Movexa Review

Movexa is an herbal supplement that provides joint relief to individuals with arthritis pain or other conditions that affect the tissue in the joints. This is our review.

What is Movexa?

Movexa is an herbal supplement that provides joint relief to individuals with arthritis pain or other conditions that affect the tissue in the joints. According to Movexa, each ingredient is hand-picked, ensuring that the vitamins are filled with essential nutrients for a healthy body.

The company makes multiple promises about the product, which are all verifiable and legitimate. These promises include:

— Free Shipping Available
— Safe And Secure Checkout
— 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
— High Quality Ingredients Only.

Movexa takes their guarantees a step further, stating that any unsatisfied customers can return their purchase to receive a full refund. Refunds are issued by contacting the company via email.

Movexa’s creator, Vitamin Boat, is so confident in the ability to meet the needs of consumers, that it offers a specific area on the website that allows you to compare the supplement with other brands that produce a similar product. Some products have a better price and similar ingredients, but Movexa is the most cost efficient when you consider the daily intake you need.

Most of the other medications need at least two capsules, which means you will go through more in less time. Essentially, you end up spending more for less time.

How Does Movexa Work?

Movexa is designed to treat joint pain throughout the body. Some areas of discomfort that the supplement can treat includes joint pain in the:

— Hands
— Knees
— Back
— Feet
— Elbows
— Neck
— Hips

Each of these areas have joints that receive a lot of pressure, as you handle the daily stress of physical activity during the day. As you get older, you become less mobile, which means your joints don’t get the attention and stretching like they did in your younger years. By using a joint pain supplement, you give your body essential nutrients that you need to maintain a healthy and minimally-painful body.

Movexa has multiple active ingredients to help alleviate the pressure and stress you place on your joints every day. These premium ingredients include:

— Glucosamine Sulfate
— Chondroitin Sulfate
— Calcium L-Threonate
— Boswellia Serrata
— Bromelain
Vitamin D3

Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine sulfate is included in Movexa because it is an amino acid that is essential to the strength and maintenance of your body’s cartilage and other connective tissues. By strengthening and maintaining the strength of the ligaments in your joints, you will not have as much pressure and tenseness on them.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is another amino acid that makes up the connective tissue in your joints. The Arthritis Foundation has even supported the use of this ingredient to help with the soreness and discomfort associated with joint pain.

Calcium L-Threonate

Calcium L-Threonate is added to help with the strengthening and maintenance of the bones and bone structure. By providing additional support to the bones, there is less pressure necessary on the joints.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia serrata comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree, which has been proven to have healing properties. It helps to alleviate the inflammation that comes with arthritis. There are still studies being performed to determine if the resin also has the ability to help prevent some times of cancer.


Bromelain is an enzyme, which comes from the pineapple. It helps the body break down proteins, reduces swelling and inflammation, and may treat rheumatism.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the most recognized of the supplement’s ingredients, and one of the most essential vitamins for the body. Without enough vitamin D3 in your system, you put yourself at risk for much more pain than you bargained for. A vitamin D3 deficiency can also cause you to be more susceptible to muscle weakness, migraine headaches, and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. The daily diet of any individual does not give you enough of this ingredient, so including it in this supplement is essential.

Some of the inactive ingredients in this supplement include gelatin capsule, rice flour, and magnesium stearate. This product contains traces of shellfish, so you should not take the medication if you are allergic to shellfish or iodine.

Using Movexa

Movexa is a daily supplement, which means you only need to take one capsules a day to get all the benefits. It is not a medication, which means that taking the capsules won’t give you immediate relief. The supplement is designed to slowly treat the symptoms of joint pain in your regular day, which will minimize or eliminate the need for additional medication.

Pricing for Movexa

You can order Movexa directly from Vitamin Boat’s website for the product.

For one bottle of Movexa, you normally have to pay $34.95, plus shipping and handling. However, the website has a special that allows you to receive one bottle, or one month’s worth, for $29.95, which is a $5.00 savings.

If you buy three bottles of Movexa from the website, you get one of the three bottles free. This brings your total to $59.95.

If you make a five-bottle purchase of Movexa, two of the bottles are free. Your total cost, at that time, would $89.95.

The Makers of Movexa

Movexa is produced by Vitamin Boat, which is the producer of a multitude of other healthy supplements. The company strictly follows FDA guidelines, so you can feel secure in your choice of brand to help with your joint pain.

You can contact the makers of Movexa via phone or email. You can also fill out their online form if you would like to be contacted at a later time.

Phone: (855) 848-2262
Email: [email protected]


Movexa is made by a reputable company and helps to aid the pain of swollen and aching joints, which is commonly associated with arthritis. While the price is a little higher, you are paying for a specialty supplement, rather than filling your body with medications.


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