Consumers today are increasingly time-starved, opting for fast foods and off the shelf alternatives to real nutritious meals. Fortunately for the health-conscious individual, there is a service called Lean Meals that can deliver healthy, prepared meals to one’s doorstep.

Learn Meals – How Does It Work?

Lean Meals is an online service where customers can order prepared meals and have them delivered to their homes. Lean meals is part of an emerging trend of websites that promise healthy alternatives to fast foods and snacks. Each meal is fully customizable by the client, meaning there’s something for everyone’s taste, budget and dietary needs.

The process of ordering from Lean Meals can be broken down in three simple steps:

● Build your plan: Lean meals will prepare thirty unique meals for the customer to choose from each week. The meals change on a weekly basis, so there’s little risk of a customer becoming bored of the service. The user chooses what meals they’d like to receive for that week and Lean Meals will prepare it for them.

● Lean Meals will Prepare It Fresh: All meals from Lean Meals are fresh to order. This means that the food is not kept frozen in a refrigerator waiting for someone to buy it. Meals are ordered, cooked and delivered within one week.

● Delivery Nationwide: Lean Meals offers nationwide shipping for home delivery throughout the United states. It should be noted that orders must be received no later than 5pm Friday PST to receive delivery for the following week.

About the Company

Lean Meals has been in operation since May of 2014. The company states that it prides itself on not only making the food taste great and nutritious, but to ensure that all of their customers receive the same level of service regardless of where they are in the United States.

According to the company, Lean Meals’ point of difference compared to their competitors is that they do not use dry ice to freeze the product during shipping. This reportedly defeats the purpose of sending out fresh food if the customer then needs to reheat the meal. Instead, Lean Meal uses airtight containers to retain the freshness of of the meals.

What Kind Of Meals Are Available and How Much?

There are many different categories of food available through Lean Meals, from vegan to gluten free, to custom meals and desserts. Every meal offered is in the $8 to $11 price range per meal, which means that one could expect to pay about $40 for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner plus dessert.

Here are just some of the meals available:

● Angus Beef Sliders: $8.95

● Baja Fish Tacos: $8.95

● Beef Stir Fry: $9.95

● Cajun Chicken: $8.95

● Chocolate Protein Bites: $6

● Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Place: $7.95

Meal Plan Option

If the customer wants a customized meal plan to suit their specific health and fitness goals, then Lean Meals offers that too. It can be confusing to know exactly what one’s intake should be of carbs and protein. These meal plans take the guesswork out of the user’s diet.

There are three different meal plans available:

● Lean Weight Loss Plan: This plan offers low carb and protein foods designed to help people lose weight. It has between 325 and 425 calories per meal.

● Lean Fitness Plan: Provides more bite than the weight loss option, designed for people who have a fairly active lifestyle, or those who just want to maintain their levels of fitness. This plan contains between 375 and 500 calories in the form of lean protein, veggies and complex carbs.

● Lean Performance Plan: This option was designed for people who want to build muscle. The meals contain ample amounts of protein and carbs. Each meal is between 550-650 calories.

Custom Meal Builder

If the provided menu does not entice the user, one can order a totally unique dish from the provided Custom Meal Builder that is located on the Lean Meals website. One chooses the desired protein source, carbs and vegetable quantities to prepared in each meal. Every custom meal comes with a 1 oz dipping sauce that is made fresh along with the order.

How To Prepare The Meals

The meals are already cooked inside microwave-safe containers, all the user needs to do is reheat the meal. One should punch a hole that in the film that covers the food and heat for one to two minutes. The containers can then be recycled after consumption.

Depending on one’s health and fitness goals, a meal should be eaten every three to four hours. Meals can generally be swapped between lunch and dinner with the final choice left up to the customer.

Lean Meals suggests that if one does not order breakfast with their plan, they should prepare their own within 45 minutes of waking up in the morning for energy throughout the day.

The food should be consumed within 7 days of arrival. Lean Meals states that there are no preservatives in their food because they want the meals to be healthy and clean. Additionally, the company recommends that meals should not be kept frozen for more than two weeks.

Lean Meals Delivery Details

As previously stated, Lean Meals delivers to all locations across the continental United States. Lean meals uses the delivery Company Fedex and customized delivery dates can be arranged if one calls Fedex directly.

The meals are delivered in a recyclable, 100% BPA-free, microwave safe containers. The contents are delivered inside an insulated box with ice packs to keep the food cool during transit.

Lean Meals recommends that one refrigerates the foods as soon as possible. If for some reason one cannot collect their order, it is highly recommended for someone to be available to place their meals in a refrigerator when it arrives.

The Bottom Line – Is Lean Meals Worth It?

Lean Meals offers a valuable service to people who want to eat healthy but do not have the time to shop or cook for themselves. The company takes the confusion out of nutrition with their prepared meals, and provides a wide variety of meals to choose from.

The downside to Lean Meals, (as well as virtually any food prep service) is that it can be an expensive way to shop. At roughly $10 per meal, it could easily cost one up to $40 per day if the customer ordered breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. That’s nearly $300 a week just on meals that one could expect to pay.



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