Our skin is the biggest organ we have. Everything that is put on it will be absorbed into our bodies and our bloodstream. It is imperative that people choose with caution what types of products they put on their skin. More importantly, there needs to be caution about the ingredients of what goes on the skin.

One company that boasts true quality is Leahlani Skincare. Each product is handmade in the owner’s home. She uses the highest quality, and all natural, ingredients. By using a fusion of organic botanicals clays, tropical fruits, and pure organic nectars, she boasts it will make your skin sing.

The Woman Behind Leahlani Skincare

Leah Klasovsky is the owner of Leahlani Skincare. She started the company five years ago, but her journey with skincare began long before then. In her 20's Leah began having severe skin and health issues.

Believing they were related, she followed a calling to start working as a holistic esthetician. Thus, she began her love affair of working to improve people's skin.

Always going above and beyond, she would mix her own masks, cleansers, etc. for each client’s particular needs.

She put a lot of love and energy into each one, passionate about healing people's skins and spirits. Since Leah herself had suffered from skin issues, she was extra passionate about helping her clients.

After getting so many requests to have her products bought in bulk, Leah began making bigger batches. Eventually, she decided to quit being an esthetician and make a full product line and focus on only that.

The Benefits Of All Natural Ingredients

Leahlani Skincare uses only high quality, organic ingredients so there are no side effects from the ingredients. The only potential for an adverse reaction would be if someone had an allergy to the ingredients, or if they had severe skin issues.

Most issues are easily avoidable by reading the very transparent ingredient list in each product. Leah has also made herself available for counsel via email.

Her clients can describe their particular skin issues and sensitivities, then receive her input on the products that would work best for them.

What Is Leahlani Skincare Made Out Of?

Each product has its own set of ingredients. All of the ingredients found in Leahlani Skincare is ethically sourced and organic. Leah strives to use the highest quality ingredients for optimum results.

A general idea of what can be found in her products is:

  • Mineral rich clays
  • Organic and cold-pressed oils
  • Organic Hawaiian Honey
  • Sweet Hawaiian Nectars
  • Therapeutic essential oils
  • Vibrant and potent botanicals
  • Whole, Wild-crafted fruits

What Makes Them Different?

Leah is lucky enough to live in Hawaii, so the exotic fruits she uses are wild-crafted. That means, the fruit is harvested in the wild and processed immediately.

By making small batches, this means the ingredients are at their optimum freshness and potency. That is very difficult to find in a skin care line can be bought online.

Leahlani Skincare refuses to use ingredients that have been tested on animals, period. When completed, her products are also never tested on animals. Since the ingredients are also ethically sourced, these products are completely cruelty-free and guilt-free.

Important Things To Know

Since Leah does not use artificial preservatives, it is recommended to use all of the products within nine months of purchasing them.

The Coco Infusion products are made up mostly of coconut oil. Generally, the oil will solidify around 72-76 degrees. If products are found hardened that does not mean they have gone bad.

Simply hold the bottle under hot tap water for 30 seconds and it will start to melt. Another option is to put the bottle in a cup of hot water before use to melt it down. Once the product gets in your hands it will melt completely if it has not already.

The Lowdown On Cost

Leahlani Skincare products can be purchased on the official website. She also has an account on Etsy, a handmade goods website, that also has her products. She makes the entire line out of her home studio and makes each batch and label herself.

Since she chooses to make her products this way, she does not sell to stores for large distribution. However, she does sell wholesale to smaller stores.

To buy a single product, the price can range between $24 and $68. She also sells sets. The “Sea Collection” costs $88. It includes Coco Infusion body and hair oil, Mermaid Mask, and Siren Serum.

There is also “The Pink Collection”. In this collection is Bless Beauty Balm, Meli GLOW Nectar Mask, Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner, and Kalima Cleansing Powder.

Leahlani Skincare Refund Policy

They do not offer refunds on products that do not work for the customer. By the nature of skin, it has many different types with very particular make-ups. This makes it difficult to create a product that will work for everyone.

This is why Leah offers her consultation services via email. Therefore, the customer can get personal advice before they purchase a product if the customer has a particularly complex skin type. For those with less complex skin, she groups her products in three categories normal/dry, oily/combination, and sensitive/mature.

In the case of a product being damaged or broken upon delivery, there is some leeway. By sending in a picture with 24 hours of delivery, a full refund or replacement is possible. If a replacement is chosen, they may ask for the broken item to be returned and will pay the return shipping fee.

Leahlani Skincare Review Summary

Leah is very passionate about making her products an experience. She crafts them with the intention of her line to transform a skincare routine into a ritual.

Her aim is for her customers to fall in love with their routine and have it activate all the senses. From the smell, to texture, and leaving the skin balanced, never with a greasy or dry aftermath.

All of the ingredients are organic and selected for their high quality and nourishing properties. Leah has been practicing holistic skin care for over ten years. She has dealt with hundreds of skin types during her hands-on experience. All of her experiences and experimenting has resulted in Leahlani Skincare.