Kombucha Brewing Kit – Healthy Organic Loose Leaf Tea Maker?


The digestive system is vitally important for the health of the entire body. When things start going wrong with the digestive system, the whole body becomes backed up, clogging and filling with toxins as health slowly disintegrates.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy digestive system is to consume probiotics. And recently, one of the most popular form of probiotics is kombucha.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has amazing cleansing and probiotic properties. More and more people are become passionate about kombucha, which is why the Kombucha Company created the Kombucha Brewing Kit. Now, those who love the amazingly healthful drink can make their own at home.

What is the Kombucha Brewing Kit?

The Kombucha Brewing Kit is a kit that contains everything first-time brewers need to make their own kombucha. Unlike so many other kits on the market, the Kombucha Brewing Kit comes with every single thing needed to make the perfect drink. And, with superior products and ingredients, users of the Kombucha Brewing Kit can know that they’re getting the best brew each and every time.

Whether the Kombucha Brewing Kit is a gift for a friend or for those trying out brewing as a hobby, it is the best way to try making homemade kombucha, without any of the stress or hassle other kits cause.

Benefits of the Kombucha Brewing Kit

Many kombucha brewing kits on the market contain a few of the many ingredients needed to make a real, quality kombucha. However, one of the benefits of Kombucha Brewing Kit is that it contains everything needed for the perfect brew.

The foundation of this kit is its glass brew jar, made of thick glass that was blown in the United States. This high-quality glass can be used over and over again, for multiple brews.

While the container for brewing kombucha is of the upmost importance, the ingredients to make the fermented tea are even more important.

The Kombucha Brewing Kit contains superior, handpicked ingredients for the tea, including the kombucha culture and a starter tea. With these ingredients, users can get the most delicious and satisfying cup of kombucha, made right in their kitchen.

Because kombucha involves working with carefully balanced acids and bacteria cultures, it’s important for first-time users to know exactly what they’re doing during the brew process. Another benefit of the Kombucha Brewing Kit is that it comes with concise and simple steps for making the ideal kombucha.

The step by step guide also includes methods for testing during the brew process, like pH test strips. And, for those who are still struggling, the Kombucha Company has a topnotch team available to take calls.

Included in the Kombucha Brewing Kit

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of the Kombucha Brewing Kit is that it comes with everything needed to make the perfect cup of kombucha. To ensure that results come out perfectly each and every time, these supplies are all of the highest quality and made to last. A list of the items included in the Kombucha Brewing Kit can be found below.

– 1 Gallon Glass Brew Jar

– Organic Kombucha Culture

– Organic Liquid Starter Tea

– Half Pound Organica Cane Sugar

– Organic Rishi Tea Blend

– Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

– Temperature Gauge

– Cotton Cover and Rubberband

– pH Test Strips

– Pipet Straw

And, of course, the final item included with the Kombucha Brewing Kit is the step by step guide to help even first time brewers make the perfect kombucha.

Purchasing the Kombucha Brewing Kit

The Kombucha Brewing Kit is currently available on Amazon for only $54. Because the kit is sold through Amazon Prime, those with memberships will get free shipping.

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