Le-Vel Thrive PRO: SBT Protein Bar On The Go Meal Replacement?


Le-Vel is a brand that specializes in the Health and Wellness Industry. Co-Owners, Founders and CEOs, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette have always wanted to contribute towards the wellness of others. With their combined experience, they strongly believed that they can achieve their goal through snacks, shakes and bars.

As much importance is given to meals, many consumers, especially those who are constantly traveling only find the time to snack or take a couple of bites. Unfortunately, the food industry is saturated with trans-fat, additives, excessive use of oils and preservatives. This will not only harm one’s health in the long run, but such snacks are never filling, forcing one to continuous consume. This was one concern that both Camper and Gravette wanted to fight off, and they believe that they have successfully done so through the Le-Vel Thrive PRO Bars.

The Le-Vel Thrive PRO Bars are considered nutritious, as each bar is said to contain a rich source of protein and minimal quantities of sugar. In terms of one’s overall experience, it is believed that each bar is filling and has the ability to tickle one’s taste buds. According to the duo, their use of the sequential bar technology was what made the PRO bars possible. Here is a complete analysis of what consumers can expect from the Le-Vel Thrive PRO bars.

What Are The Le-Vel Thrive PRO Bars?

Thrive Bars are considered a healthy alternative to commonly available junk foods. What makes them unique is the fact that they can provide a satisfying taste factor without the presence of sugar. Another facet that might be attractive is LV’s use of technology that is supposedly the main reason why such a nutritious bar was possible in the first place.

What Can Be Said About Thrive PRO Bars’ Nutrition And Flavors?

Thrive PRO Bars by Le-Vel are currently offered in two distinctive, but popular flavors which are the Birthday Cake Flavor and Cinnamon Roll. A growing concern that has been associated with delivering a nutritious bar is ensuring that all bars have been equally created. According to the CEOs, Thrive PRO Bars have been created using a sequential bar technology, that claims to create the respective protein bars equally. Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts of both flavors.

Birthday Cake Flavor

Birthday Cake Flavor is said to contain 20 grams sequentially delivered protein, 3 grams of sugar and are believed to be gluten free.

Cinnamon Roll Flavor

The only difference in nutrition that makes the Cinnamon Roll Flavor slightly different is that it contains 2 grams of sugar, which is a gram less per serving.

While it is clear that consumers can potentially take the Thrive PRO bars as a post workout and for convenience purposes, its ingredients list or source of protein is yet to be disclosed, which might make transparency an issue to consumers. Note that the Thrive PRO Bars are still relatively new, therefore time must be given to have a complete breakdown of the macronutrients and calories one will be ingesting.

What Does The Future Hold For Thrive PRO Bars?

Based on existing news, it is believed that Le-Vel will be adding to two flavors to their simple line of nutritious bars, which include the Lemon Meringue and Cookies and Cream. The expectations of their releases will have heightened as Camper and Gravette believe them to be well known and preferred flavors across all age groups.

Le-Vel Thrive PRO Bars Review Summary

Overall, the Le-Vel Thrive PRO Bars appear to be a great and innovative solution for those looking to snack in a healthy manner. While more information related to its serving size and macronutrients intake is yet to be disclosed, with what is given, nutrition seems to be its foundation. The PRO Bars are not only for those who are constantly on the go, but fitness fanatics, health conscious consumers and those making their first move towards weight management can also benefit from it.

Thrive has experienced immense success in the past with its Thrive System that almost 3 million consumers participated in. It was a system that supposedly supported one in attaining a healthier style, so the anticipation for the Thrive PRO Bars is just as high!

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