s Armour also offers information based products. These come in a form of eBooks which offer large quantities of knowledge designed to help you understand how your body works. These eBooks focus on nutrition, fitness, and health. Alongside the eBooks, Life’s Armour also offers multiple videos which are available for you to meet your goals with ease.

The company is highly involved in the social media scene and can be located on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of these social channels are used to motivate you through your journey. They are all about incorporating all types of people in their life bettering goals. They understand that we all have to start somewhere so any fitness level person is welcomed in their community. Inspiration and motivation is the soul of their social media movement.

Life’s Armour Optimal Weight Loss & Muscle Boosting Products

There are a few different categories that Life’s Armour has broken their products into. In total, Life’s Armour offers 74 different types of products each designed for specific needs. Most of these products are supplement based and utilize cutting-edge research to mix and blend ingredients which are thought of as best performing compounds when tackling specific situations.

If we were to list each product and the benefits it has to offer here we would end up with a novel. We don’t think you have time to read a novel today so we decided to focus on a few top sellers that Life’s Armour has to offer.

Garcinia Cambogia By Life’s Armour

The goal of this supplement is simple: help you lose weight. But there are other things that it’s designed to do. Alongside weight loss, the ingredients mixed in this blend are formulated in a specific way which results in increased metabolism, suppressed appetite, and elevated fat oxidation process. All of this is due to garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit well known for its ability to influence our body and help promote weight loss. The key element in garcinia combogia is hydroxycitric acid which is located in the peel of this tropical fruit. It is believed to be responsible for most of its fat loss properties.

Saffron By Life’s Armour

Even though when most people hear the word “saffron” they immediately make a connection with food, it also happens to be an excellent supplement which can be used for medicinal purposes. The main purpose of taking saffron supplements is to improve your cognitive alertness and give you mental energy boost. Saffron is able to impact our body on a neurological level which results in mood enhancements and even stress relief. Taking saffron can also help facilitate weight loss and improve your ability to manage your weight. What separates Saffron by Life’s Armour from others is the quality which is put into this supplement and its 100% natural blend. Additionally, Life’s Armour also decided to use high levels of manganese in this blend to help improve sugar management and increase your ability to metabolize carbohydrates.

DTOX By Life’s Armour

If you know anything about health, you know that over time our body becomes packed with harmful ingredients and compounds that linger in our digestive system. Many of these elements are often toxic to the body and slowly cause damage over time. This is the key reason why so many people choose to detox their body every once in a while to rejuvenate how they feel and improve their overall health. DTOX by Life’s Armour strives to help you detox quickly, efficiently, and with ease. Their use of high-grade quality ingredients ensures that you remove as much waste and toxins out of your body as possible. In most cases using this type of a product acts a kind of a jump start for weight loss and health promotion. The all-natural ginger root is the key player in this blend. It helps reduce bloating and remove gastric gasses which often cause discomfort. Acai berry is also used to introduce effective cleansing and promote proper colon function.

Tribulus By Life’s Armour

The number one reason to use any supplement that contains tribulus, a plant which produces fruits that are covered in spines, is to enhance one’s athletic performance. Tribulus by Life’s Armour has the ability to improve your testosterone production which results in higher levels of stamina and more active libido. By adding saponin into their formula, Life’s Armour was able to boost testosterone production to an even higher level while also providing heart-related benefits like increased blood flow, higher strength, and improved muscle growth.

Turmeric By Life’s Armour

Dealing with aging is one of the most difficult parts of maintaining proper health. Many often turn to turmeric as the solution for many age-related health problems. Turmeric by Life’s Armour offers anti-aging support, improves your joint health and flexibility, and even reduces inflammation which is often caused by stress put on your joints as you age. But that’s not all, turmeric also has capabilities of improving your heart health, liver function, and promoting digestive health. Turmeric by Life’s Armour not only contains turmeric but it also has BioPerine which is generally used to improve turmeric absorption and thus makes the whole supplement significantly more effective.

Life’s Armour Conclusion

Life’s Armour offers a pretty high-quality line up of many different products. They have categorized many of their supplements into different groups, some for men and some for women. Their use of high-quality ingredients makes their supplements somewhat pricier then others in the same category but we think that this is a small sacrifice to get a much higher quality product which is more potent and thus more effective than others.

Even though they offer all of these exceptional products, it’s their social scene that makes us think so highly of Life’s Armour. Unlike many other supplement companies, these guys focus highly on motivation and inspiration. These two key factors are often overlooked when people try to lose weight with the help of supplements. After all, taking a few vitamins isn’t going to help you shed all the weight at once; you have to put work into it as well. Because of this, we find it hard not to recommend trying products made by Life’s Armour. Join their community and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.


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