Kodiak GlycoSlin

Are you familiar with the saying ‘our bodies start in the kitchen’? Because, they do. Ultimately you can buckle down on trying to eat right, and hitting your workouts hard, but if you are not receiving the right nutrients – could be a lot of all for nothing. But, no need to be discouraged when you are informed. And, now you are.

The nutrients your body requires to see significant changes is important. Getting the nutrients to the right places in your body are also key. This could be if you are looking to bulk up you must eat more – there is no debate there. So, knowing this how does your body know to distribute the extra food you are eating to muscle versus fat?

Meet Kodiak GlycoSlin

This supplement is an insulin driver and nutrient delivery system. And, deemed one of the most powerful ones available on the market. It is designed to perform a task called nutrient partitioning. What this means for you is while using this supplement it works to deliver the right nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins to places that we want it. Like, your muscles.

This prevents the extra food you are eating to avoid being stored as fat. It works because by activating the insulin in your body, the hormones then activate the ‘transporters’ of carbs and protein. This process can work exceptionally well, but Kodiak GlycoSlin is required to make it all happen.

Key Ingredients Found In Kodiak GlycoSlin


This ingredient is derived from berries that when you add them to the high calorie diet, it increases the likelihood of nutrient transport to the right places in your body.


This addition helps to increase insulin sensitivity, thus, allowing it to do a better job at driving more carbs and proteins to your muscles.

Banaba Extract

Derived from a leaf, this ingredient simulates insulin while also increase the insulin activity already existing.


Known for a variety of health and wellness benefits, cinnamon has what is described as ‘dual action’. Like Banaba Extract, it can mimic insulin while increasing the existing insulin as well.

Thiotic Acid

Through its ability to increase blood flow in the body, this additive allows for more nutrients to be delivered to the tissues in the muscles, instead of fat tissues.

Directions For Using Kodiak GlycoSlin

The suggested serving is to take three (3) capsules once a day with the meal that includes your highest carbohydrates. Because of its potency and effectiveness, the minimum amount of carbs at that sitting should be 50 grams.

High Carbohydrates And Your Diet

This product is not designed for those who are looking to lose weight. An increase in carbohydrates in your diet should be if you are looking to gain at a healthy rate, and/or bulk up your muscles. High carb diets are more common among bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters.

However, carbs are what fuel the body during strenuous physical activity, and are key in the transportation of carbs to your muscles as described above. So, really – depends on what your physical and nutritional goals are. Kodiak GlycoSlin recommends that if you are using their product and increasing your carbohydrate intake, simply monitor any, and all changes.

The product is designed to help you reach your physical goals, not take you in the wrong direction!

How To Order Kodiak GlycoSlin

Kodiak GlycoSlin can be ordered online for $79.99 and each container comes with thirty (30) servings. This is enough for a one month supply.

Lastly, don’t let your hard work only take you so far – consider a product like Glycoslin to help you surpass your gains, literally.


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