Leesa Pillow – Adaptive Avena Foam For All Night Cool & Comfort?


The Leesa Pillow is a nighttime accessory that consumers can use to rest their head with greater comfort as they drift off to sleep. The pillow should be combined with the Leesa mattress to experience optimum sleep.

What is the Leesa Pillow?

After a long day at work or with the family, everyone looks forwards to a night of resting in their own bed. However, even though the mattress and the bedding both play big roles in how comfortable the individual is, it is the pillow that aligns the neck and keeps the spin adequately supported. However, every pillow is different, and its important to find the one that caters to the needs of the user, like the Leesa Pillow.

The Leesa Pillow offers a special type of Avena foam from the brand, mimicking the performance of the corresponding mattress as well. With years of development backing it up, this pillow offers an elegant appearance that blends seamlessly with the user’s bedroom décor and their desire to feel more rested. The way that this pillow sets itself apart is with the cooling construction of the foam that helps more air to circulate around the head.

Many studies show that keeping the body temperature cooler is the best way to help the body fall asleep easier, since the body naturally cools during the sleep cycle anyway. With ventilation, the existing coolness in the air continues to circulate through the pillow, and consumers can feel more relaxed when they go to sleep. With the washable cover, this pillow is just as convenient as it is comfortable.


Due to the sensitive and delicate nature of the Leesa pillow, consumers will need to wash it carefully. First, take out the foam insert that is inside of the cover. Then, wash the cover in cool water with a gentle detergent, drying on low. However, the actual foam should not be washed at all. Instead, use a spot-cleaning solution and air dry.

To ensure that the pillow keeps its shape, the company includes a Universal Adaptive Feel technology, which helps with all sleeping positions. There is no need to fluff, because the shape bounces right bac

Pricing For the Leesa Pillow

The total cost of the Leesa pillow will entirely depend on the size that the user decides to buy. The standard size, which is perfect for up to a queen size mattress, is $75.00. For a king-sized pillow, the cost is $95.00 instead. Anyone that orders from this brand should expect about three to nine business days before they see delivery.

Even if the user is not happy with the nights of sleep they experience, the customer service team provides consumers with up to 100 days to make their decision. Consumers will receive a complete refund within this amount of time.

Contacting the Creators of the Leesa Pillow

Even though it does not seem like there is a lot of information about the Leesa pillow, consumers can still reach out to customer service to learn more information. The team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 9:00pm EDT via email, phone call, or live chat.

Leesa Pillow Conclusion

The Leesa Pillow is meant for any consumer that wants to sleep better, using the natural shape of their head and neck to embrace the user’s shape. Even though this pillow comes in several sizes, and is intended for use with the corresponding mattress, any user can combine it with any mattress size.

If you are sick of tossing and turning every night, you need to consider the impressive performance of the Leesa Pillow.

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