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LidoPatch Review – Right For You?

Anyone who has lived with pain knows how it feels to be willing to do anything, absolutely anything, to find relief. For most people, this means popping traditional pain medications until they’ve built up a resistance to the drugs. This just makes them take more and more, still not finding the relief they need.

There are, however, more nontraditional methods for treating pain. Unfortunately, while these methods are better for the body, they aren’t as effective as traditional medications. Most people have given up on using these methods because they feel they can’t get the relief they need from alternative methods.

LidoPatch is taking the misconceptions people have about nontraditional pain medications and completely turning them around. Not only does LidoPatch offer a nontraditional way to treat pain, it offers an effective way to fight different levels of pain due to a variety of causes.

What is LidoPatch?

LidoPatch is a wearable patch that can temporarily relieve pain due to a wide range of conditions. Those who suffer from pain due to arthritis, back injuries, sports injuries, sprains, strains, and tears will find that LidoPatch offers them quick and effective relief. And, this relief works for 12 hours for every patch, helping users get through their days pain free.

One of the things that sets LidoPatch apart from more typical pain relievers is that it delivers its pain relievers directly to the source of pain. This means these compounds are bypassing the liver. What makes this so important is that most pain relievers have to be processed by the liver, which can cause extreme damage if taken too long.

LidoPatch uses lidocaine and menthol, two ingredients that work amazingly well to ease pain effectively. A more detailed description of how these two compounds work to help relieve back, muscle, and arthritis pain can be found below.

Benefits of LidoPatch

The biggest benefit of LidoPatch is that it can relieve pain. For those who have suffered from pain for any amount of time, they know that it can be unbearable and completely change the way they live their lives. Unfortunately, the treatments for pain haven’t improved much in the last several decades, which is what makes LidoPatch such an amazing innovation.

Because LidoPatch doesn’t require a prescription and doesn’t use harmful chemicals, it is one of the safest, but most effective pain solutions on the market. And that is its biggest benefit.

Other benefits of LidoPatch include:

  • -Easy to Apply
  • -Noninvasive
  • -Painless
  • -Doesn’t interfere with Blood Levels
  • -Reduces Risk of Side Effects
  • -Delivers Pain Relief to Pain Site
  • -Bypasses Liver
  • -Can be Removed Quickly
  • -Can be Trimmed to Fit
  • -Relieves Pain
  • -Soothes Pain

By providing all these benefits in a safe, noninvasive way, LidoPatch has set itself apart as one of the leaders in alternative pain relief methods.

The Ingredients in LidoPatch

The two key ingredients in LidoPatch are lidocaine and menthol. When people first find out about LidoPatch, one of their first questions is why LidoPatch decided to use these two compounds to treat pain. And while it may seem like an unconventional method, the truth is that LidoPatch has combined these two ingredients to give their users the best pain relief possible.

Lidocaine has long been used to treat pain. In fact, it was first marketed in the last 1940s. Lidocaine works by gently numbing the area it is applied to, though it can be use intravenously and through injections. By blocking electrical signals to the brain, lidocaine is able to stop pain before the inflammation response has started.

While lidocaine is able to block signals that tell the body it’s hurting, menthol is able to provide a soothing effect to the area. There are no concrete facts about how menthol works, though there are several theories on the matter. Most experts believe that menthol stimulates the nerves in the skin that work as pain receptors. Because menthol chills the skin, it releases these receptors, even though there is no pain, and the body reacts by releasing natural pain relievers. This causes a soothing effect to the area.

By combining the soothing power of menthol and the numbing power of lidocaine, LidoPatch is able to provide their users with the pain relief they need. And, these compounds work continuously, over a 12 hour period to provide consistent, constant relief.

Conditions LidoPatch Treats

There are a few key conditions LidoPatch has been proven to treat since its inception. People who suffer from these conditions often find it hard to get relief from the pain these conditions cause through traditional methods. And, for those who don’t want to be on prescription medications, LidoPatch offers a natural, effective way to treat these problems.

The conditions that LidoPatch has been found to treat include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Muscle Sprains
  • Muscle Strains

In addition to providing a product that can treat the pain these conditions cause, LidoPatch also offers information, facts, and treatment options for these issues on its website ( For customers who want to learn more about their conditions or the multiple ways LidoPatch can be used to give them relief from the pain these conditions cause, the website is the best place to look.

Purchasing LidoPatch

LidoPatch is currently available for purchase on its website ( On the website, customers will be able to find the latest information as well as any current deals LidoPatch is running on its products.

There are two purchasing options available for LidoPatch. For those who think their pain problems are going to take a little longer to heal, the larger option is suggested. However, LidoPatch doesn’t go bad, so even those who only use the patches now and then can purchase it in bulk to get a discount and use them as needed.

The purchasing options for LidoPatch are described below.

  • LidoPatch 3 Patch Box – $18

Contains three LidoPatch lidocaine transdermal patches, with each one offering 24 hours of pain relief.

  • LidoPatch 30 Patch Cartons – $124.99

Contains 30 LidoPatch lidocaine transdermal patches, with each one offering 24 hours of pain relief.

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