Kleen Kanteen – Stainless Steel BPA-Free Water Bottles & Caps?


Anyone who does outdoor type sports knows that staying hydrated is a must when you are in the elements. Sometimes carrying water can be unsanitary, inconvenient, and otherwise just be a hassle. It is important to keep water around to avoid dehydration and overheating, so finding the perfect container to hold your water in is a very important part of staying hydrated while you are outside.

We will be discussing Kleen Kanteen in this review today, and hopefully helping you to decide if they have a product that is right for you.

What is the Kleen Kanteen?

Kleen Kanteen is a family owned company that creates many different BPA-free water bottles and containers. They wanted to create a solution to the single-use plastic water bottle problem. Single use, plastic water bottles are so wasteful, contain potentially harmful chemicals, and are just overall not eco-friendly.

The plastic bottles are left to sit in a landfill if there is no recycling near by and can take hundreds of years to break down. Some plastic water bottles contain BPA and other chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other illnesses.

As you can see, the problems that come from plastic water bottles are completely avoidable by choosing a water bottle that is refillable. You are not only saving your health, but are saving the environment also; one reusable water bottle at a time!

All of Kleen Kanteen’s products are stainless steel as well, which allows you to control the temperature of your beverage also.

Some of their bottles can even keep ice cold for up to 100 hours! This will ensure that no matter how long you hike, how far you backpack, or how long you go camping, the Kleen Kanteen will help you keep your water cold and refreshing.

How does the Kleen Kanteen work?

The Kleen Kanteen products are water bottles that hold your water while you are doing outdoor activities, are at work, or any other time that you want to be able to carry water along with you. Not only is it great for your health to have more water and to stay hydrated, but it will help you feel good too.

After you have finished your water from your Kleen Kanteen, you can wash it and refill it again. Rather than throw it away, as with a lot of plastic water bottles, Kleen Kanteen is washable, refillable, and reusable.

Kleen Kanteen’s products are all made from stainless steel and help regulate the temperature of their contents also. Some of their models can keep ice cubes cold for up to 100 hours (depending on other factors and outside temperature too)!

Recently Kleen Kanteen has also started making products that carry food, beer, and items for kids also. It seems like this eco-friendly thing has really caught on!

They have insulated food containers, insulated beer holders, and food and beverage items for kids as well. You can use a growler to put beer in, so that it stays cold for hours! You can take soup to go in a Kleen Kanteen to keep it warm for your lunch time. The possibilities are endless. Kleen Kanteen has many products that will help you eliminate the need to ever need plastic bags again!

Who makes the Kleen Kanteen?

The Kleen Kanteen is a self-named company that exclusively sells and markets their own products. They do not have any parent company at this time, and devote all of their time to making their products better.

Kleen Kanteen Pricing

The Kleen Kanteen pricing is going to vary by what size, function, and type of product you order. The price range for Kleen Kanteen’s products is $12.47 for small sized containers, all the way up to several hundred dollars for an assorted set.

Should you buy the Kleen Kanteen?

If you are eco friendly, want to have a container to insulate your beverage or food items, or just want to stop having to purchase the store bought water bottles, Kleen Kanteen may have a product for you.

If we all want to do our part to eliminate landfill waste while staying hydrated and healthy, Kleen Kanteen can provide an option for that. For more information and to find a product that works for you, you can visit their website directly.

Where can you learn more about the Kleen Kanteen and purchase the product?

You can learn more about Kleen Kanteen, their mission, and sign up for their email list on their website at www.kleenkanteen.com. You can also browse their stock of products and read customer testimonials about the Kleen Kanteen products. You can also sign up for their mailing list for exclusive offers and discounts on Kleen Kanteen products.


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