Libido 911 – Healthy Guide To Boosting Sexual Drive?


Udemy is the world’s leading online learning marketplace with over ten million students learning about everything from yoga to photography to computer programming. With a mission to help anybody learn about anything, Udemy hosts over 40,000 courses on a broad spectrum of topics and allows people from all walks of life to access comprehensive and privately tutored lessons that can be worked on from any device in any location.

Perfect for learning new skills, brushing up on knowledge or even training employees, Udemy has over 20,000 instructors teaching in over 80 languages on every topic imaginable.

One of the most popular types of courses available on Udemy are related to discrete personal matters such a sexual health. In this article we’ll be reviewing a popular new course offered by tutor Laura Mckain MD, a professional doctor from the United States. Focusing on self help designed for promoting libido and created specifically for women, Libido 911 is a comprehensive step by step course aimed at promoting intimacy between partners through 16 core lessons.

We’ll provide a detailed analysis of the course to help you decide whether Libido 911 will help you help you resuscitate your sexual desire and promote a stronger relationship between you and your loved one

What Is Libido 911?

A self paced series of training sessions in the form of simple video lessons that can be followed from any device in the comfort and privacy of your own home, the Libido 911 program consists of effective exercises that summarize the brief, concise training provided to help followers take immediate action. Using brain hacks to leverage science and the power of physiology, Libido 911 assists women in looking forward to romantic times with their partner and allow couples to engage in passionate and romantic bedroom activity. By including both partners this comprehensive course helps couples work together to find a solution in unison.

By working through this short course, frustrated women are guaranteed change and growth in their sexual relationship that will result in opening channels of communication between distant partners, reigniting passion and intimacy. Perfect for busy professionals and stay at home family members, the flexible nature of this Udemy course fits in around lifestyle commitments and requires only around an hour a week to gain the full benefit of the lessons within. With a professional and easygoing approach presented in plain and simple procedures, Libido 911 will return your relationship to the honeymoon stage and solve all conflicts involving sexual desire.

The author of this course, Laura McKain MD, is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist with decades of experience in helping women with a wide variety of personal issues and assisting in working through sexual desire complications and disorders. As providing women with all of the necessary information for enhancing libido in a quick doctor's office visit is difficult due to the complexity of the issue, Doctor McKain has created this course to provide detailed and educational information for women of all nationalities and ages to learn short-cuts that help you access your desire. With nearly 500 satisfied students, Doctor McKain provides both helpful and practical information that is designed to improve your relationship by increasing sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

The Libido 911 Curriculum

The Libido 911 Curriculum consists of 17 short lectures by Dr McKain ranging from nine to sixteen minutes each. In each friendly and easy to understand presentation, Libido 911 provides notes and small homework tasks for each lesson to ensure students gain the maximum possible benefit. Beginning with a short introduction that outlines the mechanisms of sexual desire and how to assess it’s presence in your relationship, the very first lesson in Libodo 911 provides strategies that immediately enhance sensuality. Following through to the next step of the lesson plan, the second lecture details the best practices for increasing sexual desire by helping women define what they find sexually arousing, what is important about sex between partners and what it means in your relationship, and tips on defining what you’d like to accomplish from the course.

The third lecture draws upon Dr McKains extensive experience as an expert in women’s health to assist women in identifying any existing medical issues that may potentially contribute to low sexual desire, and delivers guidance on seeking professional advice in your location. Followed by a short lecture on the benefits of mindfulness and another on the differences between spontaneous and responsive sexual arousal, the first third of this comprehensive course allow women to identify and nurture the factors that contribute to their sexual attraction to their partner.

The sixth component of the LIbido 911 course draws out psychological causes for mental blocks that hinder sexual intimacy and focuses on opening up emotive responses for sex, while the seventh lesson outlines the impact of stress, poor health and provides strategies on minimizing the effects of these factors on your sex life. Followed by a crash course on body image and the process of building up lost intimacy between lovers, the third section identifies and addresses the causes of sexual dysfunction in your relationship.

The fourth, fifth and sixth sections of the Libido 911 course are designed to delve deep into the best ways to make time for sexual intimacy, as well as detailed information on promoting your own pleasure, sexual aids such as vibrators, lubricants and others, the effects of motherhood and menopause on sexual intimacy, pharmaceutical fixes, guided meditation, and consulting with medical professionals for further assistance. Providing a top to bottom analysis and practice for promoting great sex between partners, Libido 911 is a highly rated program with more than half of completing students rating it at a full five stars.

Where to Find Libido 911

Libido 911 can be accessed from the Udemy website and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Priced at just over $15 USD, Libido 911 is far cheaper than a professional and time consuming doctor’s office visit and delivers 100% results with a money back guarantee. If you’re looking for a way to reignite the passion between your partner and yourself, Libido 911 is a perfect discreet and effective solution


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