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Lava Mae Review – Worth Buying?

Many people underestimate the importance of a hot and comfortable bath. Such a simple activity can mean the world to most people, especially when they do not have access to such a luxury often. While calling it a “luxury” may seem odd, there are millions of Americans and even people around the world who do not have access to a bath.

Rather than resign the situation to what it is, one company is trying to counter the widespread issue by bringing access to a cleanliness-inducing luxury to cities across the United States.

Lava Mae was started by one woman and today, it has become one of the most impressive organizations in the country.

About Lava Mae

Lava Mae is a non-profit organization that was established by one woman in San Francisco. To try to counter the terrible impact that homelessness has on millions of people, the founder decided to work hard to provide access to showers and toilets. By bringing toilets and a bath to people who need it, such necessities no longer become a luxury.

At the heart of the program is that sanitation is a human right and it should be made available to everyone. The organization is an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means that it meets the standards set forth by the government for nonprofit classification. This ensures that the organization really does what proposes to do, which is help those in need, without generating funds.

 A Dynamic and Passionate Team

You know you are faced with a great organization when there is a passionate and giving team “behind the wheel.” Lava Mae’s team is comprised of the following professionals, who have a love of the community and helping others:

  • Doniece Sandoval – the founder and executive of the group was thought up the idea
  • Vanessa Wellmann – the chief operating officer
  • Leah Filler – impact and new programs director
  • Michael McMorrow – mobile services manager

These people have done an excellent job so far at creating a program that truly does help others in a big way.

The Mailing List

The program is very active at providing information to those who donate or who are interested in following the group’s great work. To ensure that you can easily keep up with the most recent happenings, the organization gives you the opportunity to join a mailing list.

The mailing list allows you to follow where the donated funds go, how the program is making changes, and ways that you can get involved in larger ways than just donating funds. If you are interested in more than just the mailing list, then you can also check out the organization through its social media pages.

How to Donate

If you are interested in donating to the non-profit organization, then you can do so through the company’s website. Simply visit the home page or the about page and click on the button that is labeled as “donate now.”

When you reach the donation page, you can choose how much you would like to donate and you can also specify donation periods. For instance, you can make a one-time donation, a monthly donation, or a quarterly donation. Fortunately, for those of you who do not like to donate using a credit card, then there is a nifty PayPal option that you can use. The funds deplete from your account once you make the donation. Finally, you can even designate a special purpose to the donation. For example, it can be designated as “in memory of” or “in honor of.”

The Fundamental Mission of the Program

While it may seem like at its face, there is not a great deal of depth to the program, there is actually a lot of properties that are worth knowing about. The first important component is the fundamental mission. There are three fundamentals to Lava Mae, which are:

Everyone Has the Right to Be Clean

Essentially, the program is transforming the idea that baths and a toilet are a luxury. Instead, it transforms these into necessities and makes them available to everyone who needs it.

A Better Life

It seems that a bath, hygiene, and a toilet are simplicities, but they can actually impact your life in a big way. The program recognizes that those who have access to these necessities are better able to maintain their health and their lifestyle by enabling them to improve their chances of getting a job or going to work put together.

Dignity and Opportunity

Finally, the program also posits that “with hygiene comes dignity; with dignity comes opportunity.” Such a statement cannot be truer. Those who have access to the program are able to maintain their dignity and use that dignity in productive ways, such as bringing themselves out of poverty or getting a job that could change their life.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you cannot donate funds, but would like to make an impact, then you can volunteer your time. To volunteer, all you need to do is visit the non-profit’s website and sign up to volunteer. Once you sign up, the organization will contact you about the latest opportunities so that you can seize it.

Donating Stock

Another way you can give to the program is by donating items to the bus to restock it. For instance, the organization is always looking for items like socks, a bar of soap, clothes, or other hygiene supplies that can make personal hygiene much easier. You can also choose any type of products that you want to send in.

The Schedule and Locations

Finally, to make sure that the program is accessible to anyone who needs it, the nonprofit posts its schedule and locations. The schedule and locations tell you where and when the program is available and the times. This makes it easier for you to volunteer or donate and it also helps you spread the word to people who may like to use the program.


Overall, if you are looking to donate to one of the most useful organizations in the country, then this program is the way to go. You can donate money, time, or even products – essentially, there are numerous options for doing your part.

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